If we ever went dogging would this be your story?

Its a late summers evening, the light is fading, but I can see no stars yet, I have just arrived at a local dogging spot, its a car park for a forest trail, picnic benches, tables andinformation signs, not many other cars here yet.
Oh, theres a car coming, I see it turn off the main road its headlights indicating its progress up to the car park, I step back into the trees and wait, hoping that its going to bring some action.
Oh its a big 4 by 4, its moving slowly into the car park, there is a secluded spot just infront of me, I hope it pulls in there, Oh ya, it does the headlights blind me as it turns in and stops, the lights go out and I can see its a Land Rover. The interior light goes on and I can see a man and women inside, I move out of the trees and to the passenger side, hummmm, an older women, nice blond hair and a white blouse, is all I can see so far and a guy, probably her husband, they are both looking at me as I stop by the passenger door, the guy reaches across and presses the electric window control lowering the window half way down.
"Hi, how you doing" I saw trying to sound friendly, I see you smile back at me and you say "fine thanks" I move closer to the window and look through the open part, hummmm nice, I can see your wearing a short red shirt and a white blouse, your showing a little bit of cleverage
and perhaps not wearing a bra, thats a good sign for me, my names Jim, not seen you here before, "Hi, this is our first time, we just moved here."
"Well nice to meet you" I say with a smile, "You looking for some fun then" I ask.
"Well............. yes................ thats the idea" you say.
I watch as you move your fingers to the buttons of your blouse, you flumble with the first one, perhaps a little nervous, but as you move to the next one I can feel my cock start to harden as your large breasts come into view, ohhh I was right no bra.
"Hummm nice view" I say, "Can I touch?"
You nod, with the half open window its a little difficult but I reach around and get a feel, ohhh nice and soft with a hard nipple already standing erect. You lean back in the seat as I run my palm across the other breast. I glance up at your driver, he's got a camera out and is taking pictures, I smile at him, thinking, hey mate what ever floats your boat, so long as have some fun with this little tart, he can take as many photos as he likes.
He reaches across and slips the blouse off your shoulders, then he lowers the window right down, that's better I can get both hands to your tits now, its gone quiet in the car now just your
little grasps as I tease your nipples and stroke your breasts, I wonder how far you want to go, but I am not going to ask, so far its looking good,
I risk moving my hand down onto your leg, ohhhh I can feel you squirm further down in your leather seat, that pushes your short skirt even higher, I slowly slide my fingers up your leg, feeling you part your legs a little for me, as far as I am concerned that's an invite to keep going, there a tension, and air of expectaion in the car now as I lean in through the window, your lifting your bum off the seat and you pull your skirt up, ever so slowly, I take a quick glance at your face, you stare back at me, a look of lust on your face, I look down again, your teasing me, as your skirt slowly rises, Ohhhh your shaved pussy is revealed, your opening your legs even more, showing your pussy to me, christ my cock is so hard straining against my jeans. I move my hand to cup your pussy, ohhh it feels so hot, with my middle finger I tease your clit, I can feel your wet already and the scent of your pussy fills the car. Hummm I slide a finger into you, "ohhh yessssss" you grasp. you move your foot up and
put it on the dash and turn towards me allowing me easy access to your pussy, Woooo my lucky night tonight.
I have lost myself in playing with you but I now become aware of someone standing close to me, its a younger lad, hes trying to see you, he looks through the front window, watching you react to my touch, I've got three fingers in your pussy now, hummmm your making quite a bit of noise, he walks around me and reaches one hand into your car, straight to your tits he goes, cheeky fucker. Your hubbys camera flash is going off like crazy, thats sure to attract
more attension. Another guy leans over the bonett, looking at you, hes got a camera phone and is taking a video of you, that seems to spur you on and you take the young lads hand from your tits and start to suck on his fingers. Pheww that's hot. Now how do I make sure I get to have your
mouth doing that to my cock? There's a side step on your car, I take my fingers from your pussy and unzip myself, my hard cock springs out of my jeans and I stand on the side step presenting my cock through the window, the young lads fingers are soon forgotten, and I feel you grasp
my cock in your hand, then your little tounge darts out and teases the head of my cock, christ, I could so come right now, but I try to hold back, offfpphh thats's hard, as your mouth covers my cock and your fingers start to wank my cock. I look down and see the lad reaching for your pussy,
and I watch as he pushes four fingers straight into you, ohhh I feel that on my cock as you give a muffled groan around my cock.
"Hey can we fuck this little tart mate" the young lad asks your hubby.
"Yes I think shes ready" he replies and he reaches over and releases the central locking, now I want to make sure I am the first to fuck you, so I open the door and move my body so I am filling the doorway, I reach in and slide one hand under your legs the other behind your back the nice wide doors allow me to pick you up. As I turn around I see we have more watchers five or six guys are standing around in a semi circle a couple already have their cocks out, you glance over at them seeing how hard you have made them. I think your going to get well fucked tonight little lady, I walk across to one of the picnic tables, one of the watchers spreads a blanket over the top of the table, I plant your bum on the end of the table and turn you around so your facing me, you spread your legs and I step between them, I feel your pussy with my cock, your so wet I slip in easily, offfffhhh thats good, the young lad and another of the watches move too each side of me, two sets of hands reach out for you, as I begin to fuck you, this is so fucking kinky, your hubby's still trying to take photos but theres not much to see as me, the young guy and the six watchers all press around to get in on the action. Your making even more noise now as I pump my cock into you as hard as I can, more hands reach in to play with your tits, I look down and see that your hands are full playing the two nearest cocks. I am not going to last long at this rate, I can feel my cum building up.
"Where do you want my cum" I whisper in your ear.
"In my pussy" you grasp, ohhhh, the young guys got his fingers between us, hes frigging your clit, making you shout out, yes, yes, yes,
As I feel you start to come its too much for me and I cum as well filling your pussy with my cum. As I pull out the young lad is eager to get in next and he pushes straight into you, god your loving all the attention, I watch as he fucks you, he reaches down and lifts one of your legs into the crook of his arm and then the other, hes got total control of you now as he lifts and drops you on his cock.
Another car comes into the carpark its lights shine over us all gathered around you, we can all see you clearly now, whow what a show you are putting on, I love the way your tits are bouncing
up and down as the young lad fucks you. I see your hubby standing watching, I move over to him, "Hey thanks for bringing her" I say,
"No problem he says with a big smile" " here's my card if you want to share any of the photos I would love to see tham, and if you want to meet up for a more private meeting, give me a call" I say.
We watch as the young lad comes, he puts you down and a watcher takes his place, he turns you around, and puts your hands on the picnic bench and pushes your legs apart, then taking hold of your hips he slides his dick into you, hes rougher than me and the yound lad, but you seem to like it, we can tell by the big groan of "YES" you make each he stops and then slams his dick into you.
Also the position hes got you in allows the other watchers to get more contact with you, one guys kneeling on the bench, he grabs your head and guides it to his cock, while others fondle your tits and clit. It looks like you are coming all the time now, the watcher gives out a big bellow as he cums, and another guy lines up to take his place.
Other people are coming over to watch now, the couple who just arrived have left their car head lightsshining on you, the girl goes over to watch you, dispite having only just come my cock is getting hard again seeing the display you are putting on, I think I will go back and join in the fun again.......................

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1 day ago
Mmm...nice to read...so exciting...
2 months ago
Hot story!
4 months ago
that is very hot
5 months ago
Great story I'm hoping it happens like this I'd love to be with you too
7 months ago
A delightful and most erotic account - clearly based on fact!
8 months ago
Hi, thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the tale. That was a shame, next time you will have to arrange for a couple of guys to be waiting for you.
8 months ago
Hell got hard reading this, have took the wife to a local dogging spot but nobody turned up!
10 months ago
sounds great fun,have had some fun times out in a friends car