Centre of Attention

A fantasy inspired by a beautiful friend
I knew when Shirl had entered the bar; the buzz of conversation had almost disappeared to silence. I looked at the entrance as she was making her way down the half dozen stairs to the main floor.

She was dressed in a skin-tight little black dress that only somebody with a near perfect figure could get away with, Shirley had that figure. I watched her sashay over towards me. Her dress just covered her buttocks and little more, her long legs were clad in shimmering black high quality nylon tights, on her feet were 5” stiletto heeled patent black shoes which she walked in as easily as if she were barefoot. All the eyes in the place were on her, mainly lustful stares from the guys, mainly jealous contempt from the girls. Shirley new she was the centre of attention and she loved it, as did I.

She reached my table and slid onto the high stool with the same ease of movement you normally associate with a cat and some how she crossed her legs without anybody getting a glimpse of anymore of her leg than they had already seen. She was class.

There was almost a sharp intake of breathe from the whole bar when she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth I of course kissed her back in return. I could not believe that she was here. Of all the likely people she could have chosen from the internet site I was amazed and overjoyed that after a month or so of messaging each other and then a few phone calls she had agreed to meet up with me tonight. The bar population had still not got back to there own business and I was very aware of the stares and hushed conversations we, or specifically Shirley had caused yet I revelled in the attention we were getting and the reflected glory I had of being the girl with the most gorgeous creature in this bar.

“You look absolutely stunning.” I gushed at her “and that was some entrance you have just made.”

“I have said to you so many times lately my love that if you have it flaunt it.” She smiled at me then ran her finger down the exposed part of my breast, “I am so glad that as requested you are flaunting that which you have, and that which I like so much, I am sure you received a similar reaction when you entered.”

“Not quite as dramatically as you.” I countered, though in fairness there had been a reaction to my entrance. Shirley had managed to build up my confidence in the short time we had been conversing, complimenting me on my looks, my wit and all aspects of myself. So when she suggested that we should both wear the little black numbers we were currently sporting I had let her convince me.

My dress was lower cut at the chest than hers revealing my ample cleavage, (the part of me Shirley wanted me to flaunt). Though not as short in the leg as hers my dress still showed a vast amount of thigh, my heels not as high as hers (hers would have cost me a months wages) my tights opaque to her high quality denier.

I poured two glasses of wine from the iced bottle I had ordered just before she had arrived.

We chatted for an age, discussing all things, finishing the bottle of wine and ordering another. I could not keep my eyes off of her. We held hands, touched each others legs, ran our fingers along our arms, pecked each others cheeks and creating a new silence with an occasional kiss on the lips. She was gorgeous, and I told her so, she said I was stunningly beautiful, making me blush, and sending my heart a flutter.

Our conversation was halted halfway through our second bottle of wine by one of the bar security guys, apologising but the manager would like us to tone down our behaviour as it was upsetting some of the guests and if we wanted to carry on being open we should perhaps move on to a gay bar which would be accepting to our behaviour.

“But they’re full of dykes and queers.” exclaimed Shirl letting the irony sink in for a second before continuing “and I know you are one of the many in here who seem to be getting great pleasure out of us.”

The bouncer blushed and seemed a little unsure of himself in front of my shocking and gorgeous date and I couldn’t help but admire her, and be pleased I wasn’t the victim of her acid wit.

“I am sorry,” he seemed genuine, “but it’s the boss’s orders”.

“Ok!” said Shirl, then she whispered to him “but I am taking this bottle and this gorgeous curvy brunette back to my hotel room where we will finish off the wine and then I will be inserting it in her pussy to bring her to a screaming orgasm, I want you to think about that all night big fellow.”

I think I was almost as scarlet as the bouncer, but I didn’t get much time to think about it as she grabbed the bottle then my hand and yelled “come on lover girl, I want you even if this bunch of killjoys don’t” and we sashayed out hand in hand leaving a lot of open yet silent mouths behind.

We waved a taxi down almost immediately and were at her hotel within minutes. We walked through reception again causing a cessation to the conversation; I was starting to get into the swing of Shirl’s outrageous behaviour and blew a kiss at the doorman as she squeezed my buttock. We entered a lift and Shirl pushed me against the wall of the lift holding the back of my head as she kissed me deep and passionately her soft lips crushing mine and her tongue easing past my teeth I responded pulling her close as she rubbed the bottle of wine up my leg letting the neck lift my dress up giving those in reception a view of my leg all the way to my butt before she selected her floor number thus closing the doors.

We kissed and squeezed each other all the way to her floor falling out onto the hallway and half stumbled to her room. Shirl fumbled for the room key and opened the door.

“Wait here one moment,” she whispered to me kissing me on the cheek she stepped into the room for a few seconds, then the door opened, Shirl had grown taller!. I looked down and Shirl had put on different shoes, still black and patent but with what must have been 7” heels. She pecked my nose as I stood there staring at her wonderful legs.

I followed her as she walked slowly but without difficulty into her hotel room the door closing and latching behind me. The room was one of those standard business hotel rooms, double bed, desk/dressing table, wardrobe, armchairs and separate bathroom. Shirl swayed her gorgeous bum as she made her way to the bed; she slowly turned perched on the corner of the bed and crossed her legs showing miles of stunning nylon clad leg. She circled the raised foot and I was mesmerised watching the shiny black heels rotate slowly. She beckoned me over and I went to her as if in a mesmerised trance.

I bent down to kiss her noticing that she stared at the acres of breast flesh as I leaned towards her, then smiling she looked up into my face and we kissed deeply and passionately once more.

Without being asked but knowing it was the right thing I knelt down in front of her. Shirl raised her foot running the spike of her heel through my long brown hair as her toe gently rubbed up my chin and cheek. I could see right up her dress and even though I already knew she wasn’t wearing knickers seeing the fact just increased my excitement even further. I had been aroused ever since she first walked into the bar the dampness between my legs just increasing as the evening went on until right now I knew that I would have soaked my crotch and judging by the darkness in the gusset of Shirl’s tights I was having the right effect on her.

I cupped Shirl’s ankle and kissed it then worked my lips and tongue over the shiny leather of her shoe, sucking on the toe then the sharp heel working my way back to her nylon covered ankle. She pulled her foot away from my face and out of my hand the brought the heel back to rest on my shoulder for a second before tracing it down the edge of my dress cleavage, almost scratching my bosom as she went, my skin was on fire and I was already on the edge of an orgasm. I winced as she jabbed my breast with the heel, as much in pleasure as pain. She was supporting her leg with her hands as the heel continued to trace the line of my breast back up my other shoulder I could see the concentration on her face when I wasn’t looking up her legs to the wet patch from her pussy. She rubbed her heel around my breasts for some time jabbing the point into my soft flesh on occasion seeming to enjoy my exclamations each time she did so. There were red marks on my tits from the spiking my skin was pimply, my breathing deep and my pussy wet yet feeling on fire.

In what I think must have been a practiced move Shirl managed to push the heel between my bra strap and skin and pulled it and my short dress sleeve off my shoulder and down my arm a little, she then did the same on the other side, back to the first side to edge it down some more and then repeating the process until, using just the spiked heel of her shoe she had got me kneeling on the floor at the bottom of the bed, with my breasts fully exposed my arms partly trapped against my sides, looking up her dress, while she carried on caressing my large breasts with her foot. She lifted each breast with the toe and squeezed them against my rib cage with the sole. Her heel was used to caress and scratch my nipples and still on occasion she would stab the heel in to make me gasp. I could see she was enjoying all this as much as I was.

After a while she placed her foot back on the floor and stood, she looked down cupped my face in her hands, bent down and kissed me. I responded to her sweet lips and accepted her probing tongue; I was deliriously in lust with this woman. I tried to raise my arms forgetting that although short the sleeves of my dress and my bra straps had the top of my arms partly immobilised, so all I was able to do was rub the backs of her legs. I traced the outline of her calf muscles with the tips of my fingers through the smooth nylon as I kissed her.

Letting go of my face Shirl stood upright and then pulled her dress straight over her head and threw it to the ground she was not wearing a bra so it left her wearing her tights and these amazing shoes but nothing else. She then, with my help pushed my dress down to my waist and removed my bra. Then taking me a little by surprise in what seemed like one movement she stood then grabbing my hair at the back of my head she lay back on the bed pushing my face into the moistness of her crotch.

Lurching forward I used my now freed arms to prevent me falling completely flat on the bed. It didn’t stop my face being completely squashed against the wet nylon. I could smell her sweetness and opened my mouth to taste her but I was held so tight against her I could hardly move. I opened my mouth wide and then gently sucked her juices through the black mesh, I rolled my head so my top lip and teeth rubbed the top of her pussy bringing her clit out and I tried biting through the nylon. eventually I wore a small hole I could grip with my teeth and Shirl’s grasp on my hair loosened enough for me to tear through the material I then went to work on her soaking flesh with full abandon, licking her bud, sucking, biting and lapping at her. Raising her hips and grabbing my hair so hard it was almost painful Shirl pushed her pubis right into my face and came in a mixture of cries and swearing.

I kissed her pussy gently through the hole in her tights as she calmed down. Once her breathing was close to normal she sat up again and once more cupped my face and brought me up to her lips to kiss me.

We held each other in a beautiful loving embrace and moved to be lying fully on the bed. I found myself lying on my side with Shirl in front of me we were kissing and caressing her hands seemed everywhere, touching the back of my arms, rubbing the small of my back, pinching my nipples, squeezing my buttocks, running through my hair, kneading the soft flesh of my breasts, gently grazing the skin on my cheeks. Her kisses were alternatively soft then crushing sometimes she’d bite my lip. My head was spinning and my skin was alive as if it had a million pleasure needles prickling through it. Using at first her hands and then her heels my dress was completely removed leaving me dressed as she was in just my tights and shoes. Her foot went up and down the lower part of my leg her heel putting runs in my tights and then catching and tearing them.

Breaking our embrace Shirl looked down at my breasts,

“My God” she exclaimed, “What have I done to them?”

There were small bruises, scratches and welts all over the huge mounds of my tits.

She lowered down and gently kissed them all over; I rolled onto my back so that she could get at both. The intensity, which had only slightly subsided after her orgasm was building up hugely again as she kissed and licked and sucked. Shirl made her way down my tummy spending time on my navel then over the top band of my tights reaching my pubic mound where as I had to her only a short while ago, she used her mouth through my tights. She stopped for a moment to kneel up; my tights were then ripped from the hole she had created with her heel all the way to my aching dripping pussy making it look as if I was in rags. There was a pause, I looked up at her, there was a sly look on her face, and I obviously looked confused.

“I promised something to the man who threw us out of the bar.” She smirked.

My eyes widened as I remembered the wine bottle which had somehow appeared in her hands, and again I don’t know where it had come from but she seemed to be rubbing some form of oil or lube onto it, I wasn’t sure it was necessary as my pussy was dripping like a tap.

She went down and started to lick and suck at me again I felt her tug my labia first with her teeth then her fingers. She was flicking her tongue over my clit when I felt her gently insert her finger, she slipped in with little resistance circling gently I could feel the pressure against my insides as she rubbed. I bit my lips and my eyes closed as I arched my back to welcome my building climax. Suddenly she withdrew her finger and all I could feel was her breathe on my pussy. I couldn’t believe that she had stopped so close to my orgasm.

“Perleeeeease” I begged.

She repositioned herself and kissed me right on my flower, I could feel the cold tip of the bottle against me. Shirl flicked her tongue against my clit as the hardness squeezed into me a little. I groaned as it pushed my tunnel apart. She worked at my clit with her tongue its softness and wetness a complete contrast to the cold hardness pushing into me.

The whole neck was in my wetness the shoulder of the bottle against my pussy and Shirl was going at my clit, my whole body was a tingle, she wiggled the bottle around the pressure inside intense. The orgasm was nearly there, I thought I was going to pee for a moment then the orgasm just shook my very core. I gushed all over the bottle, Shirl was lapping at me like a dog does its water bowl. The intensity of it all was making me shiver and a pulse was beating through my pussy like a drum.

I gasped for breath and let go of Shirl’s hair which I didn’t realise I had grabbed hold of. Shirl withdrew the bottle slowly. I looked at her as she held it up, then placed it down gently she snaked up my body and we hugged, arms and legs entwined kissing lovingly as I gradually calmed down.

We lay together for some time breathing each other in when Shirl giggled.

“What’s funny?” I asked

“Why don’t we return the bottle to the guy at the bar?” She suggested. I laughed nervously as she may have been serious, but she just cuddled in, kissing me and we settled for a night enjoying each other.
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4 years ago
well written & good story line got me hard
4 years ago
4 years ago
Oh Laura,i have gone dizzy - this is seriously so good - oh god am so wet now!!!!!
4 years ago
i love these lesbians
4 years ago