African Prince 4

Chapter 4

When someone finally stirred it was Mikey. "Mom?"

"Yes, honey?" She said in her sweetest voice.

"Hmm," Mikey paused. "I've got to take a leak."

With these words his Mom began to laugh and through her
laughter, "Yeah, me too."

With their laughter they regained the will to separate.
Mikey rolled off his mother and stood up. Still facing
her, with her watching him, he tried awkwardly to put
his still hard dick back into his white underpants. Her
laughter intensified and he couldn't help but join her.
As strange as it seemed, he decided to walk to the
bathroom, his mother watching, with his pants still
half pulled down.

Once they had both relieved themselves and their
laughter had died down, Mikey wasn't sure how to feel.
They met in the kitchen, Mikey with his pants back on,
and his Mom with her now cum-stained nightgown covering
her again. "Mikey dear, we're going to have to talk
about this. But let's leave that for tomorrow, why
don't you come upstairs with me. We'll both get cleaned
up and just relax tonight. This was unexpected, but
know that your my son and I love you as my son and for
now that won't change."

Mikey wasn't sure quite what she meant by this. His
confusion showed on his face. His mother saw this and
spread her arms to hug him;

He moved to her and they embraced. And it was like it
always had been.

Although her breasts pushed hard against him, he didn't
notice them; It was as it always had been, her touch
was only warm and motherly and comforting. He felt

Upstairs they each took their turn in the bathroom.
Mikey washed the smell of his Mom's pussy from his
hands. He wet a towel and washed his penis of remnants
of his own dried cum and his mother's juices. He
splashed warm water on his face.

His Mom stripped off her cum stained nightgown and
replaced it with a terry cloth robe. She washed her
hands and her face thoroughly with hot water,
extracting her son's cum. When she got out of the
bathroom she found Mikey laying on his bed wearing his
jeans but no shirt.

"Mikey, why don't you come sl**p with me in my bed
tonight. Not as we were tonight but as we've always
been, mother and son," she said, sitting on the bed
beside him, placing her palm lovingly his forehead. And
in a much quieter voice, almost whispering, "I want to
be with my baby, my first and only son. I want to be
close to you, I want you to know how much I love you. I
want to be your mother and only your mother tonight."

"Mom, I love you. That will never change. I know what
we did tonight was wrong."

"Shh h," she whispered, silencing him by putting her
finger on his lips. "We'll talk tomorrow. For now, be
at peace. Let me be your mother and let us sl**p beside
each other. I need this to remember you as my only

"But, what do..." Mikey started to object, confused.
What did his mother mean?

"Shh h." She put his hand over his mouth and kissed him
on the forehead. "Come with me." Taking his hand she
stood up and helped him to his feet. Hand in hand they
walked to the hall and toward her room.

"Mom," Mikey said, letting go of her hand. "I'm going
to go grab a glass of water. I'll be right in."

His Mom smiled in agreement and let him go.

As Mikey walked back downstairs and into the kitchen
thoughts we racing through his mind. His mother seemed
okay with everything that had happened, but he wasn't
sure he was. Right now he saw her as his mother, the
loving mother he had always known. He felt that guilt
again. He felt nothing sexual towards her now and he
was confused as to why she was doing this. He filled a
glass with water and thirstily gulped it down. He
filled it up again and reluctantly made his way back

As he turned into his mother's room, he saw she was
already in bed and under the covers. He looked at her,
and she smiled to him. And that smile was so motherly
and so comforting that once again Mikey felt alright.
He walk over to the bed and set the glass upon the
headboard. He reached down to the button of his jeans,
but hesitated.

His Mom smiled and said, "It's okay honey, I know you
usually sl**p in your underwear. There's no reason
tonight should be any different. I'm your mother and
your my son."

Her words were somehow relieving. This was his Mom, the
woman he had always felt so close to. The sexual
thoughts he had earlier seemed so perverted, so
misguided, but now everything was okay. Everything was
back to how it always had been. Mikey unbuttoned,
unzipped, and dropped his pants. His penis soft,
wearing just his underwear, he climbed into bed with
his Mom.

He shuffled over in bed until he was beside her. He
rolled over halfway so he was facing her and she him.
He looked into her eyes as she smiled and briefly
closed them. Her face was so warm, so noble. His Mom
gazed back admiring her son's innocent but strong
facial features.

In him she saw a face that made her believe a part of
her husband was still alive. The moment between them
was too strong. They needed to be closer and they both
moved towards each other, arms out stretched. They
pulled themselves together, until flesh pressed against

Mikey then realized his Mom was fully naked. Her bare
breasts pushed against him as they never had before.
But somehow it was okay, it was motherly; Even her
nakedness was motherly. The feeling was so pure, so
right, that neither he or his Mom had felt his dick get

Nevertheless, in their closeness his hardness pressed
flat against her naked slit- only the cotton of his
underpants keeping them apart - but somehow this wasn't
sexual; This was mother and son in the ultimate
embrace. They both began to weep. They were not tears
of sadness. They were tears of comfort, of love, of
closeness, of a truth between them so deep it seemed
they never could be separated.

And they slept...

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