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jogging without underwear

I recently strarted my diet about a week ago.So i started to take morning walks after my work out. Theres a walking trail not to far from my house and i decided to go there...the first time i got there to walk it was about 7:30am and very nice day as i get to walking i notice all of the beautiful women also walking omg some in yoga pants others in nice tight shirts i could not help to look at the ladies in front of me with a nice round ass and see threw yoga pants what a turn on and the ladies passing by jogging with there tits bouncing and sweating what a turn on so i walked for about an hour... Continue»
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eating pussy and fucking his cock

He came over this past Sunday and so did my married friend he got in like at 8am and by the time Angie got here with a girlfriend of hers I was already getting my pussy eaten. They walked in and Angie wasted no time undressing and got to sucking his cock as her friend looked on. She called her friend over and they were sucking his cock and big balls so I sat on his face so he could finish me off I could see all the sucking threw the mirror and I see Angie fingring her super hairy pussy next she rode his cock like crazy we all fucked and sucked him till he could not even cum anymore boy is my p... Continue»
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fucking all weekend

So let me start by saying I had the time of my life.My fatcock friend invited me and my married friend ill call Angie LOL to h town. It all started Friday he came over about noon time beer in hand and ready to go Angie pulled in bout five minutes later we where on the road by 12:30. We pulled over to buy ice and I took over the wheel and fatcock and Angie got in the back seat I already knew what they where up too in no time she had his cock in her mouth I was so turned on by this and soon after she was getting on his cock I could hear her moaning so hard and loud I could not help looking back ... Continue»
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[Story] i eat pussy and got a creampie

I have a friend who talks to me about everything and I had told her bout my experience with this Guy who my s****r met on this site and who fixed a leak I had told her we had sex a week ago. She said it made her so horny she had not had sex in over ten day because her husband is always working as we where talking he text me and I asked him to come over just to talk he agreed and came over bout an hour latter so when he was close by he texted and asked if we wanted any thing for the store and if it was OK for him to bring some he came in they met and we sat at the table and I noticed he... Continue»
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[Story] seen him before

Iam not really into guys I love sexy well kept ladies but my s****rs friend really caught my eye. I had a leak in my sink about a week back and I needed someone to fix it my s****r told me she had met this Guy on xhamster and they had been talking for bout a month and seen each other twice cause he's married .She asked him to take a look at it and he came over one day and I showed him where the sink with the leak was. I had just woken up an hour before so I was still in short and t shirt he came in and we talked and he went back out for his tools on his way back in I noticed his cock bouncing ... Continue»
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got fucked

Went out with my s****r and her friend to a club last night we got to drinking hard core went back to my s****r apartment and keep on drinking I pasted out and woke up later having to us the restroom its a one bedroom so the rest room is in her room I walked in to find her riding his cock I walked to the rest room feeling so horny I took off my cloths and walked to them and started kissing him then sat on his face he eat my cunt sooo good OMG!! I moved my s****r aside and saw his fat cock it drove me crazy I rode him like crazy till I felt him feel me with his warm cum and I forgot to take my ... Continue»
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