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one day we where watching a classic porn movie about a young girl upducted by several BlackMen.Well my wife was getting horny normally if she watches porn loves the ones with a story line> I rather have action but thats me lol.
After we watched she was horny and suggested she someday like to try a Blackmale.We have swinged before was a couple we meet through online Adult site. She enjoyed but was afraid to say that she has a hunger for dark meat. Well after that we searched the internet and found someone she felt comfortable with.After several chat sessions she asked if we could give out the number. Well after that they became very comfortable and I surprised her when on her birthday I invited Bennette who we meet online!

The evening Started out as a night of dinner when it came time to drinks we stroll along the avenue when bennette arrives smiles and pleased at what he saw. Well he gave a long kiss and immediatley held her waist as we strolled inside for a few drinks at a local pub. We talked a few minutes I excused myself to get a round of drinks,when I noticed he started to play and stroke her meaty thighs, and let his hands slide down those american thighs. She was sweaty and excited! He asked me as she left to refresh herself, do we take the plunge? I agreeded when she came back I let bennette take her by the hands and we left.In the motel room we rented she was nervous at first but once he began to caress her creamy skin and plump pussy she sighed and was undressed and being eaten inch by inch.As he worked on her body she looked at me flushed and horny. Once I gave her the nod to let go the creams of ectasy and the way her body moved up and down his hungry mouth made so excited she exploded in his mouth. Now the sounds of him drinking her and the way she moved her body made me horny. But she was too long gone and was begging to feel his cock in her wet pussy. But he had other plans first,my wife has a great mouth and once she gets hungry is cumm down the throat but get ready for her to ride a long fast ride. Bennette was almost ready to explode but he controlled his cock and flipped her over and plunged deep into her wet pussy,all you could her her moan in pleasure as she wrapped herself around his body and he milked her pussy until she creamed she is getting ready to explode.Getting late will later describe the a****l that came out. Hint any dark males holla

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