My ex girlfriend ????

Hope you like this story its my first attempt at doing something like this.Grammer is not my strongest point so bear with . Please leave comments .
I decided 2 write a story after a few chats with a lovely lady on this website whose stories i enjoy .


After being dumped about a month ago i thought i'd better go round Lisa's to collect the last of my things .I'd been with Lisa for close to 2 years she was older than me but that didn't bother me she was 42 with 2 k**s a boy of 10 and a girl who was about 2 turn 18 .I'm 31 and this was my longest ever relationship she I really struggled with the break but in life u just have 2 get on with things.
Standing at the door i was feeling really awkward ,Lisa came 2 the door " I was wondering when u'd b down ." she invited me in and offered me a beer .We had the normal chat about how each other was and wheat we'd been up 2 ?. I asked her where the k**s were the boy was staying with his dad and the girl was out with friends .
She told me that my things were in bin bags under the stairs ,but unfortunately she couldn't pay me the £100 she owed me.I don't know what came over me but i started screaming at her that she'd had a month 2 get the money and she wanted me out of her life. I told her "I'm not leaving til i get my money ."She burst into tears saying that she'd missed a lot of work that month coz her son had been ill so she didn't have a full months wage .I felt bad so i gave her a hug and said "I'm sure we can sort something out ? "
"What do u mean sort something out ?" Half joking i said "You could fuck me 4 payment then I'll b gone " I almost choked on my beer when she said "ok then we're done ."
For some reason as she took my hand and led me 2 the bedroom I was nervous .We'd fucked loads b4 but this was almost like losing my virginity again .Walking up the stairs she asked me "How we gonna go about this ?" I suggested that she dress up in some sexy lingerie then we'll just go from there .
I waited outside 4 what seemed like hours when Lisa called me in . I walked in she was wearing a matching sheer top and panties .I could see that even tho we weren't together she was still shaving her pussy , she knew I liked that .I said "I've never seen u in them b4 ." "U haven't I brought them when we were together . It was gonna b a surprise ." Fuck me was i surprised .
"Judging by the tent in ur trousers u like what u see ? I just nodded .
I quickly stripped off and got on 2 the bed she was just about 2 join me when i told her"This is not gonna b like it used 2 .As i'm paying ur gonna b my whore and u'll do as ur told ." she was shocked how i spoke 2 her but she agreed .
First ur gonna lay next 2 me and play with yourself .She laid next 2 me and slowly removed her top ,then went 2 remove her panties I stopped her and said "No keep them on 4 now i wanna see u cum while wearing them ."She start off rubbing her pussy nervously not really knowing what 2 do but the longer she went on the easier it became 4 her . Teasing her clit she started moaning inserting 1 finger then 2 . I lent over and reached into her bedside draw and grabbed her dildo.I knew where she kept it because it was next 2 the condoms . I whispered in her ear "I wanna see u fuck urself with this " . "As long as i see u play with ur cock "she replied . I started playing with my cock as she rammed the dildo into her pussy. Her breathing quickened as she climaxed 4 the first time , she went 2 stop but I said "I haven't told u 2 stop yet !" 3 climaxes later i told her thats enough. I lent down 2 remove her panties inhaling the sweet aroma of her pussy .I wanted it so badly so I just went straight in licking her glistening pussy in a frenzy .Lisa grabbed my head forcing my tounge deep inside her pussy "OH GOD ur tounge feels soo good on my clit "Lisa screamed . I kept on licking her body tensed up as she came on my face i carried on licking as she came again and again .
I looked up with my face dripping with Lisa's wettness .I gave her a deep long french kiss so she could taste herself ."Get on all fours "I commanded. Lisa did as she was told . I loved the sight of her beautiful ass sticking in the air ,so I did something I'd never thought about doing b4 it must of been that I was lost in the horny moment I started licking Lisa's ass .It felt so right just licking her tight puckered hole ,B4 this she'd never allowed me near it b4 . While licking I inserted 2 fingers in her sopping wet pussy .Lisa was definitely enjoying this as she was making what can b best described as purring sounds .I felt her pussy clench around my fingers as she came again.Lisa turned and asked "So when u gonna fuck me ?"
"How about now ." As she was still on all fours and knowing she loves it when i fuck her doggie i slipped my cock in her pussy .Going at a steady pace i was fucking her with Lisa telling me how much she loves being my slut . Her comments just turning me on even more ,i thought this might b my chance 2 fuck her ass ,she'd always refused but i knew as after 2day we'd not see each other again so wot the hell .While fucking her i spat on her asshole then slowly inserted a finger, she tried 2 pull away but i hasd hold of her with my other hand ."U said u love being my slut , so thats how u'll b treated ."After a few moments she became acustomed 2 my finger so i pulled my cock out of her pussy then went for it . I slowly put my cock in her ass she let out a little yelp and told me 2 stop but I was over come with lust so i didn't stop "Just taken it like the slut that u are ."I grunted . Fucking her ass slow 2 start with i started picking up the pace .I must of changed Lisa's mind on anal sex she was soon screaming away telling me 2 fuck her harder as she was playing with her pussy. Then the sweet sound came 2 my ears Lisa started screaming "Harder,harder.Oh god i'm gonna cum ,i'm gonna cum . I'M GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMM!"
Lisa whole body started shaking as she reached the biggest climax I'd ever seen .Multiple orgasms.I couldn't hold it any longer i pulled my cock out of her ass and jammed it in her mouth and shots streams of hot spunk down her throat ,there was so much it started dribbling out of her mouth .
We lay there in each others arms I was so happy after my first anal experience but sad 2 know I'd probably have 2 wait a while b4 I'd do it again .Lisa turned 2 me and said "If i'd know anal was that good I'd of done it b4 ." This pissed me off coz I'd opened her eyes 2 anal and I wouldn't have the pleasure again .
I got dressed slipped her panties in my pocket collected my bin bags and went home .An hour later Lisa phoned me and she said "That was the best fuck of my life .When r u coming down 4 the rest of ur money ?Coz by my counting I still owe u £99".

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3 years ago
Very hot, love the scenario, good well written story.