Fun 4some

In 2009 i did an experiment with my science group to see how boys react when stuck in a room with a woman for 48 hours and we recorded the results. I was the woman locked in the room with the boys and this is what happened...

I was told to walk into the room when all the boys were discussing women. I did so, the three boys (Connor, Tom and Adam) were watching porn and masturbating. They turned there heads and watched me walk into the room.
"Hi, I'm going to be with you until this is over" I said. Connor smiled, he had been in my secondary school and we had been great friends. They switched off the porn and we all played cards.

I was never very good at cards and before i knew it i was made to take each part of my clothes off each time i lost. Connor sat smiling at me as i sat there naked on the bed. He shuffled to be next to me and so did tom and adam. Tom started to squeeze my breast and Adam started to feel my legs. Where as Connor now had his trousers and boxers off and was ready for me.

He placed me on his huge cock and i started to push up and down on it, each time i did i moaned a little and it wasnt long before Toma and adam wanted a piece.

i had tom up my arse and adam up my pussy and i was giving connor a blow job, it was perfect for all of us.

We did get a little tired as the hours went by, but when it was time to go, no one wanted to leave. I lay there my tongue still in toms mouth, cocks still up me and cums dripping from my face down to my tits.

Hows that for a first story?
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