My first time


We were very horny, it was our first time together. He was older than me. He was 25 and I had just turned 19. He was tall and athetic, his hard cock was sliding in and out of my wet dripping pussy. It would go in and out and I could feel every inch as it slowly penetrated me. I was laying down with my legs around his hips and his strong and rough hands on my soft breast while he was thrusting harder and deeper, reaching places no one had reached before. I was no longer a virgin, a few moments ago he had taken my virginity, the pain had already passed and now I was submerged in deep pleasure. I was happy to give myself to the love of my life. My big breast were bouncing violently at the same rhythm of his thrust. I was looking at him with deep happiness in my eyes, I was his woman. He had promised me so many things. We were to be married and have a home together. He kept thrusting with his eyes closed and his forehead bathed in sweat, just like our bodies. After a while he stopped with his cock still inside. Then I felt deep in me strong spurts pouring while he was shaking and moaning. Then he kissed me like he never had before, so deep and passionate. Slowly and gentle he pulled back, taking his now shrinking cock out of me. It wasn't like before, now it was soft and getting smaller. It no longer was the big and hard cock that had taken me and made me a woman. I was a little confused but he took me in this strong and big arms and promised me that everything was fine and we would be ok. We were tired and felt asl**p on eachothers arms. The house was empty, my parents were away for the weekend and they trusted I was old enough to stay alone. When I woke up the following morning he wasn't there no more. I got out of bed naked to look for him, my big and heavy breast were sore, my future husband had done with them as he pleased, sucking them, biting them and roughtly taking them with his strong and rough hands. They would hurt everytime they bounced as I walked looking for him. I didn't find him, so I went back to my room and called his phone. I left him a voicemail telling how happy I was to be his woman and how much I looked foward to our marriage but the happiness didn't last. He never called me back and never heard from him again. The only thing I have from him is the baby girl we made that night. After a few months I found out thru a friend that he was married and had moved with his wife to another state.
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2 years ago
It is a well-written story and it leaves me wondering if it is true.
3 years ago
Life never seems fair, if this is a true story the guy was a jerk. But you are left with a daughter that I am sure is the light in your eyes. Perhaps as a mother with this experience you can find help your daughter learn from the experience.

If this is not true then you did a great job of writing and persuading me it was true. That is a sign of a good writer, leaving the reader unsure, but wanting to say something supportive.
3 years ago
i dont think its true i think i need to teach her a lesson for lying :p
3 years ago
was this really ur first time?
3 years ago
I can fap to this
4 years ago
poor little sweetie. Never trust anyone
4 years ago
thats what you get for bein a dirty lil cock sucker.
4 years ago
Thank you for the story. Very sad.
4 years ago
well written! but it's such a sad story...
hope this did'nt happen to you... :s
4 years ago
Is this true? That's fucked up