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Wife part 1
I have always want to watch my wife Sue fuck another man. As far back, when we first married I would jerk off in front of her while she told me her sexual experiences. We are now in our early fifties and my fantasy came into reality.
While on holiday in North Devon we had been out to dinner at well-known restaurant just on the borders of Dartmoor. Sue looked gorgeous all the men could not stop secretly staring at her ample breast that heaved to the top of her thin colourful Alexander McQueen summer dress making them look like two chads peering over a wall. I knew she was only wearing a pair of hold-up stockings and a thin pair of Stella McCartney silk panties underneath the dress making me feel very horny just looking at her across the dinner table. . It was getting quite late when we left the restaurant and was on our way back to the holiday cottage we were staying at Sue said she needed to go to the loo. I just so happened to know that there were loos at the picnic area at Oakhampton so we pulled in there. Unknowing to Sue I had overheard our friends one night saying that it was also a place that people met up to meeting other like-minded people. I did not let onto Sue hoping that this was my chance for other men to grope my wife while I watched. Well my over eager thoughts were dashed, with disappointed when we pulled up to find where were no other vehicles about.
Unfortunately for Sue the loos were being modernized, she was so desperate for a wee I just suggested that she should go around the back of the loo’s as there was no one about, which she did.
After about 20 minutes I began to become anxious as another car by this time had pulled in and parked the other side of the car park. When she did finally appear she had a slight grin as if something had just happened. I was even more surprised when two black guys appeared beside he car. One them who was built like a bull held up her silk panties and said
‘You can have these back time next week lady we will finish what we started!!’
As they walked off towards the other car she told me what had happened.
She had gone behind the loo’s were there was some bushes. While standing behind the bush she raised her dress to her waist and pulled her panties down just keeping them around one ankle so she could spread her legs well apart. Then she squatted down to let the waters flow. She was in mid pee when the two black guys that walk by the car with her knickers appeared from the other side of the bushes. She was so desperate that she could not stop the flow. The bull framed guy stood in front of her so he was getting a full view in the moonlight of her urinating hard she said he said ‘that it was a lovely sight’. Then she felt the other guy behind her take a grip of her shoulders as his mate knelt down in front of her and eased her knees even further apart. “Oh wow” he said ‘the sexy bitch has stockings but no knickers on’ Even though she was still peeing he slid his large black hand up her legs and stroked around the soft flesh at the top of her stockings. She said she was going to call out for me but was a bit concerned as she was telling me the story I knew she secretly was enjoying it as well as she was well tipsy and does get very randy when she has had a bit to drink. The white guy behind her had now slid his hands down from her shoulders and was fondling her large 38dd tits. As she stopped pissing the guy in front reached his hand over to her wet and open pussy and slid his fingers along her protruding outer pussy lips. He said I had a very sweet pussy and wanted to fuck it hard and deep she told me. He eased his fingers into her open slit and up her swollen tunnel when they heard another car arrive. ”Pity” the guy behind her said “as I would have loved to give this one a good shagging as her husband watched” With that they helped her up and she pulled down her dress and she tottered back to me in her Jimmy Choo shoes. When she had finish telling me her story she said
“Quickly let’s go back to the cottage. I need to be fucked” my wife said huskily.
So we left. We were hardly in the door to the house when I pulled up her dress and took her in a knee trembler in the hallway. Then I took her upstairs I made her tell me again what had happened as I fucked her first from the front then from behind doggy style as she had multiple orgasms and I finally filled her gaping tunnel with the biggest load of spunk I think I had ever shot up her and as she screamed her head off I knew she was thinking about what might have happened to her earlier.

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7 months ago
I hope that you got to see her with another man . I also would like to see
My wife get fuck by anther man
7 months ago
was this a fashion show Stella McCartney nickers Alex Macqueen dress jimmy choo shoes and a fuck for him