My freaky girlfriend (True story)

I had this pretty girlfriend name Janet; she was black with 36 DD’s and a fat ass. At this point I was dating her for about a year and I knew she was a freak; she once had her female friend video us having sex and let her join in on sucking my cock.

I was in the military living in the barracks with one roommate (Joe), a cool ass white dude that could never keep a girlfriend. Joe was 6’3 215 lbs solid muscles, played football in JR College and didn’t get along with the coach, so he joined the military.

Janet was an exhibitionist and she told me she had a fantasy of letting my roommate watch us fuck; the barracks was one room with two beds and a bathroom (like a hotel room w/2 queen beds). So instead of surprising Joe, I had a plan to surprise her.

I brought Janet to the room and Joe was watching Monday night football, I took Janet’s coat and Joe couldn’t believe his eyes, she had a white tank-top with no bra on. Janet nipples were long and dime seized thick and huge areolas. Joe’s eyes were fixed on those 36DD’s and she made sure he was getting an eye full.

Janet and I were on my bed kissing when she said “I want to suck that big black cock of yours”, I was already throbbing hard when she pulled down my sweat pants. At this point there was only the light from the TV. I looked over and Joe was checking out her skills and the one tit that popped out of her tank top.
Joe went to take a shower, that’s when Janet and I got naked. I was eating that wet pussy and she was squeezing her tits; Janet was loud, “eat that pussy baby!” --- “oh-yeah!” ---“yes!”.

Joe came out and I started fucking Janet doggy style; she was looking at him while I was pounding that pussy, he just had a towel on lying on his bed. I was pulling my cock completely out of that dripping pussy and thrusting it back in, Joe got up like he was going to the bedroom and we high-five and he dropped his towel and the next thing I hear was “oh-my goodness!” and she started shaking and moaning.

I then turn on the lights to see what was going on and I was shocked the see Joe was packing a 12” cock that was thicker than a coke can. She looked back to see that it was Joe back there, he had only managed to get the head of his monster cock in her wet pussy; she pulled forward and turned around to suck his cock. She couldn’t get all of the head in her mouth, she kept saying “oh-my goodness”.

She reached out with her hand and grabs my cock then pulled it near his; I have a nice thick 9” cock but next to his, my cock looked like a little pencil. She had both of our cocks looking, licking and comparing them; then she said to him fuck me with this big ass cock.

She felled back on the bed and spread her legs and pussy lips, he slowly penetrated her and she was louder than I ever hear her before. I was licking her tits and looking at this monster cock entering my girlfriend’s pussy. She was only able to take half of that cock and then he started pounding that pussy like he owned it.

She started screaming “this is your pussy!” “I love this white cock!” “I’m cumming!!!” she then pushed him off and squirted juices all over his cock and started shaking (she never did that with me). Joe was turned on even more and screamed “take this cock bitch!” and started pounding her like some cheap whore; Janet loved every minute of it because she came again and again. He pulled out and shot his load in her face, she squirted her juices again and I was surprised that she started licking and swallowing his cum (she never did that for me). I was jerking off and seeing all of that I shot my load on her big caramel color tits, she spread my cum all over both tits while licking her juices off his cock.

After that night she was coming over all the time to fuck us both and then she started sneaking off with him when I was working, I saw his hidden video of them in the hotel fucking. Joe transferred and she tried to get back with me, but that pussy was like a canyon after Joe was fucking it every day.

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3 years ago
oh yea those were the days but in newer barracks
3 years ago
love your white cock....cock.....cock!
3 years ago
Lol I like how he said it a canyon after Joe. Can u imagine him saying hello and it echoing, throwin pennies down it making a wish. Lol great story added to favs.
3 years ago
Good story bro, life suck at times. Wish I was Joe.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
those were the good days in the military,,great story but you lost her.
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Ridiculous story, thanks man!
3 years ago
I can remember the days living in the barracks and it was something like that also... Thanks