Not So Little Things

The thing is…Louis hated Harry Styles.
He was too tall and his hair was so big.
And man, was he a slut.
He slept with all the guys and even some girls at school. He wore those stupid black skinny jeans and his shirt was always so low.
And Louis hated him. Only cause in all the three years Harry slept with everyone except him.
He even slept with Niall. And Nialls not even gay.
So when Louis was late to the first day of senior year because he was having a wet dream about Harry and slept through his alarm, he decided he hated Harry Styles just a bit more.
So then he ended up skipping the last thirty minutes left of first hour, he sat in the boys bathroom and just fixed his hair in the mirror with his IPod blasting music into his head by headphone.
He didn’t know someone walked in until he felt two strong hands grip his hips.
He yelped, surprised, and tore out his headphones, and became face to face with Harry Styles’ collarbones cause of course he was shorter and apparently the world hated him.
He looked up into those green eyes he hated and scowled at the smirk on those stupid red lips of his.
“What the fuck do you want.” Louis spat, and Harry leaned in close and bit Louis’ earlobe, who shivered without meaning to.
“Haven’t seen you all summer Lou. I kind of missed messing around.” He said, his voice deeper and even huskier than Louis remembered, and he might’ve had flashbacks of Harry slapping his ass or kissing him teasingly all through the year before and Louis gritted his teeth as Harry leaned back to stare at look all over Louis face, his hands on either side of the shorter boy, resting against the sink like a trap and Louis’ throat went dry cause he was so close and Louis hadn’t felt those lips that he most definitely hated on his in a whole three months.
“How about you kindly fuck off,” Louis said, still trying to stand his hatred ground but Harry’s smirk just grew and he leaned forward, and bit Louis’ bottom lip through his teeth and pulled back until his lip was released and Louis could feel his erection growing with thoughts of what else Harry could do with his mouth.
He silently wished Harry hadn’t noticed but then Harry’s big hands were moving slowly on his back until they rested on Louis’ bum and he gave it a firm squeeze and Louis but back a moan.
“I don’t think you really hate me Louis Tomlinson.” Harry spoke slowly and then he was leaning forward and finally kissing Louis, hard and the elder couldn’t help but tangle his fingers into the silky curls on Harry’s head.
The taller boy suddenly surged his hips forward so they hit Louis’ erection just right, and Louis moaned into Harry’s mouth.
Harry slipped his hands into Louis’ jeans and circled Louis’ rim with his finger, making Louis gasp and keen.
“Please,” Louis whispered into Harry’s mouth, who chuckled and pulled back to watch Louis’ face as he pressed his finger into him, up to the end and then started thrusting slowly.
Louis pulled on Harry’s hair and moaned, Harry had never done anything farther than half of a handjob, he always left Louis horny and bothered.
“You like that Lou? I bet you’ve dreamed about us doing things with me for so long.”
Louis just panted a “p-please” in reply as Harry pressed another finger into the boy.
“I never expected you to be the kind to beg Louis. But who knows. Your the only one I haven’t fucked in the entire school, including the girls.” Harry huskily said, and Louis bit his lip and pressed his fingers into the back of Harry’s neck.
He felt so dirty, letting Harry finger him in the boys bathroom at school, where anyone could walk in.
Harry bit a dark love bite into Louis’ neck and changed the angle of his fingers and felt them brush up against Louis’ prostate, who gasped loudly and gripped Harry’s neck harder and said a string of words along the lines of “please fuck me Harry,” and, “needed you for so long.”
Harry smirked and jabbed at Louis’ prostate, knowing Louis was about to come by the way he was breathing in jagged pants and squeezing his eyes shut.
Louis didn’t finish his sentence as Harry suddenly pulled out his fingers and put his hands back onto Louis’ hips as the older boy whined loudly.
Harry pressed his lips to Louis’ for a short few seconds before he pulled away, saying a short “see you later Lou” with a wink before walking out of the door.
Louis sat leaned against the counter for a few long seconds, gaping because of-fucking-course he wasn’t going to let Louis come and the boy decided he hating Harry Styles a lot.
But if Louis rushed into the stall and had a quick wank to relieve himself with thoughts of Harry fucking him into a mattress, nobody had to know.
“I hate him so fucking much.”
Zayn rolled his eyes and went back to talking to Niall, while Liam chuckled.
“Still pissed off that Styles won’t sl**p with you?”
Louis scrunched up his nose and secretly snuck a glance at the said boy, who was looking right back at him with dark eyes and Louis pushed his lunch tray forward, suddenly not hungry.
“C’mon mate, it’s been three years and your still pissed off about it?” Niall said, suddenly interested in the conversation and Louis huffed a large breath.
“Shut up.”
The boys chuckled and Zayn leaned forward.
“Where were you first hour? It’s not normal to miss a class on the first day.”
Louis blushed without wanting to and avoided anyone’s eyes.
“Slept through the alarm.”
When he had the courage to look up, Liam and Niall were talking quietly, but Zayn was smirking with a disbelieving look in his eyes and Louis sighed and ignored it.
And if he left lunch early to avoid the lustful stare Harry was giving him, nobody had to know.
When he got home there was a note on the counter that said
‘out with the girls, be back at ten -Mum x’
And Louis sighed and ignored any food and went up to his room.
He opened the door and his room was pitch dark thanks to his sunlight blocking curtains cause he hated to have the sun in his eyes when he woke up.
He shut his door and blindly turned on the light and blinked away the brightness before screaming and dropping his bag and his maths book in surprise because Harry fucking Styles was sitting on his bed.
Louis gaped at the curly haired boy, who stood up and walked over and placed his hands on Louis’ waist and smirking down at the gaping boy.
It took a moment for Louis to find his senses and he pushed the tall boy away.
“What the fuck are you doing in my room and how did you get in here?!” Louis exclaimed, probably sounding pissed but he couldn’t tell with his bl**d pumping in his ears.
Harry chuckled lowly and moved back to his previous position, gripping Louis a little tighter.
“Your door was unlocked.” Harry shrugged and Louis gulped the bump in his throat away as Harry pressed his body against Louis and slowly rocked his bulging erection against Louis’ now growing one just right, making Louis grip Harry’s tee shirt in his fist as Harry aroused him.
“H-how do you know where I live.” Louis said, opening his eyes to make contact with Harry’s and tried to add a cold tone to his voice like he hated him. Which he does…definitely does.
Harry nibbled at Louis’ jaw.
“Doesn’t everyone know where you live?” He said quietly and suddenly he picked Louis up by his thighs and Louis wrapped his arms around Harry’s neck, legs around his waist as he carried him to his bed.
Harry gently set him down and took off his shirt and hovered over Louis, who’s heart beat a million times in his chest. He didn’t know if it was because he was freaking out if they were finally going to go farther, or because of Harry’s tattoos littered on his broad chest, built arms, and abs.
Louis ran his hands up and down Harry’s body as the younger boy slowly took off both of their jeans.
Their lips connected, and they only pulled apart to pull Louis’ shirt over his head.
They kissed for a while, but finally Harry pulled off their boxers and was pulling the cap off a bottle of lube that seemed to come out of nowhere.
“Don’t need prep,” Louis panted and Harry gave him a strange look.
“F-fingered myself during last hour.”
He confessed, a blush forming on his cheeks and Harry licked his lips and nodded.
Louis took the lube from Harry’s hand and squeezed some onto his hand, bringing it between them and wrapping it around Harry’s thick cock, just like in his dream.
Harry moaned deep in his throat and buried his face into Louis’ neck.
“Yeah…like that..” He moaned as Louis spread the lube along Harry’s length and suddenly Harry was pulling Louis’ hands away and told him to hold his legs up.
Louis complied, his heart stuttering and then Harry was pressing the tip of his cock into Louis, who moaned loudly and squeezed his legs at the stretch.
“Jesus Lou, relax or I’ll come.” Harry breathed, squeezing Louis’ hips and he was all the way in, the heat and tightness all around his cock far too much pleasure.
Finally Louis relaxed, letting out a breath with the word “finally”.
After three years of hatred and sexual tension with Harry Styles, they were finally fucking.
Harry started thrusting slowly until Louis was moaning too loud and gripping the sheets, wrapping his legs around Harry’s torso so he would go deeper.
“Faster” Louis moaned and Harry complied, bucking his hips into Louis, the only sounds in the room being slapping skin and moans from both boys.
Harry then changed his angle so he was hitting straight into Louis’ prostate with each thrust, and Louis chanted ‘yeahyeahyeahyeah’
The bed squeezed in protest and the headboard hit the wall until Louis was screaming and came, untouched, soon followed by Harry.
Harry pulled out of the boy and they both tried to catch their breath as Harry cleaned Louis off with his tee shirt off of the floor before collapsing into the bed next to the elder.
Louis met his eyes and sighed.
“I never actually hated you. I was just pissed off that you didn’t fuck me like the rest of the school.”
Harry chuckled and pulled him close and kissed him until they needed breath.
“I didn’t want you to be a one time thing.” Harry admitted, smiling when Louis’ eyes widened.
Harry squeezed the other boys’ hips.
“Your special. I didn’t want it to be a one time thing. So I had to wait a year or two before I finally gave in.” He said, shrugging.
Louis gasped and punched Harry’s arm.
“So this whole time I was in love with you, you were waiting so I wouldn’t be a one time thing?!”
Louis only realized he admitted his love for Harry when the boy was looking at him with bright sparkling green eyes, wide as saucers and a parted mouth.
Louis blushed and looked away.
“Or..I mean-“
He was cut off by Harry pressing a kiss to his lips, only pulling away to say “I love you too.”
They both smiled and kissed for a while longer.
When the boys showed up at school the next day, holding hands, the whole school looked at them confused, other than Zayn, who was smirking knowingly at them the entire day.
And if Louis and Harry skipped classes to fuck in the janitors closet, nobody had to know.
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