Sunday afternoon with Lucy

It was another boring Sunday and it was once again time for my wife's f****y to descend on our home and inflict their humdrm news with us. I never could stand the officialness of it, and would find any excuse I could to slip away to a far corrner of our big house and hide out till it was over. This was now such an accepted part of the experience that it wasn't even questioned now, which suited me fine.

The day I want to share with you was the day my neices friend tagged along with the clan.

I immeadiately noticed the tight bodied 19 year old, although I tried my best to hide it. Despite the fact we were surrounded by masses of f****y, at 45 I was much too old to be oggling this beauty, well, not while everyone could see me anyway.

she had a perfect athletic frame, and I'd guess she was 5 ft 3 at the most. The sun shinning through the conservetory window seemed to set her cropped auburn hair on fire and make those powder blue eyes of hers sparkle even more.

My wife and I had been suffering a non existant sex life at the time and just the presence of this young beauty and the smell of her perfume was beginning to make me hard.

I decided to make my usual excuses and slip away unnoticed to one of my usual hiding places, a quiet study at the far end of our caverness house.

Once in my sanctuary I settled down in my leather chair and started to read a book....but my mind couldn't settle, this girl had crept into my head and wouldn't leave. My book was quickly placed on the desk, and my right hand wandered down to my zipper.

Before long I had my semi errect cock out and was slowly wanking at the thought of this captivating teen. My eyes closed and my pace got faster, and I was preparing to relieve my self, when I heard a creak from the far side of the room, quickly a swung the chair around to see the object of my fantasy standing in the doorway, a dry smile on her face.

I was frozen in fear, how do I get out of this one? She took a slow step forward 'Hi' said whispered 'I'm Lucy, I'm your nieces friend, I must admit you look even better than your picture' I was amazed. 'you've seen my picture?' I spluttered. 'Oh yes, why do you think I came here today? I was hoping for something just like this' And with that she turned, closed the door and locked it!! 'Don't worry Mr Jones, everyone is busy gossiping, we won't be disturbed in here'

I couldn't believe this was happening, I was sure I was dreaming, but on looking down I saw I was still hard a rock! She quickly crossed the room and gifted me with a hot deep kiss that made my balls tighten.

'I've heard so much about older men, but you'll be my first if you'll have me'
her hand was already gently wrapped around my shaft and the temptation was too strong to resist. My right hand slid under her tight college t shirt and I was overjoyed to discover she wasn't wearing a bra, I cupped her titty, a perfect tight handful and twisted her nipple, this made her squeek with pleasure and bite her lip.

My other hand was up her smooth leg and under her skirt quick as a flash, cupping her arse cheek firmly as we kissed deep again and she began to slowly wank my aching shaft. God I wanted to pound this little bitch till she passed out, I needed this so much, I was determinded to show her what us 'older' men could do.

Without a word she dropped to her knees and slide my cock softly into her wet open mouth, I was amazed someone of her age was so good at sucking, especially as I'm not short in that department, but she can deep throat with the best of them.

I was primed and didn't want to cum too soon, so pulling my tool out of her dirty young mouth, I lifted her up, and practically threw her at my desk, surprising her a little and leaving her pert little arse in the air for me to play with.

Lifting her skirt, I yanked down her wet white panties and lunged my tongue straight into her sopping wet cunt. I had no interest in being gentle, and I knew we couldn't both be away for too long. But as I sucked on those perfect lips and rubbed her clit fast and hard I could hear her muffled screams as Lucy came hard while covering her mouth.

I wasn't going to give her a seconds rest, and imeadiately a was stood behind her, leaning over her quivering tight body I whispered, 'Now Lucy, are you ready for my cock, are you sure you can handle it?'

'Yes' she quivvered, 'I can take it, fuck me Mr Jones, don't hold back you old bastard!'

This was all the provication I needed, and after teasing her with my tip for a second, I clamped my hand across her mouth, wrapped my free arm around her tiny little waist and slammed my pounding cock into her slippery tight pussy, this made her yelp, but I didn't care, the way she moved further into me made me know she wanted more.

her cunt was hot and rubbing her clit I could feel her wetness all over my fingers as she bit down on my palm and came again while reaching back to squeeze my tightening ballsack, I knew I was getting close.

It had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck a woman anally, but my wife had vitoed the idea decades ago, but this little slut was aching to be used, so to test the water I continued fucking her shaking body and gently wet my thumb.

I placed it at the entrance to her arse and gently pressed in, as I did this she moaned but threw my hand away, oh shit I thought, here's comes the rejection, but instead she said 'so the dirty fucker wants to fuck me the bad way eh? Well get a move on, and don't stop fucking my arse till you've shot your load in there you cunt!'

She was insane with passion and wasn't scared of playing rough, 'Right you little bitch, get ready to have the shit fucked out of you.'

With only the juices of her snatch as lube I was sure this would hurt her a little, but I was also sure she would love that, so as quick as I could I pulled from her dripping hole, and placed my stiff shaft at her back door, pushing a little at first, gently so not to hurt her. 'What are you doing, fuck my arse hard, make me scream like a bitch.' Not one to disappoint a lady, I covered her mouth, grabbed her short hair, and rammed my cock home right into her back passage.

She screamed into my hand, and nearly pulled my balls off making me cry out. I rubbed her clit faster and harder as I ploughed this little slags arse for all I was worth. 'Are you ready for my cum you little whore, ready to take evey bit?' I growled, 'mmm mmm' she agreed through my hand'

My balls tightened and my throbbing cock exploded into her tightening arsehole, as Lucy screamed into my hand and came for a third and final time, I rammed her hard as I emptied my balls. I pulled out, and took a step back to see this little tart shaking with pleasure bent over my desk, I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her to the floor, she lay there looking up satisfied and sweaty. 'Now, why don't you walk around with my cum up your arse like the slut you are, and be sure you get yourself back here next week for more of the same like a good girl.' she gave a rye smile 'yes Sir, anything you say Mr Jones, thank you Mr jones.'

And we've been having amazing sex every way possible ever since.

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3 years ago
damn that was hot!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
like this alot :)
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
nice story