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[Story] dad i have a question

“Dad, I Have a Question.”

This is the story of a man and his curious teenage daughter, and his efforts to answer her questions about human sexual arousal and response. Although he attempts to explain things to her, she prefers a “hands-on” approach to learning.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Dad?” my daughter asked, as she handed my car keys back to me.

“What, sweetie?”

“Can I ask you a question?”


“It's kind of embarrassing,” she said.

“Jamie, you know you can ask me anything. What do you want to know?”

“I asked my friends Melody and Kiersten, and they just laughed at ... Continue»
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[Story] Little Peggy...

I always had a crush on my wife's little s****r, Peggy. I knew it was impossible and maybe that's what made her so attractive to me but it was very frustrating. I know she liked me too and we'd even shared a kiss now and then, you know, just fooling around a little. One weekend we went to visit Peggy and her husband John up in their high desert home. John and Patty, (my wife) went to the store to stock up on food and wine for the high end dinner the girls had planned and that left me alone with Peggy.

Of course she was busy cleaning up the kitchen so I just sat back... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r brook

I came home from class and heard my mother and s****r, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn't afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weekend. Our parents aren't well off, but we're comfortable. They di... Continue»
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The initial characters:
Grandpa: Dan is 68, a widower, very healthy and alone for several years.
Granddaughter: Jane, 18, a pretty, very beautiful teen, unmarried with a
new baby
Granddaughter's best friend: Misty, 16, petite but very pretty, Asian,

High school student

Misty's friend: Lisa, 18, cute, very petite and also Asian, High School


At first, when Dan found out about his Granddaughter's pregnancy, he was
shocked and a bit angry, especially when she moved out of her home to live
with her boyfriend,... Continue»
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[Story] Daddy crept into my bedroom

I can remember my reaction to seeing a woman with her legs open, it was in daddy's private collection of soft porn magazines.
I was both shocked and excited, and a tad envious, when I thought he liked women like that, but that pose has always remained in my head, the ultimate showing of our feminine genitalia, open-thighs, smooth lines flowing to and from a point object, namely our cunts, I am surprised we dont tattoo the inside of our thighs with arrows pointing to our femininity.

When I hit puberty at the tender age of twelve, that photo became a focus for me, an intensifier of what wome... Continue»
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[Story] Let me tell you a secret...

I won't hold you long, just long enough to tell my secret. As I have told you, I went to college in a small Southern town. I would travel miles on the weekend to get to the larger cities and engage in sexual promiscuity.

It was much latter that I found out most of my fellow classmates were either closet gays or bi-males. Most of the times I found out by them approaching me, it seems that word circulated quickly around that I enjoyed a good meat sausage. What was a good kept secrete was what I am about to divulge.

From high school till now, I have always had the same weakness, it matte... Continue»
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[Story] My one and only experience with a tranny/shemale

One Friday night I decided to take a ride to Hollywood to check out adult theaters as i had always gotten my cock sucked at different adult movie theaters. As I parked my car on a side street i walked to this one particular movie theater I found myself at entrance and paid the 5 bucks to enter. as you all know, when you go into any movie house, its always dark and you wait for a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the surroundings. i was standing near the entrance and looked around to find an empty seat. i always look to find one in the back near the isle, but they were taken, so i went... Continue»
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[Story] Younger s****r sits on his cock.

To set the scene: We're sitting in the lounge watching a film. The lights are off and the glow of the screen is the only way by which to see. On the two-seater couch are my parents. In the deep armchair in the corner sits my younger s****r Imogen. I myself am sitting on the floor between my parents, resting my back against the front of the couch. We don't own enough furniture for everyone to sit at once, probably due to the fact that I'm rarely ever at home. College keeps me busy for the majority of the year. The floor is laminate, not great for comfort as you can imagine. I keep sliding away ... Continue»
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[Story] lost my virginity

I'm Madiha . I want to share the experience of how I lost my virginity in one of the most unlikely circumstances. This happened around 1 year ago.We had a marriage of one of my cousins in my native village.But,since I had my practicals just the day before which I cannot skip. My father stayed with me ,while my mother and younger b*****r went to the function a week earlier.Our native village was a 10 hr journey from my place by bus,but my father decided to drive in our car as it will be faster than a bus.

I finished my practicals successfully and came home to get all the jewellery and dresse... Continue»
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When I woke up later that morning, I glanced at the clock and noticed that it
was already 10:30. I hope Mom hadn't arisen yet, that I might still cather
her and return last night's favor.

I pulled back the sheets and looked down. My cock was still red from last
night's playing, and I felt that I would be lucky to get just one-load off
this morning. But the thought of one load of my cum shooting into Mom's pussy
was sure hotter than anything Susan, or any of the other girls could arouse me
to in a month.

I rolled out of bed and slipped into a pair of sweats, no briefs, and a
t-s... Continue»
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[Story] Injury leads to intimacy between b*****r & s*s

i****t/Taboo, group

Bec stared at her b*****r, lost for words.

"You want me to do what?" she asked, stunned.

"I need you to wash me. Geez, didn't Mum talk to you about this before she left?" Matt asked, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

"No, she bl**dy didn't or I probably wouldn't have agreed to stay home and look after you!"

"Crap, I thought that she would, I mean it's the last thing I want to have to ask you to do, believe me, but I can't go for three weeks without washing myself!"

Bec eyed her b*****r. She could see that he genuinely was embarrassed.

"Fuck, I ... Continue»
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[Story] A Cure For Insomnia - Part 1

Every since I turned t..... I had an issue getting to sl**p. Dad took me to see various insomnia specialists but nothing they tried seemed to work.

The doctors and Dad felt that sl**ping pills or other d**gs would have negative long term side effects. They decided that if I was not having problems at school then hopefully I would grow out of it.

Dad and I lived alone as Mom had left us when I was three. I never found out why she left as it was the one thing that Dad would not talk about. I think she broke his heart.

Occasionally he would date but never brought the women home. I do ... Continue»
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[Story] Daddy's little girl 3

I kissed him on the lips as my orgasm subsided. “I need you daddy” we embraced in another passionate kiss. I could feel his 9 inch penis rubbing up against me. I wrapped my hand around his rock hard shaft as I stuck my tongue further into my father’s mouth. He moaned into my mouth as I moved my hand up and down, making it twitch and pulsate under my grasp. Breaking away from our kiss he looked me in the eyes and said “I have wanted this for years.” I smiled at him and rolled over to sit him down on the sofa. I kissed his lips again, then down his neck, chest and waist until I got to ... Continue»
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[Story] daddy's little girl 2

A couple of days after the event my dad asked me over breakfast what I wanted for my birthday. As my mum was still in bed I spotted a vital chance for me to wind my dad up and make him horny. Well I need some more panties, because mine seem to be going missing lately. He spluttered into his morning coffee before looking up, red with embarrassment. Only joking , I said nonchalantly yea new camera would be pretty cool.Right, I'll get on to that straight away he said leaving the table and going off upstairs. I smiled to myself, imagining him masturbating in the shower to an image of me in underwe... Continue»
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[Story] Breaking Babysitter Rules

When I was twelve my parents needed to leave town for a friend's wedding. I couldn't come since I had advance classes to take every Saturday. Not that I was a genius or anything, it was just part of our school's program back then.

None of our relatives were really free enough to stay with me and they didn't trust me enough to leave me by my self for the weekend. So they called Janice, the next door neighbor's niece who lived not too far from my neighborhood.

She was a nice girl who used to help me out with my homework 'til I was ten. She was about six years older than me and she knew how... Continue»
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[Story] A fine summer vacation: one morning

Bonnie was dressed for work and standing at the sink washing her coffee cup as Danny came padding into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes from sl**p. It did not surprise her that he was stark naked and his dick was sticking out straight and stiff as it so often did when he awoke. As she placed her cup in the drainer she felt his hands at her waist from behind as he grabbed her pants and pulled them along with her panties down to her knees and slapped her thick exposed bottom twice.

"Honey, I can't. I have to leave for work in five minutes!" she said.

"C'mon, Mom, " Danny whined, trying to spr... Continue»
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[Story] 30 reasons to masturbate

1) Because you’ve just gone to bed and it helps you fall asl**p
2) Because you’ve just woken up and it’ll help wake you up
3) Because you’ve got cramps and orgasms help them go away
4) Because it means you learn how you like to be touched
5) Because you can’t stop thinking about what happened the other night…

6) Because you’ve had a stressy day and it’ll chill you the fuck out
7) Because you just got new batteries for your vibrator
8) Because your entire f****y just left the house and n... Continue»
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[Story] PENNY

Yearly f****y reunions can be boring. Well they were until this year's get-together. My niece Penny turned 18, and the innocent girl I remembered turned into a beautiful woman. But even more, she turned into a slut.

My name is Ted. I have been divorced for years now, and I own my own accounting firm. I am doing well financially, and date occasionally. For a 42 year old guy, my life is basically boring for the most part.

So anyways, this year I attended our annual f****y gathering with trepidation. My relations can be really nosey and always give me the third degree. So I had made my usu... Continue»
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[Story] Niece visits

My 18 year old niece came to stay with me while she looked for an apartment. She was attending college in my area. She is of course a beautiful young lady. The first night she was there I saw her coming out of the bathroom after a shower. She had a towel on her head and that was it. It most be in our genes. She saw me also and didn't even react she just walked normally to her room. All I could do was shake my head and salivate. Her body was perfect. Everything was perfect. I watched until she was in her room. That was only the beginning. Night after night she walked naked from her room to the ... Continue»
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[Story] Step Daddy Please

Step Daddy Please

The day began just as every other day had for the last several months. I would role out of bed walk to the bathroom in my birthday suit and get in the shower just to wake up. After my shower I looked into the mirror and saw a rough beard that needed to be shaved, especially since I was going to the airport to pick up my stepdaughter and her daughter. I had not seen them since they were here for my wife's funeral six months before.

My life had been one of just routine since she had been killed in an auto accident on her way home from work. When my stepdaughter ca... Continue»
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[Story] My Step-Daddy

I am 18 years old, I’d only had sex once up until the other night when something happened at home, My mother was working a late shift and wouldn't be home until the morning, I had just got out the shower, the cold air making my nipples hard as i dried myself, I caught sight of my freshly shaven pussy in the mirror as i wrapped a towel round myself before walking down the hallway back towards my room, as i walked past my mother and step-daddy's room, I heard I female voice, I stopped and listened knowing my mother was in work, "Mmmm yeah fuck me baby" she had said, "Mmmmmm yeah fuck my little... Continue»
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[Story] Hannah

Hannah is my niece, being the daughter of my wife’s b*****r’s. She just graduated from high school and she’ll be moving to my town to attend college. Before moving into residence this coming September, she decides to stay with us for a month so that she can adjust to life in town. She seems to be enjoying the experience. Hannah’s parents are quite strict so she never got to have anything resembling a party lifestyle so I’m sure it’s nice for her to finally be freed of having two crazy people over her shoulder every time. Plus, our house has a big pool that is perfect for those hot summer night... Continue»
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