Holiday started with showers

I have just returned from an eventful holiday in Sweden. This is the first of a few reports from a fantastic week in a wonderful country, with beautiful people.

I stayed with old friends of mine; Maria and Sonja. Maria was a nurse colleague who looked after me when I was a student nurse particularly when I was outed, which any gay girl will tell you is a difficult time. I was lucky that Maria and Sonja (her wife) took me under their wings and helped me through it all. They moved to Sweden a couple of years ago to look after Sonja’s elderly mother and so she could take over f****y business.

The pair of them met me at Arlanda airport; they are both the same age turning 40 this year within 5 days of each other. They look almost like opposites Maria is fairly short and a little tubby, she keeps her brown hair in a neat bob, Sonja is almost stereotypical Swede tall, and slim and once completely blonde, though her hair has now prematurely gone purely white but she still wears it long and unruly, almost half way down her back. They were both dressed in vest tops and long shorts with sandals. I couldn’t help but cry when we hugged; it had been such a long time and I had missed them both so much. We walked to their car, they were hand in hand, I can’t start to explain how refreshing it is to be in a country that is liberated enough that two people in love are able to be affectionate in public no matter what their sexuality.

They live an hour north of Stockholm and we spent the whole journey catching up on news. I got nagged for still seeing Sarah and warned that she would never leave her husband to live a full lesbian life with me. I explained; as I usually do that I sort of knew that but I was ever hopeful and I didn’t at the moment have a great list of alternatives other than to be celibate or go out on the scene neither prospect particularly appeals.

“Never mind,” said Maria, “We’ll take your mind off of it this week; we might even be able to sort out your problems.”

“Oh and what exactly do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Nothing!” they both chorused, and giggled to each other. I was intrigued, I knew they were plotting but decided to leave it for now and enjoy the Swedish countryside whizzing past my window.

Sonja’s f****y home is in a small village on a large lake surrounded by woodland, it is only a ten minute drive from the nearest large town, however it feels as if it is in the middle of nowhere. It was the perfect spot for me too unwind. The weather was fantastic, close to 30 degrees and due to be in the late twenties for the next few days. I was told the mosquitoes were not too bad this year, which put me on edge for half a second but was soon forgotten. Their house is typical of Sweden, wooden constructed theirs is spread over just a ground floor, is painted yellow with white and looks as if it came from a fairy tale. I loved it here already

Maria prepared a fantastic meal as I unpacked, showered and settled into the guest room. We had a great evening catching up over too much wine and local vodka. There was lots of flirting between the two of them I was teased and included too so I didn’t feel as if I was a bystander, or in the way of their plans. The two of them had been a couple all of the time I had known them, which was nearly eight years, they had confirmed their relationship with a civil partnership as soon as it was legal in the UK, and were amongst the strongest most loving couples I had ever met whether gay or straight. It was so refreshing to be with them and to see them being close and loving to each other.

The drink and journey had got to me and kissing them both I made my excuses to retire to bed. I looked back at them as I left the room and they were already locked in a loving embrace kissing each other, hands disappearing into each others clothing.

I got ready for bed it was too hot for night clothes so I lay under the sheet in just my bra (those who have seen my pictures will know I am a little heavy in the chest so even at night I need support). I do not know for how long I had drifted off to sl**p but I woke with a start. I could hear laughing and squealing and realised that the girls were still up. Wrapping my sheet around me I shuffled down the hall way to the living room, I poked my head round the door to give them a fun telling off for waking me, but I stopped with my mouth wide open.

Neither of them noticed me watching, they were both completely naked. Sonja was sat on the wooden floor; her shoulders against the brown leather couch her head on the seat cushion. I couldn’t see her face Maria was kneeling over her, her back to me the round peach of her bum gyrating as she was obviously rubbing her pussy into Sonja’s face. Sonja’s long legs were wide open her hand on her white hairy crotch circling around her clitoris.

I watched as Maria said something in Swedish and stood above Sonja, she was obviously rubbing her own clit bud. Sonja’s eyes were bright as she watched her lover. I was taken by surprise as suddenly a spray of liquid hit Sonja in the face, she opened her mouth trying to catch it, but it spilled all over her chin down her neck, little rivulets ran over her small but beautiful breasts and down her perfectly flat tummy some rolling into the hair of her crotch some dripping onto the floorboards. The spray stopped and Sonja grabbed Maria’s buttocks and buried her face into the dark wet hair of Maria’s pussy. Maria’s head tilted back and her eyes were glazed as Sonja noisily lapped and sucked at her cunny. It wasn’t long before I could see that Maria was getting close to coming, she grabbed Sonja’s head with both hands squatted a little and with a long groan of pleasure and relief I watched her body shake as she reached orgasm.

Maria knelt on the floor next to Sonja they kissed and held each other tenderly as Maria calmed a little. Again they whispered to each other in Swedish, I had no idea what was said but Maria lay on her back on the floor alongside the sofa as Sonja stood above her a foot placed either side of Maria’s podgy belly. Sonja leaned back and held her pussy wide, once again I was surprised as a jet of piss came flying at Maria from Sonja’s crotch. The golden stream hit her in the chest splashing all over her breasts and belly. Maria rubbed the liquid over her breasts with one hand splashing the little pool of water that formed in her deep navel with the fingers of her other hand. When finished Sonja lay on top of Maria there breasts squashing as they kissed each other deeply their legs entwined, they started to rub their groins together. Sonja moved so she was lying with her head at the other end of the sofa to Maria’s their pussies were still rubbing against each other. Their movements picked up speed Maria sucked on Sonja’s toe, Sonja’s eyes were rolling as she hit her orgasm in moments. They kept moving for a few more moments as once again Maria came, groaning and swearing, this time in English.

They lay back away from each other, still for a moment, and then Maria shuffled up to Sonja so they could hold each other close. Sonja looked up and I though for a moment that she saw me in the doorway watching, but she then went back to kissing Maria and I took the opportunity to escape back to my room.

I returned to my room and lay on the bed, I could not believe what I had just seen and I could not believe how turned on I had been watching my two best friends piss all over each other, it was certainly nothing that had been particularly high up my list of fantasies before. My hand slid down the smooth skin of my belly to the wetness of my own pussy, freshly shaved for my holiday I lay my hand over the top of my pubic mound squeezing it gently, I pulled back a little letting my middle finger find my clitoris, I rubbed it gently for a second, sending shocks through my whole body. I then parted my fingers so one was either side of my bud and gently circled. gradually increasing the tempo I used my other hand to squeeze my breast. My rubbing becoming more vigorous I raised my head and bit my lip, as the fire in my pussy exploded throughout my whole body and I went into spasm in orgasm. Just as I finished I had a fright as I thought I saw movement and looked up at the door, there was nothing or nobody there, but the door was open, I felt sure I had closed it,. I heard a giggling down the hallway and realised that maybe my hosts were not the only ones to be caught in the act.
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4 years ago
Wow,you did have some fun - what an experience!!!!
4 years ago
great story and very hot , love licking a ladys pussy and having her piss into my mouth , look forward to hearing about you peeing and being pissed on
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great start, well told, funny end!
And there's more to come ;)P