Legal Aid

A fantasy inspired by a beautiful friend

I needed some legal advice as one does on occasion, so I made an appointment to see a lawyer recommended to me by one of my friends.

It was a late afternoon appointment on a glorious sunny day; I wore my most fashionable full length summer dress hoping it made me look smart and sensible, I didn’t want my lawyer thinking I was some sort of slut!

My lawyer introduced herself as Pam and showed me into her office. As I made myself comfortable I could hear her explain to her secretary that I was the last client of the day and if she had finished the filing she should take the post for delivery and go home for the day.

The office was fairly small there was a main desk which I was sat in front, the other side there was high backed leather chair on casters, the desk was clear except for a writing pad and what I assumed was my file. There was a computer on a smaller desk to the side of the main desk.

Pam entered the room and gave me a smile of greeting, she was wearing a very smart well cut grey skirt suit with a pale blue blouse her legs were covered in very fine denier nylon and I was surprised to see that she was wearing quite high black heels.

As she sat down she pushed her collar length honey coloured hair back from a very pretty face, I knew that she was in her late thirties from her profile on the law companies flyer, however she was in very good shape, slim and attractive, I found myself fancying her just a bit.

“Right Ms Catona lets see if I can help you.” Pam’s tone was authorative too the point and as well as bringing me back to earth made me realise she was very much in charge.

We discussed the details of my inquiries and Pam agreed that she would take the matter further. For which I was very grateful. Pam tapped at the computer keyboard for a moment or two and then explained that she was going to pick some pieces off of the printer for me to sign. She left the room; it was obvious that the secretary had gone. I heard Pam lock the main door and then she returned with half a dozen sheets of paper.

“Right for us to go further with this I need you to sign this statement that we will be acting for you and then we would need to hold £500 on account to cover upcoming expenses.”

“How much?” I stammered, “I didn’t expect that much so soon.”

“Sorry, standard practice,” she stated and nonchalantly removed her jacket hanging it over her seat, she then perched on the edge of the desk and with her tone a little friendlier asked how much I could put on the account.

I couldn’t even offer half of what she was asking.

“We’ll have to find another way of sorting this out” she said.

“Anything please” I was pleading.

“Well you are lovely.” She murmured, “Are you keen on older women?”

“Sorry!” I stammered again not sure I heard her right

“I said you are lovely Are you keen on older women?” Her tone was more f***eful

“Uh um thanks for the compliment, but,” then a penny dropped “Ah yes I am very keen.”

Pam ordered me to stand up and drop my dress, so that she could see my breasts. I did as I was told, her manner was such that I did not dare say no.
She complimented me on my silky flesh coloured bra, then demanded I take it off. I stood in front of her in my pumps and string briefs, she was still perched on the edge of the desk and seemed to like what she was seeing.

“Come closer.” She asked her manner back to gentle I did as she asked my thigh brushing her knee.

She then put her hand on my head and pulled me close to kiss me full on the mouth, I was expecting her to start on my breasts so gave a bit of a gasp of surprise but then responded to her kiss putting my own hands on her head as our lips and tongues danced against each other.

She then worked her kisses you slowly down my face, nibbling my neck as I ran my fingers through her hair. My pink nipples were up like stalks and my skin went all goose pimply as she ran her tongue and lips all over my breasts.

I could only hold her head as my breathing faltered at her marvellous touch she lifted them in turn to take each nipple into her mouth as she sucked gently at first and then harder and biting just enough to make me wince but also enough to make me groan in pleasure.

I unbuttoned her blouse with fumbling fingers, exposing a plain simple but sexy black bra holding her gorgeous breasts. I fought with the fastening and let her breasts free touching the soft skin and squeezing her nipples until they were hard while she continued to lick and suck my own boobs.

Pam stood and slipped off of the desk, gently she turned me around and pushed me onto the desk she slid my panties down my thighs and took them off as she lay me back on the desk top the file and writing pad falling off as I lay back.

I lifted my head looking over my breasts and through my raised legs as Pam slipped off her blouse and bra. She seemed to be pondering here next move as she unzipped her skirt and let that slip to the floor, revealing a black suspender set and matching panties. I bit my lip in anticipation as she wriggled out of those panties leaving her in just her stockings and suspenders.

As she climbed onto the desk she grabbed my left leg and started to kiss my feet and caress my thigh with her other hand. I dropped my head and felt electric tremors through my skin as she kissed, nibbled and licked her way along my leg.

By the time Pam reached the top of my legs I was writhing in pleasure, her nibbles were becoming quite strong bites and I arched my back and lifted my hips every time her teeth nipped my skin.

“Dear God” I shouted when Pam eventually got to my pussy and kissed it straight on., She then nibbled and sucked on my labia, before licking up and down. I was sopping wet and squirming like a tickled c***d.

My hands were on her head and I lifted my hips, her tongue felt so hot even against the heat of my pussy. I was very close to coming when she took her head away.

I groaned as I was so close.

“You are a very naughty girl.” She said and blew gently on my pussy. I just groaned a reply I could hardly bear it I was so close and she had stopped but her breathing and blowing was just enough to keep me on the edge.

“I said you are a very naughty girl” her voice was firmer this time and she was still blowing making me writhe in a pleasurable agony.

“I I I’m not miss” I stammered my reply.

“Oh yes you are” and she bit me, and then continued to tease me with her breathe

“But miss I am a good girl.” I cried a reply.

“Oh no you are not you are so naughty.”

“But miss I am only trying to please you, I only want a little loving and to give some back” I was pleading.

“Hmm lets see how good you are” she said and she and slid over me and very slowly sat on my face.

I breathed her in, and started kissing her sopping wet pussy first then I pulled at her labia with my lips. The burning in my own pussy was getting higher as she started to grind into my face. My tongue gently searched for her bud flicking at it as my hands were all over her beautiful smooth buttocks.

“Mmm you’re so sexy” she said as she pushed her arse on to my face, sitting hard on me “I love your tongue deep in me”

I fought for breathe as my tongue lapped up her flavours, licking at her clit as if it was an ice cream then pushing my tongue far into her wet pussy I gently moved my head from side to side as she ground against me. I grasped her buttocks digging my nails into the soft flesh as my excitement built still further

She leaned back to my groin making it easier for me to breathe for half a second before she started to lap at my wet aching pussy making me gasp again as she slid a finger slowly in to my hole.

I grabbed her buttocks as I thrust my pussy hard onto her face rubbing my clit bud against her chin and mouth. Coming hard I squealed as my wetness flooded onto her tongue I held her tight as the crescendo subsided and I wept a little at the beauty of our intimacy before I concentrated anew on her own wetness to try to bring her to the same heights she just took me.

Pam ground her groin hard into my face again as I lapped, sucked and bit at her. Her movements becoming faster and harder, Pam grabbed my leg in both arms squeezing it in a hug. I could feel her building with her rapid movements and with a cry she came hard biting me at the top of my leg hard enough to make me wince.

We lay still for a moment her head lay on the top of my leg, I could still feel her breathing on my pussy. Her belly and hips were squeezing my breasts as I was suddenly aware of her weight on my chest. I kissed the inside of her thigh and we both moved so we were sat on the desk looking at each other.

I noticed that I had laddered her stockings. and apologised, as I couldn’t think of anything to say right then.

“That’s Ok,” she said “I’ll add it to the bill for next time.”

“Next time?” I asked.

“Well that’s only the down payment, there will be more bills to pay, that is if you still want my services.”

Oh yes.” I replied, “very much so”

We kissed and I set about paying my next instalment.
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4 years ago
Love your story , and in my younger years knew a few ladies who became lawyers , never barttered services like that although I did when buying our house barttered for doing car repairs for her , once again enjoyed and look forward to more from you
4 years ago
brilliant , what a talented writer, so exotic
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story Laura!!

I like it a lot.... now I wonder if the hairdressers or Tescos would welcome the same arrangement!! hehe

Janey x