Suprise Visit

Suprise Visit
A story with two perspectives
oseame22 and lata54us

I go to your house to drop off a letter that came to my address by mistake. Obviously you are expecting someone else because when your door opened you are wearing leather boots, a leather thong, leather skirt and a thin white tee shirt.

The first thing I do is smile ear to ear. Realizing then that you weren't expexcting me, I ask if you dressed that way for me to break the tension of the suprise. Before you answer, I enter through the doorway and close and lock the door behind me.

In your hall, I slowly circle around you, carefully soaking in your presence, inspecting you up and down, front and back. I approach you from behind and strongly caress your shoulders, then lift your hair to expose the back of your neck. Gently kissing your nape, I then grab both your hands and pull your arms behind you hard. Holding your arms back forcing your breast to jut out from under the thin white tee. I pull you close and from behind I wisper in your ear to spread your legs.

Obeying, you spread them. I caress and stroke your legs just below the leather. Then raising the dress slowly, I continue up the inside and outside of your thighs. As I reach the juncture of your two legs, I quickly pull my hands out from below your skirt, bend you forward hard and focibly. This exposes your lovely thong accented ass. Holding your wrist in one hand I spank each cheek as hard as I can. You cry out in pain and pleasure!

I spy a curtain tie-back rope at the hall window and command you to bring it to me. I release my grip and watch and enjoy as you walk to the window and back to me with the rope. The sounds of your boot heels echo what is to come.


Its like you have cast a spell on me. I am helpless to follow your orders. Something about the demand when you spanked me and the way you sweetly but f***efully took charge of me. I wasn't afraid, I had an idea that there was a lot more to come. I got the tie you had requested and brought it to you.

"Take off your skirt". I didn't expect this, wrong order of events. It was with some embarrassment that I unzipped my skirt, let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. I began to pick it up when you stopped me. "Turn around, spread your legs and then pick up your skirt". My cheeks burned hot as I bent over exposing myself to you. As my hands reached the floor you told me to stop and hold that position. Once more binding my hands behind my back you say, "I think I've found a nice little slut here, but, let's see". Having noticed that the thong was only held on with 2 snaps, you come up to me pull the snaps and take my tong off. Bringing it to your nose you take a long breath of me. Sweet and clean with definate undertones of desire and wanton sex. Mmmm. You place one hand on the small of my back and with the other you gently run your other hand between my legs. After rubbing my clit for a moment and hearing my deep moan of pleasure you unceremoneously push three fingers into my dripping cunt. As you start fucking me with your fingers I moan "Oh yes, oh yes, so good". You stop as quick as you started. I cry out in disappointment. "You are the worst kind of slut, one who thinks it is her right to be given pleasure, I will mend you of that".

You have noticed a large eyebolt in the crossbeam of the double doors. It stands about 8' high (true, alas no one has ever tied me there). You go into the kitchen and when you return you stand me up and hold me with one arm accross my chest. "I see no pupose in this tee-shirt, its rather obscene as it shows everything. Its point is beyond me". With that you take a pair on scissors and cut the shirt off me. Now naked, you take my breasts, one in each hand and caress them. Hold them up and feel their weight. Then you grab both nipples and twist hard. I yelp. "Hey". "You will accept anything I do to you, but I will not harm you". Still standing behind me you reach your hands down between my legs. Spreading my labia you rub my clit with my slippery cum. I lie my head back against you giving you control of my body. You reach one hand from behind and put your fingers in my pussy at the same time.


Two, three, four, then five fingers I thrust into your pussy. You moan in pleasure as I feel your juices run down my hand. "Do you want more?" I ask. "Yes! Please!" is your response. I reply, "you have to earn it".

I command you to go back to the kitchen and bring me a chair. As you walk out, I soak in the vision of your juices running down the inside of your thighs. When you return with the chair I motion for you to put it down facing me. "Sit!" I command as I stand in front of you. "Take off my belt and give it to me"! You comply as I catch you glancing at the growing buldge in my pants. You reach to caress it, but I swiftly strike your face, chastizing you for being such a presumptuous slut.

Putting down the belt, I grab both your hands and hold them out in front of you. I grab the rope and quickly bind your wrist together. You feel its tightness sink deep into your flesh. "Get up and bend forward over the back of the chair and be still!", I command like an angry father. You obey, and I drink in the sight of your thighs and ass just begging to be abused.

I grab my belt and swing it down hard across your ass. You scream in pain. "Now count out loud after each strike, and if you do it well you will be rewarded with my cock", I say. I strike hard again -one- you wimpler. "Not loud enough, whore!" I yell as I stike your ass again with my belt. TWO! you call out. That's better, I say. At this moment I notice the fine long red welts growing across both your cheeks, and I feel my cock grow even harder. I softly stroke your reddening ass and gently slip my fingers into your pussy. Your wettness is incredible! For the third time I swing my belt down striking your ass with all the f***e I can impart. Your screams are a syhmphony to my ears. "Did I hear - three?", I sternly ask.


"Three", good little slut. You rub my ass for a moment then Thwack, you land another on my right but cheek. I jump and scream. "Your really have no control of that mouth of yours do you. I think I'll have to plug it for a moment. As your belt was off already you allowed your pants to fall to the floor and engorgement led to a raging hard-on with every whack. You walk around to my face. Would you like to suck this cock? Yes and I nod my head (I think, "who wouldn't") then little slut, beg. "Please may I suck your cock". "Lets get something straight here, you will adress me as 'Master' or 'Sir', and when I enter the room you will be expected to be in posithion 1:Legs spread wide, hands behind your head, chest out, eyes down. Do you understant"? "Yes Master" Now I will give you one more chance. "Master, Sir. Would you please afford me the opportunitity of sucking your cock.". "Much better, for that you may".

I reach my head forward and put my lips around your cock. Mmmm, I take in as much as I can and massage it with the back of my throat. You grab my hair and pull my head on and off your cock. Then you pull out and put a ball gag im my mouth and move back around. "lets see, where were we? Right, I think we were at three." You raise the belt and it lands hard, you hear me scream and say number 4 as best I can.

"5, 6, 7" by now I am beginning not to feel the pain so much which you see and so step it up a little, "8,9, are you ready slut?" U caress my ass and reach your fingers down between my leg and feel my wetness. U ready "yes, sir". U raise the belt and you can hear the air run by it as it lands on the sweet spot of my ass. I scream through the gag. You drop the belt and kneel behind me kissing my ass. "What a good girl you are". You put your fingers slowly in my pussy and then up to my clit "you may not like it but your body says otherwise." The sight of my red ass is just too much for you. Your cock is rock hard. You run it between my legs and rub my clit with it, then you push your entire length inside me. You remove my gag. "Oh Master, that feels fo good. Please, oh please fuck me. I am a bad girl and am good for nothing except fucking. Please Sir please fuck me" Since you have asked so sweetly, little slut, that here you go. You proceed to fuck the shit out of me. I'm happy. "Thank you master."


You lay there flat on the hall floor, flat on your stomache. Your legs are apart and I watch my cum drip from your pussy. I insert my fingers between your legs and then take them out. They are dripping wet and slippery. I rub them on your crimson ass and the sight of your glazed cheeks brings me to full erection again.

"Raise your ass in the air, now slut"! You obey and I shove my cock to the hilt in your asshole. You let out a loud scream in pain. I pry both cheeks apart pull my cock out slightly then shove it in again hard. This time you moan with pleasure. In and out I keep pumping. I grab a hand full of your hair and pull your head back. Reaching forward, I turn your head back to me. Your so beautiful, I kiss your mouth deeply and hard, and cum deep within you.

This time I'm spent and colapse on top of you. After a while I hear our breathing return to normal. You ask me - "By the way, why did you come to my door?" I reply, "I honestly can't remember."

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