eighteen and hungry in europe

by the time I was 18 I had left home and moved into a house in the north of spain.
I had gotten together with a couple of ex-team mates and decided to live together in the same house sharing expenses so none of us would have to go thru the hassle of dealing with a foreign landlord on our own. we found a lady who had a very nice and large house she agreed to rent out the upper level and she lived on the ground floor. this was a luxury house very large and there was more than enough room upstairs for the three of us. when I moved in the other guys had already moved in a few weeks before and the lady landlord was out of town. her assistant linda was in charge of meeting me at the house to let me in give me a key and make sure I was settled in. linda offered her services to me as an assistant since she had already worked for a few pro athletes in the past. she explained she knew how difficult it was for a young man to not only adjust to living in a new country while training and performing at top level. she would organize my appointments and training schedule and be general gopher. I was happy to accept her offer she was a very very attractive lady about 29 years old and had a pair of legs to die for. as I worked with her over the next few weeks she proved to be a great help to me. making sure I was where I needed to me when I was supposed to be. later the landlady came home and I saw her for the first time. she was a knock out. tall brunette with a curvy figure. she had a really nice ass. when I met her I knew there was an attraction. her name is lori. I could not believe it in less than a month I was in a new country and had the second gorgeous older lady in my life. lori was 32 and stunning. one night I was awake and hungry. every one in the house shared the kitchen so I went down stairs and walked into the kitchen only to surprise linda and lori. they did have two plates of food on the counter but were not interested in eating the food so much as they were each other. linda was dressed in a small nighty and no panties she was pinned against the counter by lori. linda had spread her legs and linda was grinding her thigh against lindas pussy. for the few seconds before they realized I was there they treated me to a kissing show I would not forget. linda was in a small sheer silk top and stiletto heels but nothing else. her large round ass was rolling back and forth as she humped lindas wet pussy. lindas eyes were just barley open and she looked toward me as I stood in the middle if the darkly lit kitchen but just looked for a few seconds until lori noticed. lori turned her head to see me and just smiled and said olha but they didnt really seem embarrassed at all, maybe kind of turned on. they both giggled and picked up their plates of food and walked passed me while giving me flirting glances and smiles. confused I didnt know if I should do something or just go about my own business . I only knew that they smelled so sweet. their flowery perfume and that wonderful scent of wet pussy. as I turned to watch them walk down the hall my tool got hard. they both walked into lori's room.
I was sure they would be eating each other soon. as I ate in the kitched I stroked my dick thinking maybe I could relieve myself of the new images they ladies left in my head. it didnt work. I finished eating and walked passed loris room and noticed the door was closed and the lights were off. I thought, "guess they were done eating too" I smiled and almost laughed at my own little joke. I walked up to my room and tried my best to sl**p. the next morning I over slept but linda and lori were already starting their day down stairs. linda, my assistant, remembered I had to be at a training session on the road in a few hours. Lori was already to leave for her office. she was dressed to kill in a business suit with a pleated skirt and black nylons. lori didnt want to go upstairs to wake me because she was still in her nighty and not wearing panties. Lori decided to go up and wake me. as she opened my bed room door she searched across the room with her beautiful blue eyes. she found me laying in bed sound asl**p and totally naked. I had a really bad case of morning wood. my hard on was pulsing and throbbing as a slept, unaware of the sexy lady approaching. Lori stood next to my bed focused on my eight inch hard dick. she decided the best way to wake me was to do it gently by stroking me. she wrapped her soft fingers around my thick penis she saw a drop of pre-cum well up and drip down the head and shaft then across her fingers. she slowly stroked me again and again. I thought it was a dream until I opened my eyes and saw her. I gave her a sl**py smile as I stretched and said "buenos dias". she smiled and stroked more. she was driving me crazy. my hands explored the silky nylon material on her thighs and I remembered how she was going for it with linda the night before. my hands moved across her legs loving every inch I felt . she stroked and stroked. in a few minutes my eyes had gained enough focus to see the door across the room. it was linda in her nighty, she was masturbating her clit and licking the juice from her dripping pussy. I knew I was going to be very very late for training and lori was going to need to get dress again before this morning was over. linda,wearing the same heels from the night before, came walking over. lori fed her my throbbing meat and I came in her mouth but I made sure there was enough cum for both of them. breakfast was served. tbc
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