The Cuck

Pete and Rosita had been married for more than fifteen years. They were 2 lovebirds you usually saw walking to the park every afternoon for a stroll. Every moment in their life that didn't involve their quite busy jobs was spent together, even the tedious grocery shopping and laundromat trips. Saturday evenings usually involved a restaurant, a bottle of wine and a late movie. Sundays, they slept late and you could often hear them laughing and joking as they tidied up their apartment and opened the windows to get some fresh air. They had no c***dren.
Rosita was in her early thirties, medium height, curvy and exuberant jet black hair. Her black eyes mesmerized Pete to no end. He could just have stared at her eyes for hours. Pete was a tall handsome blonde guy. In his early forties, he was very athletic. He would jog to the gym every morning, couple hours before work.
Where does this story get interesting you say?
Well, let's just say not everything was as shiny on the surface as it it seemed to the several dozen people that interacted with this wholesome couple. Problems had started in the bed, where good old Pete and his Petey did not perform as they had in their youthful years. Rosita was a very hot woman that demanded "action" every night and Pete had not been up to it recently. Maybe it was the testosterone levels, so he had gone to the doctor to get tested. Still that wouldn't do for his always horny wife. Rosita fantasized constantly and her toy collection grew overnite. One of her favorite fantasies involved a double penetration. Pete had declined giving her anal when she asked for it one nite. Her favorite toy was a black butt plug that made her asshole gape like it was yawning.
Pete had his dark little secrets too. He had discovered online a whole bunch of transsexual porn sites. There was something about those girls that made him very hard. He masturbated often in the shower, after gym. No matter how hard he tried to keep transsexuals away from his mind while he was intimate with his wife, the thought of a girl stuffing his ass with cock was pervasive. He posted an ad on a shemale dating site and waited expectantly for a few days. He started to miss a couple of walks in the park, 'lots of work to catch up to' he said over the phone. He soon found a favorite girl in Ariana, a voluptuous Dominican with a 9" black cock. He liked to get down on his knees and suck on that god cock, especially after it had been pounding his ass mercilessly . He liked to cum while on his back. Ariana slapping her balls against his butt cheeks, saying obscene things in Spanish. He came long and hard, screaming all the time his favorite transsexual's name. Bed linens and tummy had been soaked in thick love cream, which made Ariana cum deep inside his pink anus.
Rosita had started to go to the park alone. The first few walks sucked by herself but then she noticed the men. There were always guys going thru the park and they always spared a hopeful glance down her way. She started to dress provocatively. The skirts got shorter and the heels got higher. Suddenly, the push up bras became her favorite. It was not long before a couple guys stopped by the bench where she sat and started casual conversation. Boy, was she flirty! She had those boys eating from her hand in no time. She enjoyed her power immensely, but she was still faithful to Pete. A very daring guy stole a kiss once. His tongue left her breathless but she walked home quickly that day and stopped going to the park for a few days. It was in those days of hiding that she came across Pete's internet porn stash.
She couldn't believe all the links to the transsexual sites. And on his email she found this girl Ariana many times, with cryptic messages. It took very few minutes to realize her Petey was seeing a girl with a cock! She checked his hamper for dirty underwear to confirm her doubts. Pete had become careless and two out of three boxers showed crusty evidence of his escapades. She had held back but now, she was going to get what she had always wanted.
It was strange that Rosita called him at work. She had a late appointment with the doctor and wouldn't be home until later. He immediately called Ariana to hook up and looked forward to frolicking in bed.
Later, and with his ass still sore he climbed upstairs to his apartment. There was laughter and a general racket that alarmed him. The door was unlocked, but there was no one in the living room or kitchen. He walked briskly towards the noisy bedroom. Rosita was in bed naked with two men! The big black guy had strapped her face and was giving her a good mouth fucking. Rosita was not even gagging as the short and stocky latino licked her sweet pussy contentedly. It smelled of sex and and sweat, like they had been there for hours. Pete fell to his knees as he watched in horror how his sweet little bride became a cum bucket for two totally unknown strangers.
They all looked up and smiled at him.
" Oh here is my husband coming home from getting his ass thrashed by Ariana," Rosita had a slight slur which showed she had been drinking, unusual for her. Pete felt unfazed at being discovered.
"So this is how you get back at me for it, huh?," he demanded angrily. Rosita smiled and shook her head. "No darling, I still love you, please take your clothes off and be a good cuck. These gentlemen are not done servicing me."
Pete could not control his erection as he undressed. Rosita smiled approvingly. She came over and stuck her finger in Pete's ass. He moaned softly.
"Like I suspected, you had a jolly good time with Ariana hahaha, come over here while you learn how my pussy needs to be fucked." Pete obliged but was surprised when the big black guy shoved his dick in his mouth. Rosita approved and said she needed her favorite cock well lubricated. The latino had also a humongous dong. He spat into Rosita's twat and inserted his tool deep. Rosita moaned and cursed, while Julio spread her legs as wide as they would go. The balls slapped loudly on her well rounded cheeks. He kept pumping for quite a while, all the time kissing Rosita's bouncing DD's.
Frank got tired of Pete's mouth and lay down next to the horny wife. She climbed on top and started to ride the black monstrosity. She motioned Julio to come closer and started to suck his schlong. Pete began to stroke it. He could not help but get excited at the site of his wife doing nasty things in front of him. The two men treated Rosita like a cheap slut. Julio had grabbed her by the hair and kept pushing her face up and down his rod. In the meantime, Frank had changed holes and was destroying Rosita's sphincter. She stopped sucking Julio to moan loudly as she came strongly. She groaned and grunted as she came once, twice and then Julio stuck his penis in her pussy and all hell broke lose. Both men pumped Rosita in rhythm, like they had practiced this. Rosita was screaming, she lost control and enormous spurts splashed both fuckers as she came for a third time. Pete couldn't contain himself and shot a humongous wad on Rosita's manhandled titties. It was Frank's turn to come. He tensed up and shot a full wad in her ass. As he pulled out, what seemed like a quart of cum jettisoned with a large fart. Her ass would never be the same as that cock had stretched her to the limit. Pete stared at the now flappy anus still dripping and got hard again. Julio had pulled out and had squirted his load in Rosita's mouth. There was so much cum it dripped down her chin and mixed with Pete's cum on her tits. She was a messy sight but she purred like a contented kitten.
Happiness had once again returned to their home. When Julio and Frank left, they cuddled together and went to sl**p, sweaty and sticky . They discussed their situation and have since become better lovers and partners. Pete even brought Ariana for a menage a trois one Friday, but that is another story :)

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11 months ago
wow. very hot
1 year ago
share the story....
1 year ago
Hi Ceci! i thank for the good read! i can hardly wait for your follow~up of the menage a trois. now that one i'm really interested in. i'm not into the cucold type stories although i've seen quite video's and have read afew of them. but then again, if it was you and i, now that could be interesting. i'll check out you new gallery, maybe tomorrow. i'm still not healed completely, but it takes time. talk to ya soon, my sweet Ceci! :)
1 year ago
Had been thinking a lot about the cuck idea. I see a lot of these cuck photos and stories, so naturally I was curious about it. I find it exciting and intriguing , and as long as it is fun sex, why not develop it in a story ? Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it :)
1 year ago
GReat! my sunday is ending well and horny now! thanks Ceci!
1 year ago
Parts sound familiar!!! Ceci, great story!!
1 year ago
beautiful story, very exciting and very intriguing ......
1 year ago
Awesome story in the end all were happy cocks for everyone.
1 year ago
I love this to be involved somehow :) A keeper!