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The best flash I ever completed to date.

I was walking back to the UofA parking deck where I was parked. I was wearing my sweat pants and no under wear so I could just get hard and whip it out when I needed to.

I am a good student, I get good grades and work hard, but I just always find myself jacking off!

Well on my way back to the deck I saw this young 18-19 year old girl putting paper under peoples windshield wipers for some bar around Akron.

I noticed she was in my row of cars and that she would be at my car soon. So I hustled to the car, dropped my pants and I got my dick as hard as I could.

My dick is not huge but it is 7 inches long exactly and 5.5 inches around, so it is a nice dick, I would suck my own if I could, plus I cum a lot, far shots too :D

Well, she got to my car and noticed I was in it, and she knocked on the window, then she saw my rock hard cock, got really embarrassed and walked away.

I almost jizzed right there. I saw she started texting on her phone, so I drove away.

She saw it all, but will never know if she liked it.

I also love to walk around after dark on campus and just pull it out when I walk by the cute young girls, most pretend they don't notice and some seem to like it.
Posted by larmus666 2 years ago
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