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dirty wet pussy and panties in the evening

dreckige feuchte Fotzen und das Höschen am Abend

dirty wet pussies and panties in the evening

nasse Fotzen zum Lecken - wet pussy to lick

Danach sind die Höschen schön dreckig - Then the panties are very dirty.

Posted by fetishmax6 23 hours ago

[Story] dads big mistake 5

Jim gazed over at his wife as they lay in bed that night. She looked so beautiful laying there on her back, staring up at the ceiling. The look on her face was like that of a girl who'd just got laid for the very first time. The problem was Jim knew it wasn't his cock she was laying there thinking about.

"I'm sorry I blew up at you earlier." He said.

Julie didn't answer. She was off in her own little word. A world dominated by a strong teenaged pecker and big plump balls full of potent cream.

"Julie." Jim called.

"What!" She snapped as she was jarred back to reality.

... Continue»
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[Story] dads big mistake 4

Kyle and his mother Julie had been at it non-stop for nearly an hour. Julie had cum six more times. Her son had given her more orgasms today than she had the entire month with her husband. Kyle dumped his load deep into Julie's twat and rolled off of her, completely exhausted. She propped her hips up with a pillow to keep all his potent syrup inside of her.

"Honey, why don't you go down to your room and have a nap, you must be exhausted." She said.

Kyle went to his room and within minutes he was fast asl**p. He woke an hour later to someone stroking the side of his head. He tur... Continue»
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[Story] dads big mistake 3

Kyle rolled off of his mother. He had just dumped a huge load of spunk deep within her cunt. Julie propped a pillow under her ass as she stayed on her back.

"What are you doing, mom?" Kyle asked.

"I have to elevate my hips to let as much of your sperm as possible into my cervix." She answered.

"Did I do okay?" Kyle asked.

"Okay? You were...You did wonderfully." She said, stroking her son's cheek.

"All that screaming you did, I felt like I was hurting you." Kyle said.

"Hurting me? Oh, sweetie, no. It...It was a different type of screaming." Julie said.

"What ... Continue»
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[Story] dads big mistake 3

It was 3 in the afternoon. Kyle knew just the time to be at his dad, Ken's office. Ken had his cock buried deep in the tight young pussy of his secretary when his son barged into his office. The blond slut pulled up her panties and ran from the office, embarrassed as hell and Kyle's dad just stood there in complete shock as his own son glared across the room at him.

"Havin' fun dad?" Kyle asked.

"Kyle, I...I was just..." Ken could think of no excuses. He'd been caught red handed.

It was the first time Kyle'd seen his father's cock. He chuckled at how small it was. He was anxi... Continue»
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[Story] dads big mistake 1

Kyle was a tall muscular 18 year old. It was summer vacation and he was home almost every day with his mother. Julie was a maternal beauty. She was about six feet, 130 pounds, with long, milky-white legs and big banana-shaped boobs. Kyle often wondered what it would be like to fuck his mother. To prop her feet back on his shoulders and feel his large cock saw in and out of her sweet cunt. He wanted so badly to dump his load deep into her womb, where his mother's eggs would surely be waiting.

Julie knew her son wanted her. It was obvious by the looks he'd been giving her. A part of ... Continue»
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[Story] Bareback Gay Sex

BB Addiction

A word of warning to you bottoms. 
Don't let a guy fuck you raw and then cum in your ass.  The feeling of a guy's cock spasming in your ass, that cum filling up the area around his shaft and making a warm glove that massages his cock as he shoots his load deep, is an intense orgasm that he will want to repeat.  And once you've experienced that stiff cock pulsing and the hot cum shooting into you, you will want to feel it over and over again. 
When he pulls out, you're gonna want to suck his cock clean, tasting that great cum as well as your clean ass juices, and you'r... Continue»
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http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/babyma... Continue»
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[Story] Feeling My Son’s Cock pt2

The cold reality of what had just happened hit me while sitting on the toilet listening to the plopping of my son’s thick creamy sperm leaves my fanny and hit the water. Could we put it down to the alcohol and we didn’t know what we were doing, but he did call out mom, when he was about to squirt in his dear old mom.

I tucked my tits back inside my girdle before leaving the bathroom, unsure about the situation I was to face.
“Mom I’m sorry” he says, “I got carried away”
“No need to be sorry, as much my fault, lets forget about it”
“Thank Mom”

We held our arms out for a hug and stand... Continue»
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[Story] Feeling My Son’s Cock

Widowed for fifteen years I had no sexually desire what so ever until I felt my sons cock pushing in to my bum one night. It all came about when he took me to a relative’s funeral 300 miles away and the car broke down.

The garage was unable to fix it until the next day so the only option was to find somewhere to stay for the night. That was easer said than done with the only hotel in the village having only three bedrooms and two of them were taken.

I looked at my 30-year-old son “I don’t mine sharing if you don’t,” I said to him
Sorted for the night with somewhere to sl**p we spent th... Continue»
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[Story] My Mother Caught Me

My mother has just caught me playing with myself while looking at porn on the internet, I am on late’s at work this week and decided to checkout the internet while my wife was at work.
I had my 37 year old cock in my hand while watching, Granny in Stockings Toys and Fucks; thinking how much she looks like my mother, different hairstyle but same colour and her body looked similarly too. I started to think more about my mother as the granny got her tits out and pulled her skirt off revealing white knickers under her black teddy.
I sat at the computer with my headphones on because the s... Continue»
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Moms Panties

(First off this is not my story! Found it online and wanted to share it with everyone.) Hope you all enjoy!

I was laying on my bed, naked, I had a pair of black lace panties wrapped around my cock and I was wanking hard. The lace felt amazing against my skin as I imagined the pussy that the unwashed lace had rubbed against. The tension was building inside me and my balls were ready to explode. I couldn't hold it any more and cum spurted from my cock on to my stomach, spurt after spurt. I finally came down from my orgasm and relaxed for a moment...

The door swung open...mom.

"Oh my g... Continue»
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Moms Panties 2

(First off this is not my story! Found it online and wanted to share it with everyone.) Hope you all enjoy!

It was summer and me and mom were going to the coast for a week. We had rented a small villa with it's own private beach a few miles from a small town. It was going to be a week of lounging in the sun and we were both looking forward to it. We just had to get there first.

We had been on the road a while, it was a long drive in the hot sun. Mom was driving and I was in the passenger seat next to her. The road was very quiet, we hadn't seen another car for ages, and not much scener... Continue»
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[Story] Johnny's First Cum on Mommy's Panties.

I was in grade five old and today had not been a great day. My mother was going to make it better though and change my life.

I came into the living room to find my mom, as usual on her chaise watching TV. She was dressed as usual in her housedress. She noticed my distress and asked what was wrong. I said some k**s had been mean to me. She urged me over to her chaise and I lay across her rather large body, my head on her big round breasts and she rocked me "There, there now, Mommy's going to make you feel better."

She reached up, opened the top buttons of her housedress and opened he... Continue»
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Eric Dorrmann was in heaven. Or a sort of heaven anyway. After months of flirting with one of the trainers at the gym, a short, toned 20-something with dyed black hair named Nadia, he had bit the bullet and went for it. He walked right up and asked her if she might like to see his house sometime.

She knew he was married but she did not give a damn. He was just over 40, kept himself in great shape, and she thought marriage was a joke anyway. If his wife wasn't hot enough to keep him interested that was hardly Nadia's concern. So she agreed on the spot, clocked out early, and the two raced b... Continue»
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[Story] My Blue Eyed Lover

It was around about December I was trying to get over someone I only had one date with so
I started going on other dating sites. This particular one was a sex site basically, I was
looking to hook up with a rich guy but it didn't turn out that way. There was one guy in
particular that I was talking to, he seemed nice, but I was talking to 2 other guys at the
same time on instant message. I wanted to tell them I had to go so I could focus on him.
We got along really well and he was telling me how much he loved my beautiful pictures.
I told him I liked his too he only had a few and wh... Continue»
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A Guide to my Erogenous Zones

I'm a bit bored, sitting at work, waiting for the day to end. So I thought I'd a little more sharing of myself with you. Wanna get me hot and wet? Here's a handy little guide -

It starts with my senses - I want to look at you, smell your scent, hear your moans, feel your skin and your hot breath on my skin, and finally I love to taste your juices, sweat and tears.

My ears - I love to feel a tongue lightly exploring around them and your fingers rubbing them slightly.

My mouth - My most favorite erogenous zone. I want it on every inch of your body, especially your mouth, I love to be ki... Continue»
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My dirty life ;)

First i have to say that panties changed my life.
Since my c***dhood I felt attracted to dirty panties, and later I began to masturbate with them on.

I'm a young woman who sniff and lick her undies. I love to go shopping alone because I like to hide in the fitting room and try panties and stockings and then lick them. Their smell is driving me crazy. When i'm in a lingerie shop I cannot help not to get wet instantly.I don't know why but even when i make love I feel the need to wear panties, to feel the cum on the material.
Fortunately my husband shares my fetish :)
[image]h... Continue»
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About Us
People often ask us what xHamster is. xHamster is virtual pet that need thousands of megabytes with fresh porn to eat daily and millions people come to eat with us! OK now seriously.

xHamster is a adult social network that provides streaming videos, photos, stories and other adult content of explicit sex for free since 2007.

Way back in 2007, we were inspired to build an adult website where we can have a good time ourselves and invite our friends. Like Hamster brings all good things into his house we wanted to cr
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Trick for private profiles & caveat utilitor

Someone asked me about this the other day so I thought I'd just put it here.
"caveat utilitor" is latin for 'let the user beware' for those not versed. I.E. this is as much a warning to the unweary than a how to. (some people seem to not understand this so I'll just point it out)

If someone's profile is private you can still see their videos and pictures using a little trick. This will not circumvent passworded or friends only videos! Nor will it let you gain access to their about me, verification photo/video or wall comments.

Step 1.
Copy these to your addr... Continue»
Posted by xXxPoistxXx 3 years ago


High Mowing Farm
by J Christopher (coldriver100@yahoo.com)


After a mother watches her son having sex with his
girlfriend, a journey of erotic discovery for the whole
f****y and their neighbors begin. (Fm-teen, ped, inc,
voy, mast, oral, anal)


Chapter 1

The Farm itself was set on a high ridge with sweeping
views of the Connecticut River Valley in New Hampshire
and Vermont. It was among the oldest farms in town,
dating from 1790 and it originally had a farmhouse and
barns with all the associated outbuildings. Today just
the farmhouse and a larg... Continue»
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Ian ignored his mother and didn't look up for a few seconds when she walked into the living room; he had been enthralled in his new video game and was too busy to pay his mother any attention.

However, when he did glance up he was f***ed to do a quick double take. 'Wow, Mum,' he whistled when he saw the short hemline of his mother's skirt. 'You look great.'

He had never taken any notice in the past, but today he finally appreciated what a fantastic pair of legs his mother had. It had been years since he'd seen his mother wearing anything other than jeans or slacks, but the short skirt s... Continue»
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[image]http://38.media.tumblr.com/6242a40613f... Continue»
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Feeling kinky!

After another long day in work yesterday, I came home and did the usual things - had a shower, grabbed a bite to eat and logged onto my favourite site - x-hamster. However after about half an hour, I was feeling really horny. I stripped off and was wandering around the house naked - still no change.

I went to the bathroom got my razor, shaving foam and a bowl of water. Back at the laptop I put on some of my fav vids, sat on a towel, put some shaving foam on my cock and balls and proceeded to shave them - with great care. I'd shaven myself before but it had been a while - I'd forgotten how w... Continue»
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[Story] Mom's Wedding Gown

Mom’s Wedding Gown

By Spectre

Mark tried not to shiver as his mother leaned heavily against him, tried not to enjoy the softness of her body or the flowery smell of her hair. Tried not to get a hard on again. She looked up at him, smiling, and giggled d***kenly as he fumbled with her keys and opened the front door. “You’re so sweet to help me home,” she said, then lifted up on her toes to kiss his cheek dangerously close to his lips.

“Mom, you’re d***k,” he said, more to remind himself than her, to convince himself that she was flirtatious b... Continue»
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[Story] Momma’s Boy Finds His Woman.

This morning, I had been on Live Cam watching a 25-year-old man with an enormous cock who gently stroked himself while receiving encouragement from at least 20 people. I went through the list of watchers and found the usual suspects. There were a few quiet Eastern Europeans, a couple of a teenage men comparing while trying out their gear, two women, suspiciously young with nothing on their profiles - and at three older men.

I'm always compelled to comment on the Live Cam men and their penises and occasionally I get a private message. "Hi," usually starts the conversation followed by an inv... Continue»
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Fucking my mother in law's best friend Part 3

My tongue teased around her cunt lips teasing her, causing her to arch her back and claw my hair…

“Don’t fucking tease me, pleassse….you don’t know how long it has been…..”

My tongue licked her from bottom to top ….longingly and adoringly and she cried out with pleasure…I feasted upon her, my tongue exploring her meaty cunt, a cunt that soon was wet and flowing, her nectar tasting sweet as I d***k it down. My hand reached up and played with her gorgeous tits, not being able to keep away from them – I’m such a tit man you see.

As my tongue built up a rhythm of licking and exploring an... Continue»
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kitty fox oh so hot yummy
[image]http://up.xhamster.com/000/016/689/93... Continue»
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brünett teen mastrubate in front of her lapto

Posted by charlly 2 years ago

daddy's little dancer

It was early Saturday morning and lying in bed under the covers reading the paper, music drifting down the hall from his daughter's bedroom, Jill's father looked up surprised as his nineteen-year-old daughter home from school for the summer danced into his bedroom.

"Wow, baby...where'd you learn to dance like that, sweetie?"

Her smile contagious Jill looked her father right in the eye, pointing at him like the girl in the movie, dancing to Roxy Music's version of, If There Is Something, mouthing the words to the chorus, "when we were young."

"...from the TV, Daddy," she beamed, smili... Continue»
Posted by jefffinn 10 months ago