I am not her type

I have just returned from an eventful holiday in Sweden. This is the second of a few reports from a fantastic week in a wonderful country, with beautiful people.

It was gone ten o’clock when I woke on my first full day in Sweden Maria and Sonja were already up and about. I put my night dress on, it had been too hot to sl**p in it, and padded into the kitchen where there was a pot of fresh coffee ready.

My hosts were sat at the kitchen table and looked up at me as I entered with knowing smiles on their faces. I tried to look cool but I could feel my cheeks flushing. They did not seem embarrassed at all so they either didn’t realise I had been watching their activities last night or they were quite happy that I had.

Sonja pulled out a chair next to her and I sat down kissing her and Maria good morning as I did so. We had a light breakfast and we planned the day. Sonja had some business to attend to but Maria was free to join me for a day relaxing on the lakeside as it was due to be another fantastic day. In the evening we were going to meet some of their friends for dinner in the local town and would probably bring a few back to the house for drinks afterwards, it is very expensive to drink out in Sweden they informed me so it was their common practice to have people over as they were so secluded they were unlikely to disturb people if things got noisy.

The day was lovely as expected, the village had a small picnic area on the lake side a jetty for boats had been built and there was a small man made beach and cove created to provide safe swimming for local c***dren. Maria and I had a lovely relaxing time watching boats come and go; the c***dren playing and laughter gave a lovely soundtrack as we soaked up the sun’s rays. I would not swim for fear of washing off my insect repellent, there are a lot of little biting insects around at I cant bear the thought of them crawling over me, I did say I am a girly girl.

The time to get ready for the evening was soon upon us. We returned to the house, I showered, straightened my hair and put on my make up, much to the chagrin of Maria and Sonja I spent an age getting ready. They showered and dressed in their usual casual style while I fussed about trying to look my best. Eventually I was ready, I wore an older style sheer almost see through bra and knickers set under aan above knee tribal print summer dress taking a pink cotton cardigan in case it got a little cold, my gladiator style sandals were flat so I didn’t tower over everyone. My dark hair was completely straightened and I felt I looked ok. Both the girls told me I looked great, then added that I was gorgeous beforehand and could have been ready half hour ago, some people!

The restaurant was busy but our table had been booked so we were on an open patio overlooking a river. Two couples had arrived before us Sonja’s b*****r Andesh and his wife I already knew the other couple were friends of his. Drinks were ordered and before they arrived we were joined by the rest of our party. Agneta and Karin were a couple I’d heard of from Maria and Sonja but had not previously met, I told them it was nice to meet them at last, they returned in kind. I was introduced to their friend Anya. Maria gave me a knowing smile when I sat down after greeting everyone and I suddenly realised that I was part of a set up. I looked at Anya again. She was extremely pretty; her hair was cut short and spiked with blonde tips on what I thought would have been naturally red hair. Her eyes were beautiful, green and sparkling; she wore no make up and had a few small ginger freckles could be seen on her cheeks. She was a little shorter than me, as you may know or have guessed I am quite tall for a girl. She was in great shape and was obviously quite sporty or worked in a physical job. Her breasts were small and pert, in short she looked great! Unfortunately her attire put me off, her style was almost stereotypical dyke, jeans roughly cut off at the knee, and Zebra patterned Dr Marten’s boots. She wore an open light denim shirt over a black vest, and it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Even worse she seemed to be sneering at me as if she obviously did not like what she saw.

The meal was lovely, the company fantastic and despite my initial fear Anya proved to be witty, intelligent and good fun too. I think I held my own in the banter, I defended myself when accused of being overdressed and over stressed, even if I was on this occasion both.

As planned we all returned to Maria and Sonja’s house for drinks and a little music. I went with the hosts to help prepare things and it was me who opened the door to let people in as they arrived. Anya was in the last group to arrive and again I felt as if she was not happy with me, once again almost sneering.

Everybody settled with drinks and the conversations were flowing again, I was having a great time chatting to all and even dancing at one point. After a little time I found myself in the kitchen replenishing my drink when Anya walked in. I looked her up and down again studying her. I still thought her very pretty and vowed to put my prejudices about her style to one side and attempt to get a little closer to her.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked, I could not believe that I felt so nervous, “can I get you a drink?

“I’m ok.” her reply was very sullen and again she seemed to be looking down on me.

“Have I upset you in any way?” I was starting to get unnerved by all this and even a little angry with her attitude.

“Look I’ll be honest with you,” she started to explain, “I was led to believe I was being set up with a lesbian friend of Sonja’s but, well to be frank you’re not a lesbian in my eyes. You’re just playing at it like its fashionable to be hanging out with a different crowd, I mean you turn up with your tits out and your legs showing up to your ass it’s the boys looking at you not the girls.”

MY temper broke and I let her have it with both barrels.

“Playing at being a lesbian!” I retorted, “What am I supposed to do shave my head and start dressing like a man? I’d like you to know that its girls I like not pretend boys like you. Yes I’ve got breasts, and I’m bl**dy proud of them but its pillocks like you who don’t see past them, there’s a brain here too you know? and you moan about me having them out for show well I was hoping someone like you might like them but then you criticise me yet its you who’s nipples are standing out like coat pegs.”

I took a breath to carry on but noticed Anya was sniggering, “what?” I asked with maybe more venom than needed.

“Coat pegs?” she asked.

I was stunned for a second; still wanting to rant and rave, but soon regained my composure.

“It’s and old saying of my granddad.” I explained, “Look.”

I grabbed an apron stood in front of Anya opened her shirt a little and pretended to hang the apron on her nipple which was showing through the thin material of her vest.

We both started to giggle. I thought maybe we had made up.

“I’m sorry if I insulted you.” Her apology seemed genuine.

“Sorry I called you a boy, and for all the other mean things I said.” I was genuine

“Still not sure you’re a genuine lesbian, I mean look at you” I couldn’t believe she was still getting at me.

“Really! Well let me show you!”

With that I grabbed a fistful of her hair on the top of her head, which was not that easy as it was cropped that short. I pulled her head back causing her to wince and grab for my hand but I grabbed her wrist turning her arm behind her and marched her out of the kitchen into the hallway towards the main door. I wrestled her through the door into the garden, letting go of her for a second as I shut the door.

“Why don’t you just piss off and leave me be?” I shouted at her.

She said something in Swedish that I guessed was swearing and having been set free from my grasp she grabbed my hair with both hands pulling me down so I was bent over. I pushed forward so that my shoulder hit her chest and I knocked her onto the grass. Her grip on my hair meant that I fell on top of her my face on her belly, which I subsequently bit.

With a shout of anguish she let go of my hair and I got to my knees just in time to get a full slap on the cheek. I jumped forward and attempted to do the same only managing to get the back of her head, so again I tried to grab her hair but it was too short.

We fought for some time, I got slapped again, I scratched her face she in turn put deep red rake marks on my neck and the top of my breast. We wrestled on the floor grappling too close to actually hit each other. After only a little while she managed to get me on my back and herself out of my grip she grabbed my dress at the shoulder she stood up pulling at it causing it to tear most of the way to my waist.

Anya seemed to be in shock as she looked down at me, the kind of bra I was wearing meant that I almost looked naked from the waist up.

I was in shock. After a few moments I sat up pulled my knees to my chest and started to sob.

“Why do you have to be so horrible to me?” I wailed, “I thought we had become friends and you just had to insult me again.”

She was quiet for a moment “I thought I was being ironic.” Anya almost whispered and seemed to be struggling with what to say “Maybe my accent or I used the wrong words.”

There was an empty silence save for my sobbing, I had still not looked up.

“I truly am sorry,” again she spoke in almost a whisper. “Are you hurt?”

“Not really,” I sniffled as I looked up “Stings in a few places, I guess the dress is ruined, but hell you didn’t like it anyway.” I tried to smile at her

“Actually I thought you looked great.” She said kneeling down next to me as I sat down hugging my knees looking at her. She cradled my head against her chest, “I am really sorry, I was not expecting someone like you and I guess I felt a bit overwhelmed and intimidated, I am really sorry for acting the way I did. I felt ugly next to you and guessed you’d never like me so I just reacted in a bad way, sorry, sorry, sorry…”
Anya rested her head on mine as she repeated her apology. I looked up and without thinking kissed her on the collar bone, she moved her head off of mine so I kissed her neck, then her chin, her soft lips then met mine in a gentle peck. We looked at each other a moment and kissed again, first gently, then with more f***e and passion her lips crushing mine when she put a hand to the back of my head and held me against her. I opened my mouth to let her tongue probe past my teeth then I wrestled it with my own.

Her hands cupped my face and I snaked a hand and arm around her waist as we continued to kiss with increasing passion. My burning adrenaline from the fight now replaced with a tingle all over my skin and the burning now in my starting to moisten crotch.

Our kissing was stopped by a shout from the house; we both looked at the door. Nobody was there and due to the laughter that followed we realised it had nothing to do with us. Anya suggested we get inside, partly to avoid being caught and partly to avoid the biting bugs. I tried to get up with as much decorum as possible and clasped my tattered dress to my chest trying to keep some form of modesty, however looking at the damage I had inflicted on Anya, I realised that we probably looked more like a pair of thugs than ladies.

We sneaked in the door and into the guest bedroom I was using; I locked the door behind me. The light was on and when I turned to look at Anya I realised just how much of a fight we must have had, she was looking at me open mouthed too. I stood in front of the full length mirror and gasped in shock. My hair was a complete mess, “look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards” as my parents used to say. Light scratches covered my legs that were probably the best part of me, a large red smack mark on the cheek gave testament to the f***e Anya had used. Red welt marks on my arms neck and along the top of my breasts, showed our wrestling had been full on, the dress was just rags and giving up on any pretence of modesty I let go of it so that it fell to the floor. My eyes glazed with tears as I bit my top lip and looked once again towards Anya, she looked in no better a state, but I think I had come second, and I told her so.

There was no reply from Anya and I noted her eyes were wide as she looked straight at me. I suddenly realised that I was now standing in only my see through underwear and sandals only, and she obviously approved. I smirked a little wriggled my hips and wobbled my boobs.

“Want to rip the rest off?” I teased

“Do you think you could stop me?” she retorted with a grin

Pausing for effect I looked her up and down, and then taking her by surprise as I had in the garden I charged her. Anya grunted as I landed on top of her flattening her onto the bed. Grabbing her hair, this time with less anger I covered her sweet lips with mine and f***ed a strong deep kiss onto her. She responded, her tongue pushing strongly against mine. Grabbing my hair with one hand wrapping her legs around mine she somehow managed to turn me onto my back. Pulling away from my face she knelt back trapping my legs I could feel her boots pinching my skin. She grabbed my bra strap and roughly pulled it down my arm exposing the soft white smooth orb and the dark pink of my nipple. With no finesse she bit my tit, it was a short sharp pain, yet this time it was pleasurable. I wriggled my arms out of my bra, exposing the other breast. I grabbed the back of Anya’s head and f***ed her mouth over my nipple. She sucked hard taking my nipple and aureole deep into her mouth, slurping and biting.

I grabbed at her shirt and managed to get it off of her but I couldn’t do anything else as she held me down firmer, her shirt removed I could see how fit she was, her muscles were not bulging like a body builder but were rippling and pronounced more like a gymnasts I was also fascinated to see wisps of auburn hair under her arm pits. She went from one breast to the other; she seemed insatiable as she ate them up. My skin was alive all over and prickled with shocks of ecstasy.

After a few moments Anya knelt back and pulled her vest over her head, revealing her own small but very pert breasts, her nipples were so lightly coloured that they were almost the same as the rest of her breast and if it wasn’t for them being so pronounced with her excitement. She lay on top of me our breasts squeezing together hers almost disappearing into my fleshy mounds. We kissed roughly again; she wriggled against me the rough denim of her shorts rubbing against my thighs.

She whispered something Swedish into my ear rolled off of me and sat up beside me. I looked at her blankly.

“I need to be naked” she explained, with a grin that lit up her stunningly pretty face.

I noticed she was shaking as she tried to untie her boots the laces difficult for her fumbling fingers. My sandals and knickers were off before she had got out of her first boot, and I started to make things even worse by sitting behind her so she was between my legs, leaning forward, pressing my breasts into her back as she struggled with the next, my nibbling of her shoulders and neck making her shiver and groan with pleasure. The boot off she wriggled out of her shorts and black panties with a little less effort. Leaning back against my chest she let me carry on nibbling her neck, I caressed and squeezed her breasts which just about filled my hand, pinching her nipples with enough f***e to cause her to gasp. I stroked her belly and found my way to the hair of her pubis. I looked down over shoulder to see a golden fire of hair around her pussy, she didn’t shave at all, not her bikini line or any shaping, for some reason I found the site of it even more exciting than usual, so natural and beautiful.

By turning her head we were able to kiss again as my caressing fingers found the wetness of her opening and when I brushed her clitoris she groaned and fell into me. I circled the area gradually applying slightly more pressure. The change in her breathing made me realise that she was going to orgasm very quickly, for a second I toyed with the idea and stopping to tease her, but I carried on rubbing harder and faster until with a shout and a lurch backwards that nearly knocked me back she orgasmed with pulsing bucking movements of her hips.

By turning her face towards me and twisting her body, Anya managed to push me back onto the bed, she kissed me gently and held me for a while until her breathing slowed and she stopped shaking. She then started to kiss my neck then again my breasts. Using her tongue and lips she travelled down my body over my belly, then my hips and the top of my thighs. I raised and parted my legs, hoping to direct her to my aching pussy; she ignored the hint and nibbled around the front and inside of my thighs teasing me. I was burning between my legs when she kissed me gently on my labia, causing me to squeal with pleasure. Her tongue then lapped at my cunny forcing my labia apart she squeezed it into my hole shaking her head as she did so and sucking my juices noisily. Her attention then moved to the bud of my clitoris, it only took a few flicks and I knew I was losing control I pushed my self into her face she licked and sucked at me with amazing ability and within seconds the fire from my clit spread through my whole body and exploded with a great gush and spasms.

Anya gently worked herself back up my body as I calmed down a little I was still very tingly. She lay on top of me and we kissed and embraced tenderly. she straddled my thigh and I could feel the wiry hair of her pussy against my leg her inside thigh rubbed against my pussy as she gyrated against my leg. I held her tight against my chest as we kissed matching her movements with mine. I could not believe that the pressure was starting to build so soon after my last orgasm but the tingles in my skin and the fire in my pussy told me I was going to come again and very soon. Our movements became faster and stronger we wriggled to get into the best position and I could feel Anya start to tense. My own pleasure soon took over though as once again I exploded to a very wet and loud climax. I felt the wetness of Anya’s pussy on my thigh as she gripped it with her legs groaning and shaking in ecstacy only seconds after me.

Our bodies collapsed into each other our breathing deep as we gasped for air. We both jumped as there was a knock on the door.

“Are you ok in there Laura?” It was Maria.

“We’re fine.” I gasped back suddenly realising I had given away any chance of pretending I was alone.

“Agneta and Karin are leaving if Anya needs a ride home.” she did not do well to hide her amusement.

Anya gave an answer in Swedish, I blushed to my feet.

“You can stay anytime Anya, anytime.” Maria replied.

I could hear her go. Anya cuddled in and I pulled the cord by the bed to turn off the light cuddling her back. I went to sl**p with the beautiful warmth of her breathing my last memory of an incredibly eventful night.
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