African Prince 5

Chapter 5

Mikey woke to a beam of direct sunlight from the
skylight above the bed cast into his eye. He shifted
his head slightly to avoid it. Disoriented- he did not
have a skylight in his room- it took him a moment to
remember where he was. He turned his head to the side
and saw a truly magnificent sight. His Mom lay still
sl**ping, the sunlight had not yet reached her eyes.

She lay on her back. Blankets had been cast aside
during the night and for the first time Mikey saw her
bare tits exposed. Her nipples were amazing- a large
circle of darker nipple flesh covering the entire
rounded top sides of each her large breasts- and each
highlighted in the center a wonderfully steep and round
nipple tip.

A night of sexual dreams had his morning boner revved
up and ready to go. Even before he touched himself
Mikey felt pre-cum oozing out the tip of his dick. His
Mom had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. In
fact, it was only now that Mikey fully realized it, but
his Mom was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Her body was perfect. Her face was perfection, as if
sculpted from both wood and stone by master tribal
artist. The sight of her lips accentuating her slightly
open mouth glistening in the ambiance of the morning
light prompted him to reach into his undies and give
his dick its first few morning strokes.

At no time during the day was Mikey as horny as he was
first thing in the morning. Seeing his mother sl**ping
beside him, her beautiful brown tits fully in his view,
was more than enough to convince him that the previous
days activities couldn't be a one time thing. He rolled
up onto his side and slid over towards his mother until
he was inches from her naked flesh. There was no way he
could resist.

He wanted to deliver his first touches perfectly. From
what she had said the night before he wasn't sure what
she had in mind, but he was worried she might say no.
Judging from the pre-cum now oozing from his dick, it
didn't seem like an answer he could accept. He put one
hand on his mother's side and slowly, gently slid it
across her skin up towards her chest. He planted a
loving kiss upon her cheek as she began to stir.

Eyes still closed, she rolled over so that she was
facing him. He took this opportunity to cup and massage
her breast. With a sl**py look of pleasure, her eyes
opened and focused upon his face. With recognition of
who this was, she pulled her head back away from his.
Mikey ran his fingers gently in a swirl around her
nipple. His Mom breathed in a gasp of air. Mikey moved
his head down and his lips to her left nipple.

It reminded his Mom so clearly of the wonderful and
sensual feeling she felt when she had breast fed
Natasha and then Mikey as babies. Her objections were
forgotten. As her son swirled his tongue around the
edge of her nipple, she weaved her slender fingers into
his hair. While continuing to massage his scalp, she
lightly pulled his head even more into her breast.

Mikey brought her nipple between his teeth and ever so
gently rolled it side to side. His Mom cried out
lightly and passionately dug her nails into his scalp.
Mikey removed his mouth from her nipple and replaced it
with his hand while moving to her other breast. Her
sucked hard on her right nipple while using his thumb
to swirl around her now saliva wet left one. His Mom's
soft cries intensified. She pulled his head away from
her and f***efully brought his lips to hers.

For the first time in his life, Mikey kissed his Mom in
a sexual and passionate way; He pushed his tongue
inside her mouth. She bore her lips into his as she
rolled her body up and on top of him. Her wet and naked
cunt once again pushed against his hardness, separated
only by his cotton underwear. As she kissed him her
breasts pressed and slid across his bare chest.

Their nipples collided with a wonderful friction as she
poked back with her own tongue. He wrapped his arms
around her and as they kissed he pulled them together
tightly. Mikey's underwear was still on and he knew
they had to go. With his mother on top of him, bearing
into him, he could not reach down there to remove them.
With a burst of decision, he gained some leverage and
in one strong and determined move, boldly rolled his
Mother over so she was under him.

With her knees spread wide apart and her son in between
them, his Mom wrapped her legs around him in some kind
of scissor lock. Continuing to kiss her, he reached to
his own waistline to pull his underpants down. He
planted his feet firmly on the bed and got the leverage
to lift himself slightly off his Mom so he could pull
them down.

Awkwardly and hurriedly he managed to get them almost
to his knees. He pulled one leg up and used his toe to
grab on and push them the rest of the way down. Finally
he kicked them off. Mother and son were naked together
at last.

He reached to align his pulsating member with his Mom's
raspberry vagina. As his Mom realized fully what was
about to happen she cried out Mikey's name. In
shameless anticipation she squirmed and kicked her head
back. Mikey pulled his hips back, dick in hand and
aimed to her like some kind of loaded weapon.

His Mom's head pressed up against the headboard and
nudged the glass of water from the night before. The
glass wobbled and tipped and fell flat on its side,
delivering a puddle of cold water across her face. The
glass then rolled off the backside of the bed.

The shattering sound caused Mikey to hesitated and he
paused just outside her, trying to make sense of the
sudden noise. The cold water and the breaking glass
served as some kind of sobering wake up call for his
Mom. With her rational mind suddenly coming crashing
back to her, she planted both her hands on her son's
naked chest, and with a mighty push, showed her
strength and threw him off of her.

Mikey, feeling shocked and rejected and embarrassed and
horny as he'd ever been, tried to reach for his Mom as
she got off the bed. Escaping his reach, she walked to
the doorway and turned to him. Laying naked and hard on
his mother's bed, he felt so dirty and pathetic.

"Mikey," His Mom panted, still out of breath. "I'm
going to take a shower and then I'm going to go out...
Alone. I want you to cool off. I'm sorry if I've
confused you, but everything will be okay."

Mikey felt ashamed, embarrassed, and nude, listening to
his naked Mom lecture him. He felt so small and out of
place. He never felt further from his Mom than he did
at that moment. Tears began to well up in his eyes. She
continued, "We'll talk about this, but now we must be

With these words Mikey watched his Mom's bare ass as
she turned and walked into the bathroom. He heard the
shower go on and he began to cry. As he wept he stroked
himself. He came all over his naked body; Cum dripped
off him and onto his mother's bed. As his tears dried
he dozed off and fell asl**p.

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