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Ultimate Fantasy comes true. (grope)

True story: This is before I ever got to date her, and used to jack off to her all the time in high school, I was a senior when this happened.

Here is a description of what she looked like:

Age: 2nd year of High school
Looks: Medium length blonde hair, she weighted about 125 pounds, had a huge bubble ass, the kind of ass that makes a man stop and watch a woman walk down the street. She had 38 D's then, but when I dated her they sometimes where 38 C's (confusing). They were the best tits ever, when she used to ride me they would ever so gently smack me in the face, and when I could come I would just bury my face into them, was like heaven. She had a nice pussy, the lips were on the bigger end, not quiet roast beef, but still nice. Tasted was GREAT, when she cam from eating her out she would get so wet I could lap it up with my tongue. Her asshole was perfect looking, but she never let me do anything to it, I got to lick it once.

I was at this party in high school, we were doing the normal, getting really d***k. There was this get there, which I always wanted to fuck, and she wanted to fuck me, from what I was told. We had talked and made out, but never banged. I ended up dating her for years after this night, but here is what happened that night.

She got really wasted, almost couldn't walk, but she could talk and stumble around. Well I was the only one that was able to drink d***k, so I offered to take her home. Well, she passed out in my car and this is around a 30 minute back road drive.

I was just so fucking horny, so I pulled out my cock and started to jack off while she was passed out in my passenger seat. Next thing I know she woke up, and asked if she could put her head down because she was getting the spins. Of course I said sure, put your head in my lap. My cock was in my pants at that point.

She rested her head on my lap and passed back out. While she was passed out on my crotch I couldn't help myself. I grabbed my cock back out, now it was full of pre-cum and you could see the light of the moon off the head it was so wet. I slipped it into her mouth the best that I could and just played around a little like that.
Posted by larmus666 2 years ago
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2 years ago
good man