Parking Lot Surprise

This is based on a true story.

It wasn't a great day. I was taking a local business to Small Claims Court over a few hundred dollars that I felt they owed me. I was pretty sure I'd win, but I had to personally serve a summons on the owner of the business that day, and it was just a few minutes before closing. The business was located in one of those conglomerations of buildings that begins as a single business or strip mall, but ends up being a maze of parking lots and s**ttered buildings of all types and sizes. This parking lot was in the rear of that mess, with just the elevated interstate highway behind it, and the blank back wall of the business in front of me. Anyway, as I was walking towards the rear entrance of the building, a movement caught the corner of my eye: a man in a parked car some distance away was waving at me. Thinking it might be someone I knew, I walked toward the car, and as I did I noticed that a woman was in the car with him. As I approached, she ducked down out of sight, and he started pointing down at his lap, a huge grin on his face. Since it was broad daylight and I wasn't carrying anything that looked worth stealing, I didn't think it was an attempt to mug me, and walked closer. As I did, I could begin to see the back of the woman's head as it bobbed up and down in his lap. By this time I realized that I didn't know these people, but since I'm not a complete stranger to public sex, I realized what was going on: they wanted me to watch. With just a couple of minutes to either serve the summons or watch this silly couple performing a public blowjob, I had to decide: "The Lawsuit or the Lady." I shrugged to myself and walked the rest of the way to the car. Life was too short to pass up opportunities like this.

They were a little older than me, maybe in their early Thirties, average looking but not bad. He looked sort of like someone who would play the friendly neighbor in a sitcom, and she (what I could see of her) was freckled and had light blond hair. She was fairly small, sort of a Girl Next Door type. I couldn't really see her body, but she was wearing a sundress, and what I could see didn't look bad at all. I could also see a wedding ring on the hand she was using to hold the bottom of the steering wheel to steady herself, so I figured they were married. I couldn't really see much more even standing at the window, and since this little show was actually costing me money, I decided to make the most of it. I motioned to him to roll down his window. As it whirred down it reveled the woman more clearly, and I could actually see his cock sliding in and out of her cute little mouth. She looked up at me, blushed, and quickly looked back down, but she didn't stop sucking. I was the first one to speak:

"So, did she lose a bet, or are you both acting out a fantasy?" He groaned a little, and replied:

"We've always wanted to do something like this, and we just got a little sloshed on wine at that restaurant in front, so when we went back to the car to fool, around a little, and you walked by..."

"You decided to finally act on your fantasy" I finished for him. He nodded, and since she was already bobbing her head I heard a muffled "umm hmmm" from her. I was beginning to like these people. I decided to try a little stage direction.

"May I make a request, for my viewing pleasure?" I asked Bob. (I'd decided to think of him as Bob, and her as Carol.) He looked a bit hesitant, but since I was being so friendly and polite, he said "OK." Carol said nothing, but kept sucking.

"Honey?" I said, speaking to Carol, "Why don't you start licking his cock like a big lollipop, and please, look at me while you do it." She blushed again, but I could tell that she was as turned on as her hubby, and after a moment she complied. At first her eyes were closed, probably from some lingering modesty, but as she ran her lovely pink tongue up and down Bob's cock, stopping occasionally to swirl it around the head, she gradually opened her eyes in a lustful squint, and looked right into mine. Bob just lay back, closed his eyes, and groaned occasionally. I knew that this was going to be good.

"That's fantastic, love. SO Sexy!" I assured her. "I'm surprised he hasn't cum yet."

"He already came once," she said softly, "and it usually takes him a while to do it again so soon." Her voice was soft and a little hesitant, but her husky tone told me that SHE hadn't managed to cum yet. Perfect.

"You just keep that up, gorgeous, and he will, believe me." I noticed that the car had a bench seat in front, and while she was kneeling on her side of it, there was still a fair amount of room by the passenger door. Good.

"So," I said, addressing Bob again, "is she wearing panties, or did you manage to get them off her already? He smiled again, and answered "They're in the back seat."

I went for broke: "I'd really love to stroke her beautiful bottom while she sucks you, and maybe give her a hand getting off. What do you two think?"

She half-gasped, half-moaned in response, and Bob seemed genuinely torn between caution and lust-driven perversion. Perversion, aided by his wife's mouth on his cock, began to get the upper hand.

"You can't fuck her, understand? I mean that!"

At that moment, any lingering regret about my aborted lawsuit vanished.

"I understand completely!" I replied, and after looking around to make sure we weren't drawing a crowd (we weren't), I walked over to the passenger side, opened the door, and slipped in next to Carol. Her sundress, while not particularly short, had ridden up to her thighs in the course of their activities, and I got a great view of her nicely shaped legs. 'I'll bet she plays tennis' I thought to myself. At any rate she enjoyed playing with balls, as I could see over her shoulder that she now had Bob's out, having lowered his pants to his knees, and was licking them with gusto. Not wanting to give her time to decide to object, I slid my hands gently but firmly up her legs and under her dress, and began to massage what felt like a truly Wonderful ass. Not too large, but firm and nicely shaped. She moaned loudly and actually opened her legs, ever so slightly. I got the hint, and gently slipped a finger down around her butt and began to run it lightly over her pussy. It was soaking wet. I could feel that she had trim little labia, with a slightly larger - and very firm right now! - clit, just peeking out from under its hood. As I continued to lightly stroke her hot little pussy with one finger, I slid a second one inside her. I half feared that this would be too much, but in response she moaned "Oh, GOD!" and arched her back to give me better access, as well as my first actual sight of, her fully aroused, and very pretty puss. I could have made her cum at that moment, but instead I continued to gently tease her with my fingers, bringing my face close enough to smell the wonderful scent of her arousal, and see her pussy, with just a few wisps of blond hair framing it. Either she was a real expert at trimming and shaving, or she was naturally almost hairless. What a sight!

I wasn't sure exactly how much Bob could see of what I was doing to his sweet little wife, but he wasn't objecting, and I thought he might be getting close to cumming himself. I just couldn't resist: grasping her hips gently with my hands, I pulled her firmly to my waiting mouth. It was a rather awkward position for licking her, but I did my absolute best, first licking her clit with long, flickering strokes, then burying my tongue in her sweet, hot, wet pussy. She gave what I can only describe as a soft scream around Bob's cock, and began to orgasm so powerfully that I could feel the walls of her sex squeezing my tongue rhythmically as I used it to fuck her. This was the last straw for Bob, who began to groan "I'm CUMMING." I could hear carol making swallowing noises along with her moans, and thought to myself "Lucky bastard: she swallows, too." As her pussy stopped contracting and her moans subsided, I couldn't resist one last treat for myself: I slid my tongue up from her pussy and into the crack of her delightful ass, and began to tongue her pink little asshole. She gasped, and said to her husband "Oh, god, now he's licking my ass..." She didn't sound unhappy, just pleasantly surprised. My neck was beginning to hurt, so after giving her firm little butt a couple of gentle love bites, I sat back up in the car, continuing to massage her thighs and ass.

Bob looked over at me, perhaps a little sheepishly now, but still d***k enough to not be very embarrassed, and said "Wow." Carol, having finished with her husband's cock, looked over her shoulder at me and said, "You can say that again!" Then she twisted her body around on the seat to face me (she definitely did SOMETHING athletic to stay in shape) and to my surprise (and probably Bob's as well) said: "Your turn, Sweetie."

I didn't have to be told twice, and I sure didn't want Bob to have time to veto the idea, so in a flash I had my cock out of my pants. I'm only 7" when hard, and believe it or not I had been so distracted by what my mouth was up to that I wasn't quite fully erect, but Carol took care of that: she took the entire length in one mouthful, and by the time she had slid her lips all the way back up I was hard as a rock. Bob, after looking for a moment like he might have something to say on the subject, decided instead that this was too good a show to miss, and just watched raptly as his sweet little wife gave me a rapid, deep, professional-grade blowjob, complete with happy little moans and occasional slurping. I doubt I lasted more than two minutes before warning her "Here it comes!" and filling her mouth with jet after jet of my hot cum. I tend to cum a lot, and this was one of my bigger loads, no doubt because of the unusually thrilling circumstances. Carol, with lots of gulping but no gagging or coughing, swallowed every last drop, then gave the head of my cock a loving lick and a quick kiss before sitting up between us and straightening her dress and hair. I gave them my phone number, and then got out of the car and went home, court summons still in my back pocket. I wonder if they'll call...?
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3 years ago
kinda wish i was her
3 years ago
great story. I loved it. Would love to hear if there was a part 2.
3 years ago
very good one
4 years ago
I hope they do makes a grea tsecond story thanks
4 years ago
love it
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great story!!
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good story
4 years ago
excellent story hope they call for a repeat performance