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Hi all,
I am looking to buy a new dildo not sure what sites to use so I'm looking for some information can you please help.
Thank you
love from
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I am thinking about doing a video but is stuck for ideas I can not show my face because I'm fuck ugly lol only k**ding because of the job I do I cant risk being recognised.....ideas or requests xx
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Which British Porn stars would you like to see?

Please let us know who you'd like to see and we'll try and upload them.
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[Story] Hotel Sex

We'd like to share a little story of what we did last weekend in a hotel room. But before we do, we would like to point out that we are both consenting adults, that do like a little rough sex and dirty talking and we know how to turn each other on. We have a password so that if either of us feels uncomfortable with what is going on we can say and everything stops. Read on:

First we got a cracking deal of £10 per person per night at a B&B so the male is well happy already! Then we drank several stella's in the room and went to the restaurant for our tea! 2 meals for £10, now the male has got... Continue»
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[Story] Text Sex 17/08/2010

As we don’t live together just yet we have to think of way to help each other along so last night we couldn’t talk on the phone so we had text sex below are the massages we sent:

I texted “what you doing”

B/F replied “having a wank what you doing”

I replied “I’ve got a finger in my wet pussy thinking about you”

B/F replied “almost the same as me then you horny bitch, keep playing and I’ll play thinking of you of u 2”

I replied “think about me with a finger in my pussy as well as rubbing my swollen clit... Continue»
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