Lateness will be punished

It’s a busy afternoon in the city centre, and I arrive at the bus station early. I’m excited because I haven’t seen you in 2 weeks and I’ve been horny the entire time, just aching to touch you and feel myself in that tight wet pussy. Just the thought of all our previous fucking is making my cock strain against my jeans.

The bus arrives on time and I wait as streams of people disembark, my eyes hunting through the crowd for your face. But it’s soon obvious you’re not on the bus, so I try your phone, there’s no reply, so I wait, and wait. Finally you arrive, 2 hours late! I’m so fucking angry at you, but am I going to spend our first meeting in a fortnight arguing? Oh no, quick as a flash I make plans for you, plans that will teach you a lesson.

‘Hi, sorry I’m late’ you say, flustered, but I don’t reply, I calmly take your hand, and we walk towards the exit. ‘ Were you waiting all that time?’ you ask, a touch of nervousness creeping into your voice, but still I don’t answer, I don’t even look at you, I’ve decided to let you stew, and I’m beginning to get a kick out of watching you get more and more agitated. I can’t wait to inflict your real punishment on you, but for the next 20 minutes this will do nicely.

We get back to my house, and you’re clearly angry at my ignoring you. You throw down your bag and storm up the stairs to my room ‘Leave me alone you fucking prick!’ You snarl under your breath, usually I’d want to make everything ok, but seeing you this upset makes me think that what’s about to happen is going to be a challenge and a risk, and this turns me on even more.

I calmly and quietly follow you up the stairs and catch the door just as you’re about to slam it shut, I can tell you’re about to turn round and give me hell, but I’m in charge here! I move in tight behind you, firmly wrapping my arm around your waist and clamping a hand over your mouth, using all my strength to hold you in place as you struggle to break free.

‘shut your fucking mouth and hold still, there’s a good girl’ I growl quietly into your ear. ‘You’ve been a very bad girl keeping me waiting like that. I think it’s time you were punished for this, and you’re not getting out of here till I think you’ve learned your lesson, do you understand?’

You stand frozen, not saying a thing, so I jerk your body roughly into mine and say again, ‘Do you understand, you little bitch?’ ‘Mmmm mmm’ you say into my hand. ‘First I’m going to teach you not to make me repeat myself’

With that I push you forward over the metal end at the foot of my bed, I hold you in place by standing behind you and, quickly taking off my belt, I bind your wrists together through the metal, trapping you, then I take the scarf from my neck and blindfold you. I walk slowly behind you, and without saying a word I raise my hand and bring it down with a smack on your left arse cheek, the f***e of this makes you yelp with pain, but the way you move your arse back into pace shows me you want more, so I give you right arse check the same punishment, making you yelp again. I can hear you breathing faster, and I know the juices from you gorgeous pussy are already running down you leg.

I unfasten your jeans slowly and roughly yank them to the floor, I then do the same to your sopping wet panties, leaving your arse and dripping snatch exposed, totally at my mercy, and taking a ruler from the desk in my room I place it across your arse and move it around, teasing you. I raise it and bring it down with a crash across your arse, over and over again, until you beg me to stop, but I carry on, bringing it over your pussy lips. ‘Stop, stop, I’ve learned my lesson’ ‘I doubt you have, but say please, please Sir’ I say firmly, ‘Please Sir, please, I’ve had enough’ your arse is red raw, so I stop, and I drop to my knees, and treat myself to your drenched pussy, the sweet juices covering my face, as I push my tongue even further into you. I hear you moan loudly, and at this I stand up again and slide my fingers into you, rubbing your hardening clit with my other hand.

‘Are you ready to be a good girl?’ I whisper quietly as the pace of my stroking quickens and your luscious pussy lips tighten around my sticky fingers. ‘If you ARE a good girl, maybe I’ll let you cum, you want to cum don’t you?’ and as I say this I curl my fingers slightly inside you and press harder on your stiff little clit, making you cry out loud ‘oh fuck yes, I’m cumming!’ you moan, but I stop, pull out my fingers and smack your arse hard with the back of my hand. ‘NO! Bad girl. You cum when I’m ready to let you cum!’
I silently walk around you and kneel on the bed in front of you, slowly unzipping my fly, I want you to taste every inch of my cock before I let you climax. I stroke it across your blindfolded face and you obediently open your hot mouth, inviting my stiff prick inside. I slide it in gently, feeling your warm saliva wash over the head of my rock solid shaft. I suddenly grab the back of your head, gathering a clump of hair in my hand, I hear a muffled gag and then a satisfied ‘mmmm’ as we both know what’s coming next. ‘So, you think you get to give me gentle head you dirty little bitch? No, you get your mouth fucked like the bad girl you are, and there’s nothing you can do about it, so take it!’ And with that I fuck your face hard and fast, hearing your muffled moans and feeling your spit run down my cock and drench my tightening balls. I reach behind you and once again slide my fingers into your sopping wet hole, making you moan even louder and suck my throbbing prick harder than ever.

I fly of the bed, I have to fuck you, hard, now! I’m behind you again, my hands clasped on your hips and my dick ready to fuck you hard. ‘Now it’s time to finish your lesson and give you the fucking a filthy little girl like you deserves, but you don’t cum till I tell you.’

I ram your pussy hard and slow, putting every ounce of strength into each thrust and digging my nails into your hips, I reach around and rub your swollen clit, you groan louder and beg me to let you cum, ‘Say please, beg me like a good girl and I’ll let you cum.’ ‘PLEASE!!!’ You scream ‘PLEASE SIR, I NEED TO CUM, AND I NEED YOUR CUM, FILL MY PUSSY PLEASE!’ I build my pace up and fuck your dripping cunt hard and fast, smacking your arse as hard as I can and pulling your head back by the hair as you scream your shuddering orgasm to the ceiling. I never felt you cum this hard, and the lips of your snatch clamp like a vice around my aching cock milking every inch, and before long I feel my balls tighten and I know I’m ready to cum.

My hands wrap around your neck and I fuck you harder and faster than I ever have in my entire life. We’re both screaming loud as I release the contents of my balls, the hot sticky cum shooting deep inside you. There’s so much cum shooting from me that it’s spilling from your pussy and dripping down your legs. I pull out and slide my cock into your mouth again, ordering you to suck every last drop from me.

When every thing is over, I stand up, fasten my jeans and inspect my handy work. Your still bent over, tied to the bed, blindfolded and shaking, with marks on your neck and arse, and cum still pouring from you beaten pussy. ‘Have you learnt your lesson?’ I ask quietly, ‘Yes Sir, thank you for my punishment sir, I’ll be a good girl now I promise’. Before I untie you I make sure to get a good amount of pictures, to remind you in the future what happens to bad girls.

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1 year ago
very good
2 years ago
so hot
3 years ago
love it!
3 years ago
nice n kinky! i would love to hear more stories like this from you!

J xxx
3 years ago
oooooh yes please. so fucking hott!
3 years ago
very hot xx