Three's a Crowd

It was 8 pm and the guests were about to show up. My tight little bunghole was not virgin anymore and I felt like walking on clouds. I felt very feminine and quite demure. I had helped Carlos set up the table with snacks and put sodas and beers in the fridge. I looked in the hallway mirror and everything was still in place.
"You look adorable sweet cheeks", Carlos murmured in my ear and squeezed my ass. He went to answer the door as his guests arrived. A short plump blonde boy went past Carlos and to the guest bathroom to change. As he went past me, the guy winked at me. I could not imagine how he would look all dolled up. He had a 3-day beard and a crazy scar on his left cheek. Never imagined he would be the life of the party...
Cristina showed up...well, like Cristina. Her intoxicating perfume preceded her for... I would say, a block away. She wore black patent pumps, a nice (expensive looking) black silk mini dress and enough gold bracelets and chains for the entire group. She looked very tan and very smooth, her legs were long and nicely shaped. And she was not wearing breast forms! This girl had some real curves...I was so mesmerized. She later told me she was a trans sexual. Back then I did not understand the difference, but she thought I was cute and I learned a lot from her.
A big black guy showed up, his name was Manuel. Carlos told me he did not dress but was an admirer and liked to hang out with the ladies. He was followed by a very effeminate, skinny black girl who ran to Carlos and hugged him tight. She was wearing violet tights under a really short denim mini, leather jacket and some fierce tan suede boots. Carlos presented her to me.
"Sweetie, this is Gina. She is a professional manicurist and she will do your nails. I told her you would give her a good tip..." Gina took hold of my hand and we sat on the couch, where she proceeded to do my nails. Her hands were soft and they made me very excited. There was a very noticeable wet spot on my pink mini dress and my panties felt very sticky and soppy. Gina smiled and said very quietly, " I will take care of that too, once I am done with your nails honey. Looks like Gina will get a good tip." She bend over towards my crotch area and kissed it . I moaned softly. Gina finished my nails and I had never felt so pretty. She grabbed my crotch and there before everyone, pulled my panties down and started stroking my already bulging member. Big Manuel came to take a closer look, and you could see his crotch area start to heave. He licked his lips at me and said something really dirty. I was kinda scared of him, I was sure he could rip my ass apart.
Gina went down and started to suck me with gusto. My, my I had never been sucked so good, the feeling of her lips gently suctioning on my head was an indescribable pleasure. Her tongue flicked up and down, in and out with skill, whisking away any drop of cum that dribbled down my hot cock. I felt ready to explode. With a very quick movement, Gina caught every drop of jizz coming out of my pulsating rod; oh my I had never felt such an explosive orgasm. Being aware that the whole room was watching made it a lot more intense. Cristina had changed her upscale dress, she was wearing a black corset, fishnets and thigh hi patent boots. Patent gloves matched those boots. I wished I could be as hot as her one day.
Carlos came around and grabbed Gina by the hips, he pulled her tights down and started stroking her ass with his skilled hands. The chubby blonde guy came prancing out in a tutu, tights and a ballerina outfit, came straight to Gina and demanded her to give her the "baby girl butter" . Gina smiled and nodded. Chubby ballerina opened her mouth and Gina spit my love juice into her mouth. Just then Carlos had thrust his enormous, dark member into Gina and she let out a loud moan. Our ballerina quickly muffled Gina's screams by french kissing her and trying to take the last drop of my cum from her mouth. It smelled very strongly of Manuel's musk. He had his cock in his hand and was beating his meat with long, careful strokes. He looked at me and said more nasty things.Crazy ballerina was now having Gina blow him. I stood up and was confronted by a very stern corseted Cristina. Her perfume contrasted with Manuel's musk and I felt like following her around like a lost puppy.
"Perhaps the young lady would like to be my serving wench for a few hours. Would you like me to train you, and make you a good little whore?" I gazed at that beautiful face with those piercing green eyes and nodded feebly.She looked at me sternly and told me to turn around. She put my arms behind my back and fastened them together with a pair of furry handcuffs. She was very gentle, I could have let her do anything to me I was so in love with her.
"Now pretty little bitch I want you to clean that jizz, sloppy ballerina left on my boots you hear?" She spanked my ass cheeks with a short crop she was carrying. I yelped .
"Yes ma'm!!", I responded quickly. I got on my knees and licked those boots spotless. She looked quite pleased. " I am a bit tired hun, I need a place to sit down. Go lay down on that couch so you can massage my anus with your tongue." I was eager to please, her ass was soft, a little sweaty but it smelled so nice. She made me lick it for what seemed like hours, it tasted sooo sweet. She then dragged me to the center of the room and proceeded to spank me in front of everyone. I lay bent over the coffee table as I sucked Mistress Cristina's long, skinny cock. One by one, all the guests took their turn with my ass. By the time Manuel's turn came, I was a sloppy mess. His monster of a cock slid in quite easily. I stopped sucking, while I felt that monstrosity stretching me like never before. His musk was so strong, I smelled him for days after he took me. My cock was about to explode, I had never felt it so hard, it just kept dripping cum non-stop. I couldn't get to it because I was still handcuffed. Carlos gently started to stroke me while Manuel kept pounding. I couldn't keep it much longer. As I gushed out a stream of cream on to the coffee table, I squeezed Manuel's cock with my sphincter muscles. He groaned and pushed all the way in while he came. I could feel his hot lava going deep, it felt like a flood. Chubby ballerina came prancing behind Manuel. She grabbed me by my ass cheeks and put a finger in my hole. She took a picture of my puckered ass as it cream pied for the delight of all the onlookers.
"Baby's first cream pie with us", she exclaimed with extreme delight. I do not know how much Manuel came inside me but I was still dripping cum and soiling my underwear the next day. I felt so dirty, but deep inside of me I loved being the whore of the day.
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1 year ago
This makes me very horny....Love It! I am hard as a rock and dripping after reading this! ;)
1 year ago
Great story id love to be a part of one of stories
1 year ago
Sounded like you had more admirers than Manuel. :) Hot story. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Let's chat about your likes Mikeyrob, it will be fun writing a story about you :)
1 year ago
very hot
1 year ago
Wow what a little sissy slut you are. Sounds like fun.
1 year ago
Great, very hot! How I would love to feature in one of your stories!
1 year ago
so erotic excellent story made me cum all over myself twice
1 year ago
incredibly hot!