We better upload these 7 scenes before bed!
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We're a couple (Male 40, Female 34) that met through Xhamster. We have both deleted our own profiles and opened a joint account, then in the real world we fell madly in love. So we got engaged and are getting married this year. We are not weirdos or freaks, we are both intelligent, witty, smart people with good jobs that just happen to love porn. We are not interested in meeting anyone else, only satisfying each other. Feel free to PM us if you are a friend but don't ask for cam shows, meets or anything like that, we will ignore you. Please don't be offended if we don't reply to your pm's or comments either, we will be busy uploading or fucking each other, which we do VERY often lol.

We also upload stuff on twitter that isn't on here. Follow us on:


We are both proud Brits and some years ago found a real lack of British Porn vids and British Porn stars on the internet. So we made it our mission to upload as much 'Brit' porn as we can to Xhamster (And some naughty pics of the Mrs. too lol) So far we've uploaded over 2900 scenes of mainly British porn, but over 800 scenes have been removed for various reasons. Some have been removed due to bad conversions, some reposts, some we didn't realise were copyrighted and some we think the 'British Porn Mafia' have spoken to Xhamster and made them delete the scene. Just because they don't like what we're doing. (Don't you just love a conspiracy theory!) Anyway we still have over 2100 vids surviving on here. We are not trying to promote a website or sell you anything. We do not upload 5 minute teasers or softcore shit. We only upload good quality scenes which we hope you'll enjoy as much as we do. Not all the pornstars are named in the title because Xhamster is forced to remove them. Lolly Badcock, Cathy Barry, Kerry Louise, Lara Latex, Layla Jade, LDM, Sophie Dee, Delta White and Tanya Tate, have all 'got their people' to remove vids. That's not saying vids with them in are not on here! It may take a while but, if you look through our collection you may find what you're looking for, we're sure you won't be disappointed!

We try to make it easy to find our videos too. So enter 'British slut', 'British Blonde slut', 'British lesbians' or 'British ......' (Name of pornstar) into the search bar and you'll find most of our uploads. So if you want to see a scene with Yuffie Yulan in, enter British slut Yuffie into the search bar and you'll find scenes of her we've uploaded. The word slut is purely there as an aid to find our vids. A term of endearment if you will. If you are after a specific British pornstar mention it in the blog and we'll see what we can do ;)

A while ago xhamster 'retired' all our friends by mistake. So we've had to start all over again. We know people don't always read this. But if you do, some things to consider when sending a friend's request. First, no pic, no friend. Second, cock pic, no friend. Third, no content, no friend and lastly if we don't like your profile, no friend. Simple really isn't it. But we already know we're gonna get loads of friends requests from people who haven't read this. Arrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We try not to upload anything that's already on here. We always check to see if a scene has already been posted before we 'repost' it. But there's hundreds of thousands of scenes on here and sometimes we can't find them when we check, so sorry if we do repost, we haven't done it on purpose. If you send us the link to the original we'll delete the repost. Also, from time to time we do make mistakes or there can be an audio error that's not on the original or we may spell a word wrong or get the title wrong. For example, it may read 'British lesbians' when one of them is American or it's a FMM threesome instead of a FFM threesome. We're always mixing up Angel and Ashley Long lol and one of our favourite moans. 'That's Lucy Z not Lucy G'. What can we say we're only human and due to Xhamster rules we can't alter the title after it's been uploaded. Feel free to comment, but please don't get all smug about it. You're watching porn on a free site! It's easy to criticise if you've contributed fuck all yourself. The only people that can do that are the people that have uploaded more than us on here and there's only 39 of them!

And lastly we upload these videos so you can enjoy them as much as we do. No racism, no derogatory comments, no 'this is shit' comments and no fucking SPAM. All we have to do is press the block button, delete anything you've written and you'll never have the privilege of leaving another comment on any of stuff again. Enjoy xx

A little video of us fucking:

A little video of us trying fisting:
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8 hours ago
We play around while we watch your videos. Keep up the great work.
23 hours ago
What is it that makes British porn SO much hotter than any other ?? Perhaps the thought that it might be ME eating the girl out or being sucked off by someone with the same(ish) accent ?
1 day ago
Hi, You made my day, Sarah Daniel, shes lovely, more please,. thanks my honey
2 days ago
Outstanding contributions, thank you for sharing. (◦'⌣'◦)
2 days ago
great collection of british vids, love em! and love your body as well... looks built for sin! x
3 days ago
so hot
4 days ago
;) nice
6 days ago
what a great collection, love your video's
6 days ago
Enjoyed your collection of British porn!
6 days ago
amazing hot videos !
6 days ago
Thanks for all the vids you've loaded, Brit porn is the best - sexy natural women. I'm sure there's still loads out just waiting for you xx
6 days ago
Thnx for your feedback!
6 days ago
Great new videos as usual, keep up the good work! (◦'⌣'◦)
6 days ago
Maybe it's time to make your own - with over 2000 favs I am sure you have an idea or two lol...need a director of photography??? :)
6 days ago
do you have any or can you upload some of our favourite brit girl nikki platts xx we have looked but theres only a dozen vids...if that :( xx
6 days ago
Shame! You are the best in Brit porn uploads by a mile
6 days ago
You two are really good people!
7 days ago
Hi thank you for your invite, love the profile, very hot and arousing ;-)
Congrats abd best wishes for your big day.
Kisses xxx Heather & Vinny
7 days ago
7 days ago
don't worry about it no worries drinks are on me.
7 days ago
7 days ago
Can you post some more suzie best please?
7 days ago
Thanks for the request, accepted with pleasure.
7 days ago
Running out of Brit porn... Being from the UK, couldn't you make some more ? :o)
10 days ago
Wow ! Your tits are awesome . Love those big suckable nipples - bet they look awesome caked in jizz. Great work !!
10 days ago
your own rear booty cracker is yummy, even with it just over on top of his farm hill belly.
11 days ago
Thanks for Friendship, and what a wonderful profile you have :D
12 days ago
Yes...both amazong...like her wet pussy..very nice...thnx for sharing ur nasty moments..;-)..
13 days ago
Very nice brit collection videos.
13 days ago
Your a top loader, another hot Sarah D and Lucy G, wow, Regards
14 days ago
Hi, You made my day, Sarah Daniel, shes lovely, more please,. Regards
15 days ago
Lets get in on indeed, cant wait. x
15 days ago
nice videos
15 days ago
very nice pics and video
16 days ago
great profile, Love your sexy avatar !!
17 days ago
Have you got any more clips similar to your

British slut Emma Butt gets judged on her performance

19 days ago
Great profile

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