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Hi all,
I am looking to buy a new dildo not sure what sites to use so I'm looking for some information can you please help.
Thank you
love from
Posted by leathersofacouple 2 years ago
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5 months ago
just type in rabbit or dildo on a search engine ok
10 months ago
11 months ago
try the strapless.........its exiting
11 months ago
1 year ago
Sorry, left off the most important thing, here's their link www dot babeland dot com.
1 year ago
As far as an exact toy, you don't give enough information about what kind of experience you seek. There are some great little toys for those times when you just need some fast, private relief and others for when you want something more. I've mostly always been happy with things I've gotten at Babeland. From good quality strap-ons (I have several and train women in their use), to the best g-spot style, to the best little devils to keep handy for the next "emergency." :-)
2 years ago
Im, just the man to ask..........If its a BIG dildo you want might i suggest bying a TSEW
Although it can be a bit of a let down at times with its seemingly very weak response time.
If its something that you want to switch on and off at the flick of a switch & is voice activated then might one suggest trying a SABINCHEN.
Ive found that this model in the past can instantly be switched on by something merely as simple as a few choice words.Although the pitfalls of this model are "Its butt fuking ugly" & "the instructions arent easy to follow " you could try Google translating them though..
Signing off & always happy to help TEG ;o)
2 years ago
Bondara is good too
2 years ago
I've ordered loads of things from Lovehoney.co.uk
Brilliant service, helpful team, super quick delivery and uk based.
Plus you have a year, yes a year to return something , if it breaks, you don't like it, it doesn't get you off !!!
EVEN if its used
Bloody brilliant
Have fun xxxx
2 years ago
Lovehoney is ace!
2 years ago
il just pull one out my arse for ya ,,
2 years ago
agree with lovehoney, easy to use site, good selection, good prices and choice on delivery
some products have video reviews which are handy
2 years ago
or you just try amazon. ;-)
2 years ago
lovehoney is a good British site.
2 years ago
Try "bedroom pleasures." They do a good range and you can select by length, girth and colour depending what you need. I don't work for them, so this is not a sales pitch. Just a satisfied customer!!!