My Summer Job

This was going to be my first real summer job after high school. A friend of mama’s, someone she knew since she was a little girl, was getting old and said he needed some live-in healthcare worker and mama suggested that I might want to learn something and help him out, earn some extra money. I was all for that. I know mama liked having him around because they were always laughing and hugging and kissing and he was nice to me, too. He’d pull me on his lap and tickle me by rubbing my sides and neck with his chin. He was very old with lots of wrinkles and spots on his hands, white hair, where there was hair. But he always dressed nicely and was very clean. It was summer vacation and I didn’t have a job except for babysitting so I thought this could be fun, and told him I’d love to take care of him at his house in the country for the summer. I was happy to go but I’d sure miss fucking some of the fathers of the k**s I babysat for. Some of them had big cocks and liked to fuck me good in their cars before they took me home. Some of them just liked me to suck them. They said I sucked cock good. I’d miss that but maybe taking care of Mr. Johnson would be fun, too.

The next weekend mamma put me on a bus. “You be a good girl and listen to everything Mr. Johnson tells you to do. Help him out.”

When I got to the isolated house I learned there was only one bedroom in the house and he told me we’d share it. That was ok with me I guess. He told me how lonely he’d been when his wife diedt but mama helped all she could, and now I could help him to.

“What kind of help do you need Mr. Johnson?”

“I get this terrible swelling and just need someone to help make it go away.”

“I’ll do whatever you want to help. Just tell me what you need.”

“Let’s get settled then, since I’m getting that swelling now just looking at you.” He led me into his bedroom. Once we got inside, he drew the blinds and started to remove his clothes and told me to do the same. For an old man, he was in pretty good shape, short with a small protruding belly and lots of flabby skin and even though his cock was soft, I could tell he had a big cock because soft it hung halfway down his leg. It was pretty thick, too. Thank goodness he had a nice helmet head on his cock and the head was way bigger then the shaft. It looked like a lemon sitting on the shaft. I hated to suck cocks with that extra skin, if he was going to ask me to suck him. I noticed that he also had very big and heavy looking balls beneath his cock. I liked the look of those g****fruit size balls that hung low down his legs and wondered what they felt like to hold them. Once I was naked, he told me to turn around so he could look at me, which was nice. I think I’m slender but I know I have a big bottom and heavy legs which make me not like my body. My breasts are high and I have a small waist and flat tummy with a blond soft curly patch of hair between my legs. The boys my age prefer big-breasted girls with thin legs so I cover my legs as often as I can. “You have a lovely body, just perfect. Very strong legs. Let’s just lie down on the bed a while and get acquainted. Have you ever been with a man, a man old like me? I shook my head no.

That was ok, too. He was being nice to me. He lay beside me and slowly moved his hands over my body, stroking my breasts to relax me. My breasts were pretty even though they weren’t as big as I wished they could be He reached over and took a nipple into his mouth and gently sucked on it. This was nice, too. All the while he was sucking my nipples, his fingers were playing with my clit, massaging it and that felt good too. He stopped sucking my nipples, and scooted down on the bed, shoving my legs up at the knees. Kneeling on the floor between my spread legs, he held my ankles then put his mouth over my clit and started to lick it then to suck on it fairly hard Oh, that felt real good! I started to squirm a little, moving my hips while he kept licking and sucking. He used his fingers to pull my pussy lips apart so he could put more of his tongue and mouth on my clit. Every once in a while I felt his tongue slip into my pussy. All the while he was watching my reactions to his sucking me. He lifted his face, which was all wet and shiny with my pussy juice, from between my legs “has anyone ever sucked your clit before?” I shook my head no. “I don’t normally suck clit either but your sweet clit is so nice and big I wanted to taste it.” I liked that he said that, too.

When he got up from between my legs I saw that his cock was pretty hard now and very pretty. Sucking my clit must have gotten him excited too. It was at least 8 inches or more long, but thick, almost as thick as my wrist when he was hard with that big tip. This might be fun. He stood on the floor and held my legs up in the air by the ankles, then slid his thick cock into my pussy slowly. I was quite wet from his clit-licking so it went in easily. Yow! I felt that thick cock stretch my cunt wide and when he shoved it all the way in, I could feel the head almost to my stomach. He stroked me a few times slowly, each time shoving more of his big cock into my pussy. “You have such a nice big cunt for a young girl my little grandbaby Lovely.”

“Does that help with the swelling? Am I helping you feel better now?”

“oh yes, you’re the best healthcare giver I’ve ever had. This is helping me feel so much better.”

In a few more strokes, he was buried deep in me so I could feel those big balls against my pussy. Then he started stroking me faster, watching me watch his cock move in and out of me. His balls kept slapping against my ass with each stroke. I was moaning and started rubbing my own tits with my hands, just smiling with each stroke. I’d never seen myself being fucked before. Most of the time I got fucked from behind but watching this thick cock, feeling it rub me good was so nice.

Mr. Johnson saw how I watched him fucking me. “Grab the pillows and prop yourself up so you can see me fuck you better.” When I did what he said, he was right, I could see more of his cock sliding in me. “Tell me how it feels to have me fuck you” He was smiling, too, but each time he stroked into me he grunted, a nice growling sound deep in his throat.

“It feels good Mr. Johnson, it feels so good when you have your cock in me and I can feel your balls slapping on my ass, too. You’re stretching my cunt so wide. I love it!” and I giggled, it felt so good.

“Tell me where my cock is.” He stroked faster, shoving deeper while I watched. I could see my belly rise and fall when his cock shoved into me.

“Your cock is in my cunt and I like the way it feels. Would you pull it out and put it in again slowly so I can see you go in? No! Don’t take the head all the way out!” I watched as that long thick cock, all slimy with my juices, pushed me apart and filled the emptiness that was my cunt. Then he started pounding into me again making my ass bounce each time. Good thing he was holding on to my ankles or I may have bounced off the bed! “I like when your balls slap against me too. Is it ok for me to feel your balls Mr. Johnson?” He pulled his cock out of my stretched cunt and walked around the side of the bed till his cock was near my head and hands. I softly reached out and lifted one of those big balls in my hand. He was as heavy as a g****fruit, too. There were some gray hairs growing around his balls but that didn’t stop them from being so pretty. He was holding his cock up out of the way so I could rub my hand over his balls and I could tell he liked that. “Can I lick them Mr. Johnson?” I moved over and gave his balls a lick with my tongue. I wanted to know what they felt like to my tongue. They were rough, hard, yet felt good. He spread his legs a little wider so I could lick all around his g****fruit-sized balls. He was moaning louder now, too but watched me lick him. “Go ahead, you can lick them you want, even put them in your mouth if you want. You’re doing a wonderful job in making me feel better”

I started to lick his balls, fingering them all the while, liking that weight in my hand and on my tongue, making slurping noises I was tonguing him so much. I tried to suck one into my mouth but only got a little bit of it in since they were so big. “Would you fuck me some more please?”

He laughed, which made me laugh, too, as he moved back to his place between my legs and re-inserted his wet thick cock into my waiting and gapping hole. He had me moaning and grunting with him, he was fucking me so good. My cunt felt so hot and wet! He must have fucked me for 10 minutes before he screamed and his body stiffened as he let a big load of cum shoot in me. He kept his cock buried deep inside my cunt while he shot his whole load. I felt his balls sealing my ass he was so deep in me. When he pulled out of me, he brought his cock around the side of the bed again near to my head and offered it to me to lick clean. I smiled and propped myself up on my elbow and reached over to take his heavy cock into my mouth. I did want to taste our cum on his cock, and it was sweet. I licked it all over from head to balls till it was clean of all his cum. This was fun, yet something was still missing for me. “Did I help you feel better, Mr. Johnson?”

“Oh yes you did. Your mama was right, you’re the perfect person to take care of me for the summer.”

He lay down beside me and stroked me, telling me what a good fuck I was, how nice my pussy tastes, how nice my pussy felt squeezing his cock. He kept his hand between my legs while he was talking to me, playing with my clit, putting fingers inside my wet and sticky pussy. I was getting wetter if that was possible. “I have 3 fingers in your cunt now.”

He asked me if I’d like to fuck that black man and I said oh yes, I would. In the meantime, his fingers kept playing me and it felt better and better. “Now I have 4 fingers in your cunt.” He adjusted himself a little so he was lying on his side with his hand between my bent, spread legs. “Now I have my whole hand in your cunt. Do you feel it? Does it feel good to have my hand in that sweet cunt of yours little girl?”

Wow! Did it ever feel good! “Oh lord, yes! Don’t take your hand out of my cunt Mr. Johnson!” I started to laugh which made him laugh, but he kept his hand in my cunt, moving onto his knees so he could move more easily.

He pumped me with his hand, gently, not hurting me but making me feel so good. His whole hand would go into my cunt, to his wrist, I was so stretched! My hips were squirming and I was breathing hard and moaning all the while I was smiling, looking up in his smiling face. Then I felt my pussy muscles contract and jump and I screamed as my body stiffened with each stroke of his hand. I felt myself get wet and hot all over and thought I’d peed. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I peed myself.”

“No you didn’t little girl, you just came that’s all. You dumped a big load of cum on my hand.” He took his hand out of my gaping pussy and bent over and stuck his tongue inside my cunt to lick every drop of my cum. Oh he was so nice to me! I started to laugh again, loving the way his cock, hand and tongue made me feel. So this is happiness! How sweet he was to me. I was going to like my summer healthcare job with Mr. Johnson!

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2 years ago
Awesome start to a wonderful summer, please post more of this story since you lead into more with the asking if she wants to fuck a black man.
2 years ago
I'm going to love this summer job too, if u keep writing!!!
2 years ago
awesome there is a part 2, 3, 4...