Shift work isn’t always bad (my 1st attempt

Sometimes shift work can be a pain you are off work when friends are at work, or working while friends have time off. Today however was one of those days when I benefitted from doing the late shift, this is when I start work at 2pm.

I woke this morning to a bright sunny dawn and in quite a horny mood. So being alone I logged onto xhamster to see who was about and to read a story or two.
I had been on line about half an hour and had started to get myself really worked up when the doorbell went. I quickly logged off; as the pc is visible from the front door.

I opened the door to find Sarah there “Hi just done the school run, thought I’d pop by.” she said in her usual bubbly carefree way.

I let her in and as soon as the door was shut we embraced and her lips locked onto mine, so soft and yet strong at this moment, I felt my knees weaken, I was already wound up and to be kissed so passionately by the woman I love was almost too much.

“Are you ok?” she asked concerned “it felt as if you were going to faint.”

“Just tired not long up” I lied and the look she gave me let me know that she knew at least part of the truth.

“Tea?” I asked brightly hoping to change the focus.

I put the kettle on and returned to the door to watch Sarah settle down on the sofa.

Sarah always does things in an elegant smooth and almost carefree manner and is always immaculately turned out. This today made me feel a little frumpy, as just out of bed I was still in the green medical scrubs I use as pyjamas, my hair all over the place and no make up.

Sarah, however, had her long dark hair straightened; only a little make up but it was perfect and she was just looking completely gorgeous. As much as I love her I am sometimes very jealous of her too. Sarah is almost ten years older than me but at times looks almost the same age. I comfort myself in knowing that she works hard at it, mind you so do I.

I studied her a moment as she made herself comfortable, following the line of her graceful neck down to her shoulders she was wearing a salmon coloured vest top straps just wide enough to hide her bra straps, I knew she would be wearing a bra, she knows I love lingerie. I followed the shape of her breasts, smaller than mine (she’s a C cup if you are interested) past her belly to her short white skirt to look at her beautifully toned legs, gained from long days walking the hospital wards, as she crossed them the skirt slipped up showing some of her thigh I could feel my breathe change and I may have sighed.

“Are you looking up my skirt you dirty mare?” I flushed at the question and idea that I’d been caught, before retorting.

“Of course I am you gorgeous bitch!”

“Then come here and get a closer look.”

I went to her and knelt on the floor beside her placing my hand on her knee and reaching for her face. She leaned down and cupped my face in hers and we kissed, gently at first and then with more passion, I grabbed her hair as her tongue touched my lips, my mouth responding to her. My other hand gently traced a line from her knee up her leg as she uncrossed them I gently caressed the inside of her thigh.

Sarah ran her fingers through my hair as she moved her kisses from my mouth to my neck nibbling behind my ears, which she knows always makes me gasp in pleasure.

“To the bedroom” she whispered, and taking my hand in hers she led me up the stairs.

I was taken to the bed and Sarah sat me on the edge of the bed pecking me on the lips she took a step away kicking of her shoes in the same motion.

“I’ve something new to show you” she said turning he back on me as she pulled her top over her head, I watched her hair fall gently around he shoulders noting the red bra straps on her back. She unzipped her skirt letting it drop down her legs revealing a red thong I couldn’t help smile at them as it meant there was a butterfly at the base of her spine.

I couldn’t help but gasp as Sarah turned; the bra cups and the front of her panties were sheer, I could see her dark nipples and the small strip of pubic hair she is allowed to keep by her husband. I was now almost shaking with desire for this beautiful woman.

She approached me at the bed we kissed stronger than we did before she pulled my top over my head and returned to my neck and shoulders kissing and nibbling raising goose bumps on my skin. She pushed me onto my back somehow unfastening my bra as I lay down (yes I wear a bra to bed, my boobs need all the support they can get).

She pressed her lips f***efully against mine and pushing her tongue into my mouth. Our passions were fully aroused now and we kissed hard, grabbed each others hair and gripping each others bodies. My legs had parted as I had fallen back and Sarah started to gyrate her hips rubbing her groin against mine the material of my bottoms dampening as she did so.

With only a little effort I rolled her over my breasts crushing hers as she settled on her back. I moved my lips from her mouth down her chin and neck towards her left breast I stopped and watched her chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing and then sucked her erect nipple through the material of her new bra. I worked both her breasts for a few moments loving the sound of her gasps when I nipped them a bit sore.

I then kissed down her belly, Sarah has had two c***dren but her skin is still very smooth with only one really notable stretch mark just above her left hip and I always trace it with my kisses on my way down.

The red material covering her sweet pussy was almost sodden with her excitement, and things only get wetter when I started to kiss, suck and nibble her through her panties savouring every part of the experience, I could feel myself getting wetter and hotter at the same rate she was.

After a while the panties were in the way and I moved the material aside so I could really work Sarah’s clit, I slid my finger in slightly curling it as my tongue worked hard at her. Her hips raised and she pushed down on the back of my head as she had a screaming orgasm.

I worked my scrubs off as well as Sarah’s panties as I gently kissed my way back up Sarah’s body letting her calm a little, but at the same time rubbing my aching pussy against her leg. By the time our lips met again I was not far away and Sarah was now rubbing herself against me. We moved around a little finding the best position for our wet parts rub against each other it was not long before we had got our rhythm and we were going harder and faster our breathe coming shorter I knew I was going to reach my climax before Sarah got there again but I couldn’t stop and I grabbed her hand squeezing so hard I could probably of broken her fingers as my orgasm swept through me.

Sarah kept going as I faltered a little but I was soon building again I knew Sarah was close and as we rubbed our pussies against each other she cried that she loved me as she came once again, triggering my second orgasm.

I almost cried as we cuddled up together on the bed our breathing calming, we gently kissed and caressed with love.

Holding each other tight we stayed in bed until it was time for me to get ready for late shift and Sarah to pick up the c***dren from school.

See shift work isn’t always bad.
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4 years ago
Fantastic story, well written, thanks
4 years ago
love. great story thanks for sharing it X
4 years ago
made me really wet xxx wish it could off been me x
4 years ago
excellent story, so erotic, well written and well done, 5 star
4 years ago
Nice,nothing better than girl-girl.
4 years ago
4 years ago
and when you will have next shift?