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I want to be able to meet a sexy bbw with a nice round and plump ass. anyways i want her to be dressed in a sexy corsett garter belt high heels and all that good stuff to show off her sexy curves as she dances slow for me as she makes her way to me seductively as she starts to grind her knee on my dick just pressing agianst it making it hard and throb with anticipation as shes shaking her big ass in my face. im trying my best not to touch for she told me I couldnt touch her until she was ready. im watching her ass shake and rub against my lap as she sits on my dick smashing it in between her ass as she grinds on it slow and hard causing me to squirm in my seat as i start to feel the prenut drip out of my dick, I then start to kiss her neck as she leans her head back towards me still grinding on my dick. I kiss her neck slowly sucking on it soft and hard biting down a little and gliding my tounge agianst her soft skin. I take the advantage to take her bra off as im kissing her and I start to cup her breast squeezing them and carresing them as i also knead her nipples between my fingers. she suddenly gets up and gets on top of me but now she is facing me and has her tits in my face as i grab on to her ass as she wraps her legs around my waist. Her soft skin and plump ass is driving me insane as she keeps teasing me by grinding down hard on my dick! I just cant take it any longer as im feeling her soft body agianst mine. I suddenly push her on her feet and start to kiss her passionately as my hands are exploring every inch of her sexy body i start to lay her down on her back as i start to kiss her lick every inch of your body slowly and passionately until i make my way 2 the inside of her thighs as i slide my tounge around her pussy avoiding direct contact with her pussy id lick and suck her lips gettn them wet as i glide my tounge on her clit pushin my tounge agianst it hard as its slidn all over her clit makin her twitch and quiver as she pushes my face against her pussy making me taste her cum as it soaks my face up drippin off my chin as im pushing my tounge down hard agianst her clit as im pulling the skin back causing it to be exposed to my tounge as i start to swirl my tounge agianst it in fast tiny circles. i start sucking her clit tugging it between my lips while my tounge is flicking it making it throb! I cant help myself any longer and i get up on my feet i then tell her to go to the bed and lay down with her head hanging off the edge as i make my way on top of her face as shes looking up at my dick and balls my dick is throbbing from all the excitement as she grabs my dick and feels how my dick is pulsating from the heat of the moment she starts to lick on my head sucking on it really hard as i start to gasp as she starts to suck on my dick slowly but hard i let her have control for about a minute until i just shove my dick down her throat each thrust i go deeper and deeper making her slobber and gag on my dick as im throat fucking her causing her to choke but this only seems to turn her on even more and she grabs a hold of me by my ass pushing me down on to her as my dick is sliding in and out her warm wet throat! im grunting with pleasure as i feel her tounge swirl around my head and shaft as saliva drips down my balls! she then tells me to let her up as she bends over with her big plump ass in the air i cant help but admire this view for a second as i dive my face right between her ass and start licking her pussy while she starts to rub on her clit. I get her soaking wet and hot for my dick as i start to rub my head all around and agianst her pussy/clit/ and lips, teasing her until she begs me to fuck her! I grab on to her right ass cheek as my other hand reaches her hair and i wrap it up in my hand as i start to pull on it making her head tilt back as i feel my dick streching her pussy open slowly letting her feel every inch of my dick rubbing against her walls she can feel my veins throbbing as im pushing it in until my balls hit her pussy i pull out and can feel her pussy grabbing my dick squeezing it as i push it back open as i thrust inside, her pussy is making me melt as i can feel her walls being streched out as im shoving my dick in and out making her ass wave ass i push up on it spanking it and rubbing it. i let go of her hair and start to squeeze her tits as there hanging down. shes loving every inch of my dick and moaning as im going wild in her pussy growling in her ear as im thrusting my dick in her slow and deep. I cant help it anymore as her pussy grips on tight to my dick i feel my nut building up as she notices that my pace has slowed down. she starts pushing her ass against my dick i dig my fingers in her ass cheeks as i bust a huge nut inside her grunting and trying to catch my breath! I can go on for days lol but i think i said enough though hopefully I can meet my dream girl through here if you wana give me a shot stop by my profile and message me
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3 years ago
Great story!!!!