One of fantasies where I break-in a virgin dude

First, I would gently push you on the bed. Next, I would
pull out my quickly hardening dick and just let it hang. I wouldn't let you
touch it. Then, I would get on top of you slowly kissing my way down
from your mouth, to your chest giving your hard nipples some attention.
then I'll continue kissing down your stomach until I get to your dick and
start sucking and licking your hard dick through your pants. (Write back
if you want me to keep going)

Now I'm getting a little aggressive with my licking. Your
pants are soaked where I'd been lapping at your hard dick and now I
can see your hard dick trying to push throght your pans. Next, I give you
mercy and start pulling down your pants, watching your hard member
break free of its confinement and slapping your stomach in the
process. I start using my big tongue to tease your head while you moan
in pleasure, making my rock hard dick twitch.

I tease your sensitive dick head for a few minutes,
getting more turned on by the moan of pleasure coming from you.
Without warning I take you in my mouth, going all the way down; you
can't help but scream from the feeling. I start to go up and down your
shaft while looking up every once in a while to see the expression of
Ecstasy on your face. I finally stop blowing you, giving you a chance to
catch your breath, and get on the bed myself. I then tell you "you can do
whatever you want"...

You begin to kiss my body up and down, hearing me
moan from every lick you give me. I can take it anymore and I shove my
8 inch dick down your throat listening to you gag oon my dick.

I let you go and you continue to bob up and down on my
throbbing member. I fanally say fuk it, and turn you around. I slap your
as$ hard before I f***e my finger in your tight hole to loosen you up.

I finger and play with your hole until I see your trobbing
dik leaking pre-cum. Thats when I know your ready to take my 8 inch
black dik. I shove my jead in you but thats all, listening to you beg me to
give it all to you.

I push a little more in you, listening to you beg for it all.
Then I pull all the way out you whie you beg for me to get ack inside you.

I start to give you what you want i begin fuking you slow
and deep purposly avoiding your g-spot. You moan from the pleasure
your getting, not realizing I stopped for a moment to grab more lube. I put
a little extra on my dick before I really give it to you.

After I make sure I'm all lubed up, I shove my dick in you
hard and fast, hitting your spot. You scream out loud from the
unexpected pleasure ass I rapidly continue to assult your g-spot. As I
hit it everytime, you leak moreand more precum.

I flip you on your back and keep fking yur spot hard and
fast. Your stroking your dik and scream as you shoot your load from the
intense fuking and blast is everywhere. You get tighter as I'm fuking you
from your own orgasm and I can't elp but get the feeling that I'm about
to cream your as$

I fuk you even harder and faster then before as I scream I
about to come inside you. I drill your spot and your still dripping cum,
having several orgasms still. I can't take it anymore and let loose inside
you, bathingyour insides with my hot seed. I fall on top of you worn out.

I lay on top of you my half hard member still inside you,
blocking any of my juices from leaking out. We both tae a few mins to
catch our breaths before give you the bbest kiss you've ever had.

I roll over on my back and tell you to lay on my chest
before we both fall asl**p well into the next day.
100% (9/0)
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12 months ago
me next please
2 years ago
One of the best stories I've ever read.
2 years ago
YES please, I would love to have you do this to me ANYTIME and ANYPLACE!
3 years ago
sounds good
3 years ago
hot! now i would love to watch that!