I finally get a dick up my ass and i loved it!!!!!

Okay, so....I'm gonna start from the very beginning. So, about a month and a half ago one of my old friends found me on facebook and started chatting with me. Eventually, we began textin eachother and during one of our conversations we talked about a third friend of ours. Anyway, he didn't know that the third friend was bisexual and he'd was flirting with him. He told me and I laughed, already knowing. Anyway I looked up the third friend on facebook and we began to have a chat every few days or so. During that time I asked the first friend what his opinion on lady gaga was and he flipped out!!!! He got so angry from me asking that and called me stupid talking about how everyoneone knows he loves lady gaga and went to her concert and what-not. Anyway, we both got mad at each other and we stopped talking all together. Now, the third friend. We chatted on facebook and eventually we began texting after he got his phone back on like another week or so later. One day we were chatting fter he got off work and he asked where I lived. Lol. Turns out we have lived in walking didtance of eachother for years and didn't know it. Anyway, he came over he one day around 7pm and we talked and talked. Lol. Later on that night around 9 I guess, we were talking again and I ended up whipping out my junk. Lol. He began to fondel me and I was getting really har, really fast. I'd never been with a guy and his hand alone made me the hornest boy in the world. He got on his knees and began to work on my dick and it felt so mazing. I wanted to scream. After a few mins of this we kept getting interuptions and so we had to stop so we didn't get caught. lol. After that we tried again like 5 mins later with me working on his dick. I loved doing it and he leaks precum which tastes awesome. Any wqay I tried to work on him and again, more inturuptions. So, we stopped doing that and we left my house and went to the store. Lol. He got gum and I got some fruit snacks. He went home on the walk back.

So, on thursday night he cam over like right after 9pm. We were in my room again and talked for a while. lol. We seem to talk alot. Anyway, we moved to the basement and got on the 3rd cpmputer. He was interested in seeing my porn collection. Lol. I showed him 3 vids from my collection and hed gotten horny. At this point I was horny, but not hard. Lol. I whipped out my cock and told him to do what he wanted while I looked through his new phone(Lol. I gave him an 8gig micro sd card I didn't want). Anyway, he leaned over and began to suck me off and after about 2mins I put down the phone and focused on him and the feeling he was giving me. I was rock hard in his mouth and I loved the feeling. I reached over to feel the bulge in his basketball shorts and rubbed him through his shorts. Haha. I moved him of my cock and pushed him in the chair so I could lean over and service his dick which was really hard and dripping pre-cum by now. I licked the pre-cum off his head and began to lick all over his shaft. Lol. I loved teasing him. He told me to stop teasing him and blow him so I did. Lol. I went down as far as I could. I liked it. He put his hands on my head andd started to pump his dick in and out of my throat. Then we both stood up and I rubbed our dicks together, pumping them at the same time. I told him to bend over and I began to rim his ass really good. Lol. He loved it so much he wanted to fuck. We didn't plan on that. Good thing we both carry condoms. Anyway, I dropped to my knees and got him rock hard again so he could put the condom on.

He bent me over and tried to fuck me like that, but couldn't. i was virgin tight and his dick bends downward. Lol. Anyway, he told me to get on my back and pulled me over to the edge. I had to hold my legs up in the air so I couldn't guide him. Lol. Anyway, it took him a few mins to get inside me because i was so tight and he went all the way inside me. Now, I was virgin tight, he didn't go slow and hes almost my dick size. It hurt like hell. But, that only lasted all of 10 secs. He I loved it. I loved it every time he pumped in my has. It felt so amazing I would have screamed if the house was empty. This lasted at least 15 mins before he really gave it to me hard a few mins before he came. I didn't cum, but he had work and I knew he had to leave soon. Lol. I even tried to blow him again, but, he wouldn't let me. I was to eager to go down on him after he just came. It would not have gone well. Lol. He'd gotten too sensitive.
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11 months ago
Pretty good story.
2 years ago
Wow! That was hot.
3 years ago
That story got my cock rock hard. love it
3 years ago
Im so jealous!
I want to fuck u big boi. Xx
3 years ago
Sexy story, one i would like to have happen to me one day