sweet dreams

I lay awake and watch you sl**p.your lips so red and dry you pull the covers up with your hand as I pull them away I place my hand on your naked belly and run my fingers up and down your happy trail you move stopping thinking I have woken you my breth becomes labered and I f***e my hand down futher undr your boxers and grab your cock. Its soft limp and warm I run my fingers all around it feeling it slightly grow each time I get close to the tip I feel wetness unknowing ifs its pre cum. I stop pull my hand out and slid the covers back you groan. I pull my head under the covers and stradle your legas I slide the boxers Down noticing you have become hard I feel my face start to get hot and bl**d rush all over my body feels covered with pleaser I open my mouth and f***e your cock n me by now its as hard as It's ever been I suck u gently talking you all in me. I can feel you throbing in side my mouth. Hard thick god my pussys wet now I no your awake your breathing has become harder you mone when I trace Ur head with my toung your. Awake you move pull the covers back and tell me put my ass in your face I do so still. With Ur cock in my mouth by now my pussys so wet I'm driping one touch could make me explode you shove a finger n me I quivver n shake I pull my mouth off Ur Dick as u finger me I can't control myself I nut and my pussy juce. Runs all over Ur face u stop and. Move me putting me in doggy forcing you cock deep. N me I mone you grab my brown hair an pull as you thrust harder your almost there I can tell Ur geting faster then you pound my pussy I gasp as Ur cum ozes out my pussy like water u fall to the bed a kiss me good morning
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4 years ago
very good short sweet story
4 years ago
nice story, can't tell if it's his mother, sister or girl friend makes it all the hotter
4 years ago
i must be trippin o.0
4 years ago
Thanks for the story. stormin71 go screw yourself.
4 years ago
hahahahaha @comment below
4 years ago
By the spelling and grammar this was obviously written by a 'former' government employee. i judge former as it must be someone from the Bush Administration.