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Ultimate Fantasy comes true. (grope)

True story: This is before I ever got to date her, and used to jack off to her all the time in high school, I was a senior when this happened.

Here is a description of what she looked like:

Age: 2nd year of High school
Looks: Medium length blonde hair, she weighted about 125 pounds, had a huge bubble ass, the kind of ass that makes a man stop and watch a woman walk down the street. She had 38 D's then, but when I dated her they sometimes where 38 C's (confusing). They were the best tits ever, when she used to ride me they would ever so gently smack me in the face, ... Continue»
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Secrete urge.

I want to suck a cock so bad!!!!!!!!!
Posted by larmus666 2 years ago

The best flash I ever completed to date.

I was walking back to the UofA parking deck where I was parked. I was wearing my sweat pants and no under wear so I could just get hard and whip it out when I needed to.

I am a good student, I get good grades and work hard, but I just always find myself jacking off!

Well on my way back to the deck I saw this young 18-19 year old girl putting paper under peoples windshield wipers for some bar around Akron.

I noticed she was in my row of cars and that she would be at my car soon. So I hustled to the car, dropped my pants and I got my dick as hard as I could.

My dick is not huge but i... Continue»
Posted by larmus666 2 years ago