Grammy surprise

I had worked overseas for a number of years for the government in Italy. It was idyllic. I had a house near the beach and work was about 10km away. We typically worked 12 hour days so I usually worked four days followed by three days off. I had it in my mind to stay there for many years. But then one day I got word from home that my grandfather had suddenly died from a stroke and I was needed at home to help. I took an extended leave of absence figuring I'd need at least a month and probably more.

It was July 1975 and I got home just in time for my grandfather's funeral. Grandpa was only 75 and as far as anyone had known he was the vision of health. He wasn't a sedentary person involving himself with golf and racquetball after having retired four years prior. He was my mother's father and they had the long life genes as opposed to my father's side who didn't. The funeral was quite heavily attended. Grandpa had been a highly respected merchant in our town and was known for his generosity. I constantly heard stories of how he helped people through the hard times of the depression. As a teen I'd gotten to the point where I didn't want to hear the stories any more and Grammy overheard me saying this to my s****r one day. She always knew exactly the right thing to say and I remember her telling me that she too was a little weary of his stories or more correctly visitors who came to their home and evicting the stories from him. Stories he was always willing to tell in great detail.

I loved my grandparents so I got over myself relatively quickly. And actually, it was grandpa who right after I graduated from college suggested I take job overseas for the tax breaks and because he thought I could build up a sizeable savings account. Little did he know of my propensity for having parties and even though he was right about the large income I could realize I was also more than capable of only being able to live from paycheck to paycheck. I mean I did manage to put a little away but not nearly what I could have and that little was just enough to cover the expense of returning home for his funeral. As I withdrew the money to cover the airfare and other expenses I felt guilty that he had given me such good advice and I had chosen to largely ignore it. I felt a bit of a failure.

When I got home my parents' house was filled with my s****r and two aunts and two uncles so mom had arranged for me to stay with Grammy. I didn't mind in the least. Grammy had always been really nice to me. She always made me feel special. At home mom always made what dad wanted for supper but Grammy always made what I wanted and she was quite the good cook too. She had attended a girl's finishing school that doubled for a college which she assured me was society's way of preparing a woman to be a wife in those days. But Grammy had been rebellious taking after my great-grandmother, her mother, who had been suffragette. My great-grandmother had claimed to have been a friend of Margaret Sanger and an acquaintance of Emma Goldman. She had never been able to show any actual proof that either was true but her stories, as told by Grammy, were really interesting.

Grammy told me one day after she and grandpa had gone to a performance by Sally Rand they had danced naked in the moonlight behind their house. That performance, according to Grammy, Ms. Rand, doing her famous fan dance, had bared her breast in a Boston theater during the performance. Grammy said it was hilarious but Boston society wasn't quite so kind. That was in 1932 or 1933, her memory of the year wasn't quite so good, and she said they had gotten pretty d***k that night on some bathtub gin. Grandpa had tried to brew his own beer in the cellar but had only succeeded in blowing up the cellar one night and waking all the neighbors. Grammy said bootleggers were less dangerous than grandpa. When grandpa suggested he could safely switch to making wine Grammy suggested he find a new house in which to do it. So that's how Grammy had been and in my memory of her she had always been. Everyone loved Grammy. A lot of k**s who were of course not related to her called her Grammy. She was just that sort of person. But when the town proposed shutting down one of the playgrounds so a housing subdivision could be built she invaded the monthly town meeting and before the meeting was done you couldn't find a soul who'd admit to ever having supported the closure.

The first couple of days back home were extremely full with the funeral and a lot of running around. I stayed in Grammy's guest room. She and grandpa had bought a condominium shortly after he retired. It wasn't one of those places that had once been apartments and then converted. It was built as a condo. It actually had three floors if you counted the garage area. Each condo had its own garage and above that was the living room, dining room and kitchen and then the top floor were the bedrooms, bathroom and a storage room.

I helped Grammy remove grandpa's clothes and take them to Goodwill. She said many women would hang onto such things for years but it would just hurt too much for her to do that and she knew she needed to move on. She did have a lot of pictures out in the living room of she and grandpa when they were younger. She even had their wedding picture out. I took some time to look really closely at them, something I had never done. When I looked really closely at their wedding picture I thought how young she looked in it, much younger than grandpa. Later that day I asked my mom about that and she said Grammy was barely 16 when she married grandpa who was 27 at the time. My mother declined to talk any further about it though even though I pressed her for a few answers. So later that day I asked Grammy and she was not surprisingly very forthcoming. She told me she had gotten pregnant but not by grandpa. The boy who had gotten her pregnant, a high school classmate, had denied he done anything or that it could be his c***d. Grandpa had become aware of the situation through my great grandfather who for some reason great granddad had thought could be helpful. He had visited Grammy several times and then had taken her to a doctor who didn't know her f****y. But in her fourth month of pregnancy she had a miscarriage which was taken care of very privately even though it was done at a nearby hospital. It seems grandpa had certain connections. Grammy, though saddened, was touched from the first by his kindness and how he had not only never judged her but hadn't even asked who the father was. She said he went about it as if he were her husband and like it was the most natural thing to do. Grammy said she fell in love with him because of that and as it turned out, of course, he had had an eye for her.

The first few nights I heard Grammy crying in her bedroom. I wanted to go in and say something but I didn't have a clue what to say or even if I should do it. On the fourth night I felt I had to do something so I knocked on her door and she called for me to come in.

"Grammy, is there anything I can do?"

She had been in bed and under the covers with her back to me when I entered so I walked around the bed to her. Grammy wiped her tears, smiled and reached out with both her arms. It was a bit awkward but I bent down and gave her the hug she desired. "Oh honey, I wish there were but thank you."

She hugged me for a few moments more and then let go. As I stood up I said, "Grammy, if there's anything I can do just say so."

Grammy smiled her usual smile and then said, "Well, would you mind lying here with me for a few minutes and just talking to your old grandmother?"

"Oh grammy, you're not old!" I said that half believing it but only half. After all, she was 64 which to a 25 year old is almost ancient, at least as I saw it. But my grandmother had taken pretty good care of herself. She didn't look matronly although she wasn't the skinny girl she had once been.

"That's sweet of you to say but I am old."

I had always loved my grandmother's smile and she'd had these expressive eyes that either thrilled us all or scared us half to death. It was much more of the former than the latter of course. It was at that moment I first noticed, however, that her eyes weren't just expressive but they were actually still quite beautiful. Still, I didn't know quite what to say so I said, "Well, you look pretty good to me Grammy."

"Thank you honey," Grammy said as she hugged me closely. Grammy had pushed the covers slightly to the side and I could feel her full breasts pressing against my chest. In the first instant I felt ashamed but then other things took over and I felt a twinge of arousal. I couldn't believe I could feel this was from my own grandmother's touch but there it was.

Grammy's hug lingered and then she asked, "Do you mind my hugging you? It feels very comforting."

How could I say no, so I said, "of course not. We can hug as long as you want." Okay, that second part was me wanting to feel her breasts against me some more and it was coupled with me feeling very guilty about that. Grammy snuggled inward a little and I could feel her relaxing.

"You grandfather was really good about this. Whenever I'd get upset about something at bedtime he would hold me until I let it go. Let me tell you, he was a man of great patience because I seldom let go of anything quickly." I turned my head to say something to her but as I turned she said, "thank you for being so understanding" and instead of kissing me on the cheek as she desired she kissed me on the lips. We were equally surprised by this turn of events even though grammy had many times kissed me on the lips it had never been quite this way.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey," she said.

"It's okay grammy," I said trying to be sympathetic and understanding at the same time. "It's not like that's never happened before," I said trying to make light of it.

For a few moments we both lay there very still but then Grammy started running her hand through the back of my hair and said, "Thank you for being so understanding." That's all she did but it was enough coupled with the feel of her body next to mine to sufficiently arouse me. I had become quite hard and my hardness was pressing into her thigh. I lay as still as possible praying this woman of great experience wouldn't notice.

A few minutes later Grammy kissed me on my forehead and said, "Thank you honey. You've been really comforting but you must be exhausted."

"Okay Grammy but if you need me just say so, any time." I was getting up from her bed as I said this and she thanked me and told me how sweet I was as she pulled the covers back around her.

I didn't hear her cry again and over the next week neither of us said anything about that evening. Sometimes when we'd have supper together I thought I felt a sort of sexual tension between us but quickly dismissed it as a sign of my sick mind. This was my grandmother, after all, so of course she didn't think that way.

One Saturday morning I had awakened a little later than I usually did and all I could feel was my extremely full bladder. I got up quickly and rushed to the bathroom. I was all the way inside and about to pull cock out of my underpants when I saw my grandmother lying in the bath tub. There was a look of shock on her face and so I blurted out, "Oh I'm so sorry Grammy. I just had to pee so bad. I wasn't thinking." I was blushing every shade of red possible.

"It's all right honey," she replied. "Go right ahead."

"What?" I said not understanding what she meant.

"Well, I'm far from being ready to get out of this nice hot bath I've drawn particularly since I've put some expensive oil in and we do have only the one bathroom so I'm don't expect you to hold it while I take my time getting out of here."

"But Grammy I can . . ." I interrupted.

"Honey, just go ahead and do it. It's a perfectly normal human function and although I'm no advocate of making a practice of such things we certain need to be reasonable too."

As she said these words my mind took notice of her nakedness which she had done nothing to hide. In some ways her body surprised me. She was totally without wrinkles and although she did have that extra weight that seems to come with age it sat on her well. Her breasts we large and full even though they were sitting flatly against her chest and although her pussy wasn't trimmed she didn't have a lot of hair their either. Grammy had been a natural red head, which I could now easily see, even though the hair on her head was totally gray.

I caught myself before I stared too long and before she said anything and turned my back to her and pulled down my fly. It felt strange pulling my cock from my underpants with my own grandmother laying there in full view but I did have to pee so badly that even the bashful bladder I sometimes suffered from did not come in to play. The one thing that was in play was this piss hardon I was sporting at the moment. Though it's not a truly sexual state I still felt the shame of having it. As I started to pee I heard my grandmother make a quick sound of laughter.

"I'm sorry honey," she said before my shame could deepen, "but you just reminded me of your grandfather. It seemed like he'd wake up with a piss hardon every morning."

Now this was particularly shocking because my grandmother, who wouldn't say shit if her mouth was full of it in spite of her being so outspoken, had just uttered these words to me as if they were the most normal thing in the world to say. I quickly finished peeing and put my cock back into my underpants.

As I turned to leave my grandmother said, "Honey, would you mind doing something for me?"

She knew I'd do anything for her but I couldn't have possibly anticipated what was coming. "Sure Grammy."

"Would you mind washing my back for me? I know this is an odd request but I'd really appreciate it. Your grandfather used to do it for me all the time and now that you've seen me naked, well, I mean, it's not as if I can get any more naked." Now she was showing a little nervousness towards her request.

I half expected her to withdraw her request but it did seem pretty innocent so I agreed. She sat up and pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. I took her wash cloth and some soap and began to wash her back for her.

"Oh that feels so good," she moaned. "It's almost like having a massage."

As I was washing her I suddenly realized I didn't know how far in any direction she expected me to go. I washed from the top downwards I got to the top of her ass and though it was beneath the water I still worked it with the wash cloth. Grammy didn't complain. I brought the cloth back up and resoaped it and set about washing her sides. As I went down her one side I could feel the back of her breast and then the same for the other side of course. This made me fully aroused and I suddenly was aware that I'd be giving myself away if I didn't get it down and quickly because I was basically done.

"Okay honey, thank you," she said, "I can take it from here."

I had no choice so I stood up to leave and she blurted out, "Oh!"

"What?" I asked dumbly.

"Well um," she replied slowly and then pointed, "what's that all about?"

"I um," I was fumbling for words and thoughts, "I um." I felt trapped and caught.

"I turned you on?" She asked a little flabbergasted

"Yes?" I said in the form of a question as if I were unsure of it being the right answer. I lowered my eyes in shame but they betrayed me as they came to rest on her breasts.

"How could I possibly turn you on?" She asked, the disbelief appearing in her voice.

I felt like I was going to break down and cry as I apologetically replied, "I don't know Grammy it's just that I didn't expect . . ." I didn't know where to take it from there.

"Didn't expect what honey?" She asked regaining her composure.

"I didn't expect your body to look so good." Okay, that was an honest answer and I'd said it and was ready for her admonishment.

She looked at me thoughtfully for a moment and then asked, "What about it do you like?"

I wasn't totally uncertain what she was looking for so I replied, "I like your breasts."

"You do?" She said a little surprised. Then she put her hands beneath them and lifted them and said, "these old sacks of flesh?"

My grandmother was not one to put herself down and when I heard her say that I felt the need to object.

"Grammy, they look good to me!" There was honesty in what I said but then I also realized I wasn't looking at 25 year old breasts so I didn't expect to see the same things and yet I had to admit they still looked really nice. But just this little bit of conversation had reignited my lusts and I was once again sporting a hardon.

"I guess I do turn you on," she said looking at my cock. "May I see it?" She asked unexpectly.

At that point I felt liked I'd be a complete jerk if I didn't allow her this and yet another something pulled at me saying it was wrong none-the-less. The desire to make my Grammy happy won out, of course, and I pulled my underpants down. The elastic top of the underpants caught on my cock and made it bounce as I pulled them down.

"Aren't you the big boy!" She said admiring me.

"Don't make fun of me Grammy!" I said defensively.

"Ah, just like your grandfather are you? He always thought he penis was too small and it took him a long time to realize it was perfect as far as I was concerned."

I wanted to thank you her but everything was feeling so inappropriate I was tongue tied. "Well, this water is starting to get cold." Grammy said and then continued, "So as long as you're here you can make yourself useful and dry my back." She held out her hand and I helped her out of the bathtub. As she stepped out and in the relative closeness of the bathroom one of her breasts brushed against my arm. Grammy stood facing me and reached around me to get the bath towel. I had stood there dumbly as I could easily have stepped to one said so she could more easily have accessed the towel. As she reached passed me again her breast pressed into me this time into one side of my chest and arm.

She dried her front off while smiling at me and then turned her back to me and said, "Okay, you're turn." I quickly dried off her back and then she said, "Get my legs too if you don't mind."

I had to kneel down to do this and she spread her legs slightly for me. As I dried her legs it occurred to me to do the same to her ass which I had previously neglected. But by this time any question of the sexual tension in the room had been answered. The room was thick with it. As I had dried her legs I had seen her pussy from behind and that had only reinf***ed my arousal.

As soon as I stood up Grammy took my hand and said, "Come with me." She led me into her bedroom and once there pushed me down on her bed. She sat down on the bed and asked, "How do you feel about this?"

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"There is no way around societal mores saying our being like this even having done nothing is wrong. So how do you feel about my noticing your being turned on and all?"



"I like it."

"You do?"


"I want you to know that every cell in my body seems to be screaming how wrong this is and yet," she paused, "it also feels okay too. Does that make any sense to you?"

"Actually it does," I replied.

She then took one of my hands and placed it on her breast. Then she put her hand around my cock and lightly stroked it. "We shouldn't even be touching but we have to promise each other that we won't have intercourse."

"Okay," I said as if in a trance.

Grammy pulled me down onto the bed so we were lying next to each other. She continued to lightly stroke my cock as I played with both her breasts. When my hand had first touched her breast I had expected to find it flabby or mushy but not full and firm as it was. Her breasts did sag, of course, their fullness felt really good. That's all we did for about five minutes when she finally asked, "Would you mind touching my pussy?"

I responded by removing one of my hands from her breast and pressing it into her pussy. Grammy was positively soaked. I had thought women who had gone through menopause didn't get wet. But she was indeed wet and I quickly found her clit and it was as hard as any I'd ever felt. At that moment I wondered how tight she was and so almost instinctively I pushed one of my fingers into her cunt. She responded with a sharp moan. I pushed my fingers in and out of her a couple of times before returning to her pussy and massaging her clit. She was responding very quickly to my ministrations and I could tell she was going to have an orgasm very quickly.

I must have done something to get her attention because as I looked at her Grammy suddenly opened her eyes and asked, "Is something wrong honey?"

Something was wrong and I knew what it was. This whole thing felt too weird to me and I was having difficulty with. But it was like she could read my mind because at that moment she said to me in the softest and sexiest voice, "Don't think of me as your grandmother. Think of me as Rita."

"But you are Rita," I replied a bit confused.

"Yes I am. And you're with Rita right now, you know what I mean?"

She smiled at me and then I realized what she was saying and as I saw her as Rita I began massaging her pussy again. She gently lifted her pussy to my touch and moaned, "Oh yes darling, you know exactly what I like." I looked into her face as she spoke and thought, "Rita." In that moment it was like she morphed into an entirely different person. Now she was this older very sexy woman named Rita and I was her young lover. As I thought these things my passions grew and I'm sure my actions changed too because Grammy was suddenly saying, "I'm going to come, I'm going to come" and then "oh oh oh" until she cried out in her orgasm "oh yes! Oh yes!" and "don't stop! Don't stop!" She was writhing animatedly beneath my touch and her orgasms seemed very intense.

I wanted to fuck her at that moment and I moved to get on top of her. But Grammy stopped me and said, "Let me suck you."

I couldn't find anything wrong with that idea and even if I had I know it wouldn't have stopped me. I moved so my cock was right in front of her mouth but instead of taking me in her she put her tongue on the tip of my cock and licked some of the pre-cum from it. At the same time she cupped my balls with one of her hands and gently squeezed them. I had never felt anyone touch my balls quite like she was and it was as if she were gently urging the cum from them.

She did that for about a minute before she surrounded my cock with her mouth and gently sucked on it. She did a little something with her tongue at the same time where the tip of her tongue ran around the tip of my cock while she was still sucking it too. The feelings were just too intense to resist and I felt a sudden and very large surge from my balls which made me yell out "Oh yeah!" I immediately exploded into her mouth and as I came grammy seemed to change the way she was sucking me just slightly so that it seemed she was urging my cock to give a little more than I thought it had. I felt the cum shoot into her mouth once, twice, three times and finally a fourth time with about as much f***e as I'd ever felt. As my orgasm subsided and I was drained I literally fell to her side and cuddled up next to her. We wrapped ourselves around each other and just lay they in each other's arms enjoying the moment which last for several minutes actually.

"Honey, would you do one more thing for me?" She asked.

"Sure Grammy, I mean Rita."

She smiled and asked, "Would you suck my breasts for me? I haven't had them sucked in at least 10 years."

How could I deny her so of course I didn't. I put my hand on the breast closest to me and started sucking on its nipple. I sucked it very lightly and very gently which made her moan immediately. I enjoyed doing this for her as much as I just plain enjoyed doing it. Her full breasts excited me. After sucking on the one for a while she indicated that she wanted me to suck on the other. I had to move a little to get to it and then I found that if I got up on my hands and knees I could suck it even better. As I sucked on this breast she moaned even more. I repositioned myself between her legs so I could get at both of her breasts with my hands while I sucked on the one. Her nipples were both hard and erect. But my cock had also grown hard and erect and I could feel it hitting against her pussy. I could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy on the tip of my cock and it was then that I wanted to push it into her but I remember our promise.

I probably would have stopped sucking her breasts except that I was enjoying the sensation I was feeling from her pussy too much and I was also tempting fate by seeing if I could get the tip of my cock to slide down the folds of her pussy without ever entering her as agreed. I could and it felt marvelous, of course. A few times of this and I decided, of course, to test the limits and allowed the tip of my cock to press into her pussy just a little.

Grammy replied quickly and sharply, "No, we can't remember." But I had stopped doing everything so she said, "But please continue doing what you were doing."

Even though I knew what she meant I allowed myself to believe there was a mixed message in what she had said so along with sucking her tits I also continued to tempt her pussy lips with the tip of my cock. Grammy moaned with delight as I continued to suck on her nipples and she didn't seem to mind the tip of my cock caressing her pussy lips. But I knew I wanted my cock in her and I had to try and push the limits once again. She seemed to quickly settle into the pleasure of my lips on her tits and it was then I again tempted fate by pressing my cock ever so slightly into her pussy. This time she said nothing. I pulled it back out and stroked her pussy lips some more with it before very very slowly pushing it back in again this time just a little deeper before stopping. Again she said nothing so I decided to push even deeper until she made me stop. I felt an uncontrollable urge to be in her. So I pushed a little deeper and a little deeper more each time expecting her to stop me but she didn't. Finally when I was all the way in her I slowly pulled out of her pussy and then slowly pushed back into her this time without stopping. For a woman of her age I was surprised by the tightness of her pussy but then she'd been a woman who'd always taken care of herself and she only been with two men as far as I knew.

It quickly came over me that I was fucking my grandmother and with that a surge of desire and lust. Then she opened her eyes and looked directly into mine as I continued to stroke my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. I expected her to say something but she said nothing. I saw her bite her lips and then she suddenly wrapped her arms about me and thrust her hips up at my descending cock. We slammed together. I started fucking her faster and faster. I could hear her breathing growing deeper and her moans steadily louder. I thought I heard her say she was going to come and with that thought couple with the thought that I was fucking my grandmother I yelped out, "Oh fuck Rita, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" It was also like saying "if you need me to stop now is the time to say something" but of course by this time neither of us had any intention of stopping. As I slammed my cock into her cunt I could feel my balls slapping against her ass and then suddenly the cum surged from my balls and filled my cock so that it felt like it was swelling inside her pussy and pushing out against her pussy walls.

She must have felt this too because she started to yell out, "oh yes, oh yes!" As a bead of sweat fell from my forehead onto her face I exploded into her pussy and I had no doubt this was as hard as I had ever come in any woman. We seemed to be both yelling that we were coming at the same time and our juices joined and mingled and filled her. I wanted to continuing fucking her long after my orgasm subsided but it figured the tip of my cock suddenly got very ticklish and I had to roll off her.

We lay there, me on my back, she with her arm d****d across my chest, for at least five minutes before either of us said anything and then suddenly I saw tears flowing down her face.

"Grammy, what's wrong?"

"I've made you do an act of i****t. I'm a horrible person. This is wrong and I knew it and I did it anyway. Please don't hate me. Please don't hate me."

I couldn't believe what she was saying but then I remember who was saying it so I replied, "Grammy, it's all right. I wanted to do it. I like doing it. I want to do it again!" I threw my arms around her and for the first time I gave her a kiss on the lips and not a grandson type kiss either.

"Are you sure?" She asked whimpering.

I reached down between her legs and pressed my finger into her pussy and then said, "I'm sure."

We never did get dressed that day. We fucked off and on throughout the day although Grammy did have to lube herself. But where she could not compete with younger women when it came to being wet she easily beat them into the ground with her love of sex and in every conceivable way.

Oh, so what was Grammy's surprise? Well, while we were laying there one time I mentioned how unusual it was that someone stayed faithful to one person. She told me that while it was true she had only ever had sex with two men prior to me she hadn't been entirely faithful. It turns out that my grandfather had lost interest in sex a good ten years before and Grammy had been introduced accidentally to a lesbian relationship that she maintained to that day. She promised to tell me who it was if I promised not to tell. Even though I promised she said she needed to think about it for at least a day. But then she asked me the oddest thing, at least I thought so. She asked me if I minded sharing her bed the rest of the time I was there. Like I was going to say no.

The next day she told me who the woman was and it did indeed shock me to no end.
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as surprised as my own was---great story
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Hot sensitive granny!
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who is the lover? please continue
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yes more please truly loved it.
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mmm nice story loved it, when will we find out grammy's lover?