I was on my lunch,just going to sit down when i slip spilling my oj over this slim blond,iam so sorry i say come back to my office and i will clean you its only next door,ok the blond says whats yr name i ask its shell mine is sarah i say.Every body is out on lunch so its just 2,take yr trousers off and i will sponge them down shell takes them of.Wow she has a tight cameltoe it makes me wet and horny,shell looks at me and says do want me as she puts her fingers down her g string and starts rubbing her clit,well shell says you do owe me forspilling oj down me,get on yr knees sarah she tells me so i do,shell pulls her g string to 1 side and eat me shell says so i do its so wet and tastey iam licking and fingering shell her cum juice is streaming down her legs,i start to finger her ass shell is moaning louder and louder with pleasure iam cuming she says with 2 fingers deep in her tight ass shell squirts all over me mmmmm,we here sum staff coming back from lunch shell puts her pants back on and says until next time sarah,but my top is all wet i say to her what will i say to the staff when they ask me how i got it so wet,just tell i spilt pussy juice over you babe.Then shell left
90% (7/1)
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4 years ago
every time i read your letter my hand ends up well yes my hand end up lol you always make me hot and wet and have to give my pussy ( or it is yours now )a little rub and then a little rub ends up with me arse in the air a pussy full of fingers xxxxxxxxxxxx you are so hot xx
4 years ago
hehehe, nice lunch
4 years ago
now thats wot i call a lunch breakx x x x
4 years ago
nice but lacking in details about both