Katie’s Roommate

Katie’s Roommate

1 Katie Kendal

Katie Kendal was extremely proud of the fact that for more than three years, she lived by herself in an rented house and paid all the bills on time. It was difficult, and at times she barely made ends meet. Worse than that was the fact that she was terrified of being alone. It had been the most difficult decision she had ever made when she decided at twenty years old to move out of her parents house and into the real world. She hated living by herself but she knew that it was necessary.

Katie was a small girl by most standards. At twenty four years old she stood only four feet nine inches tall. Long blonde curly hair cascaded down her shoulders, and mostly hid her pretty face. She was very shy around new people and was always worried that she would accidentally offend someone. Her body was well proportioned, pear shaped breasts, not too thick thighs, and a plump ass on a solid frame.

The fact that she hated being alone actually helped her financially because she made sure she was at work as much as her boss would allow her. Her long days and frequent overtime kept the money flowing; until the economy tanked and her hours were cut back. Suddenly, Katie found herself on the verge of losing her house and being f***ed to move back home.

Her only choice, in her mind, was to finally bite the bullet and get a roommate. If she only had half the bills she would be able to make it, and the house was big enough. There was a second bedroom that Katie used for storing her stuff that could easily be utilized if she cleaned it out.

This wasn’t the first time that she had considered a roommate. She had thought about getting a roommate in the past but had dismissed the thought when she thought about living with a stranger. At the time she was making do so she put the idea on the back burner until now. Something had to be done and this seemed like her only option.
She had plenty of fears though. What if she didn’t like her roommate, or what if she found out too late that her new roommate did d**gs or was promiscuous. Katie had values that were considered by many to be old fashioned, and she had difficulty dealing with people who lived their lives in a hedonistic way. She had also heard the horror stories of crazy roommates.

She decided that she would advertise for a roommate and make it clear that she would only take someone in who had the same beliefs as her. She sat down at her computer and started typing.

2 Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart was looking in the classifieds of her local paper when she spotted the ad for a roommate. She read the ad and chuckled to herself, realizing that the person who wrote the ad was definitely a prude. Ash was not what this person was looking for in a roommate. At eighteen years old, she was a high school dropout who smoked pot occasionally, got d***k often, and had already slept with half a dozen guys and two girls. She wouldn’t get along with the person who wrote this ad, but she needed a place to live and it was in the perfect area. She decided to go for it.

She was a pretty girl when she cleaned herself up and tried, however, Ashley wasn’t the type to make herself up to look pretty for other people. She didn’t consider herself to be Goth, but other people would say she was by her appearance. She had long, straight, jet black hair and her face was pale white. Her eyes were the prettiest sky blue color and her lips were plump as if they were bee stung. She stood about five feet six inches and weighed in at one hundred thirty five pounds, and carried a lot of that weight in her ass. That was the one part of her body that she wished she could change, because she felt like her thighs and her ass stuck out like a sore thumb on her otherwise slim body.

She would dress nice and cover all her tattoos. She would take out her face piercings, except for her earrings, and she would smile and act pleasant. She also decided to get her boyfriend Carlos to type up a letter of recommendation with all sorts of bullshit in it to make it appear she was a nice girl with values. If she could pull off the con and convince this other prim and proper bitch that she was a perfect roommate, she would have it made.

3 The Interview

Katie was pleasantly surprised at how well the interview went with Ashley. She had been certain that it would take much longer to find a suitable roommate, but after meeting and talking with the young lady, she was impressed. For a girl of only eighteen years old, she definitely was quite mature. Katie was impressed that she had thought enough to bring a letter from her twelfth grade English teacher attesting to how ‘mature beyond her years’ she was. The letter also went on to say that Ashley was his ‘favorite’ student and that he had hated to let her go. There was a phone number at the bottom that she could call if she wanted more confirmation.

Katie loved the fact that without even asking her, Ashley said that she was not a party girl and that she ‘believed in core values’ and she sometimes ‘wished life was simpler like in the old days’. What she didn’t know was that Ashley had practiced those lines with her boyfriend.

The two talked for about a half hour and Katie was certain that she had found the perfect person to live with and she let Ashley know, “Well, I think that this might actually work for both of us. I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far and I will call your English teacher later on just to check with him, but I think that this will work.”

“That’s so great Katie, thank you so much for meeting with me.” Ashley said with a phony smile that Katie bought completely.

“I’ll call you tomorrow with my answer if that’s okay with you.”

“That’s fine” Ashley was on her way to the door knowing that she was in.

4. Zack (Mr. Bentley) Savage

Everything had gone precisely as Ashley had planned and now she was in the process of moving her small amount of belongings into Katie’s place.

She had been with her boyfriend Zack Savage, had actually been giving him a blowjob, when Katie’s call came in to his cell phone. He checked the number and cleared his throat when he saw that it was her.

“Hello” he answered in a deep, disguised voice, smiling as he attempted to raise Ashley up off his swelling member only to give up as she held on refusing to set him free.

The voice on the other end was a pleasant sounding female. “Hello, is this Mr. Bentley?”

“Yes it is who’s calling please.” He replied, stifling a giggle.

“Hi, my name is Katie Kendal and I’m calling about Ashley Stewart. It is my understanding that you had Ashley in your English class is that correct?”

“Yes that is correct. What can I help you with miss Kendal?” He was doing a remarkable job keeping his voice steady while his cock was being slobbered on. Ashley was the more dominate one in the relationship, and she often would do things that were sweet torture to him. She wanted the place to live and she knew that she could ruin it by messing with Zack while he was pretending to be her old English teacher, but she didn’t care. It was fun and if he messed things up for her, she would punish him.

“Well it seems that Ashley is looking for a place to live and I live in a rented house and need a roommate. I interviewed Ashley earlier today and she seemed like a remarkable young woman. I just wanted the opinion of someone who knows her well and she showed me the letter of recommendation that you wrote for her. Would you be able to verify what you wrote in that letter for me.”

By now, Zack’s breathing was uneven and he was ready for this phone call to be over so he could fuck Ashley. He worried that if the call took too much longer he would lose control and cum, and if that happened he could screw the whole thing up. “Ahhh yes… of course” he managed and then “I believe that ahhh Ashley would be a wonderful roommate. She’s very… mature for her age and ahhh she’s just” he couldn’t think straight, she was deepthroating him and it was intense.

Katie picked up on the change in his voice. “Did I call at a bad time? I’m sorry if I interrupted something.”

“Uhhh no it’s quite alright. I’m just not feeling too good.” he was getting closer and closer.

“Oh I’m terribly sorry. I won’t keep you then. Thank you so much for the information, I will be calling her back to give her the good news. I do hope that you feel better soon Mr. Bentley. Take care. Bye now.”

“Yeah sure bye.” He hung up and started cumming hard “OOOOOHHHHHHHGODDDD….JEEESSSHHHH…Shit…ahhhh” his throbbing penis shot several blasts deep into the back of Ash’s throat. She swallowed every drop.


Now, she was almost done moving everything in when she banged her shin hard on the corner of the coffee table. “OW FUCK” she yelped in pain “Shit that hurt”

Katie had just entered the room from the bedroom and scolded her “Hey, could you watch the potty mouth please. I don‘t like to hear cussing”
Ashley nearly snapped at her but kept her cool and nodded “Yeah… right, I’ll make a note of that.”

Katie detected a bit of sarcasm in Ashley’s voice, but dismissed it because she knew that she had hurt herself. “It’s okay, but I really hate swearing. It’s makes you sound ignorant.”

Ashley mumbled angrily under her breath and at that moment she vowed to herself that she would make this bitch pay.

5 Five Weeks Later

It had been five weeks since Ashley had moved in and Katie was already having second thoughts about letting her move in. The swearing had gotten worse and Ashley’s attitude had changed significantly. Katie also didn’t like her boyfriend Zack. He was over all the time it seemed and he was a such a jerk. She hadn’t figured Ashley was the type of girl who liked tough guys, but apparently she was. She had decided last evening that she would have a serious talk with Ashley. ‘After all‘, she thought, ‘this was my place first, and she agreed to follow my rules when she moved in.’

She sat down in her overstuffed easy chair and waited for Ashley to come out of her room. It was Saturday, so both of them were off work for the weekend. The chair was facing away from the bedroom and toward the T.V., but she didn’t turn on the television, deciding to read instead.

She was expecting Ashley to come out any minute, but she wound up sitting in the chair for nearly an hour before the bedroom door opened and out walked…Zack! And he was totally naked, his dangling penis caught Katie‘s wide eyes.

Katie sat up and gasped, looking away quickly and hiding behind the large back of the chair. She hadn’t even known that he was here and she realized that he must have snuck in late last night and slept here. That was going against Katie’s biggest rule. She was outraged that Ashley had tried to sneak it by her and she was determined to put an end to it, but not now, not until Zack had left. She was way too uncomfortable around him, so she scrunched down in the big chair and waited until he entered the bathroom before she slid off the chair and crawled quickly out of the room. She never knew that he had seen her out of the corner of his eye.

6 Chris White

Once back in her own room with her door shut, she picked up her cell phone and dialed her friend Chris’ number. Chris White had been Katie’s friend since second grade and she told him everything. What she never realized was that Chris had feelings for her that went beyond friendship. Katie cared deeply about Chris, but she never looked at him as anything more than a good friend that she could trust.

Chris answered on the second ring “Hey K what’s up”

“Chris, I have a problem.”

“If it has anything to do with menstruation, I don’t want to hear it.” he joked.

“Ha Ha very funny. This is serious Chris, I need your help.”

“I’m sorry K. What’s the problem?”

“It’s Ashley, my roommate. I thought she was a perfect choice for a roommate, but she’s different than when she came for the interview.”

“How so.”

“She swears… a lot, for one, and her boyfriend Zack Savage is always here. I told her during the interview that I didn’t want guys here all the time. He even spent the night in her room last night and I just found out this morning. Chris, he walked out of her bedroom and into the bathroom completely naked this morning.”

“Has he tried anything with you.” Chris was not the fighting type, but when he envisioned Katie in danger, he became a different person, and the thought of some strange guy in her place worried him.

“No, he hasn’t tried anything with me, but he kinda creeps me out. He’s so…brooding.”

Chris was silent for a few moments then he asked “So, do you think that maybe you’re being a little too…strict. I mean you are kind of picky with who you like and don’t like.”

“NO I’m not. All of this was written up in my ad, exactly the kind of person I wanted, and she led me to believe that she was that person. Even her twelfth grade English teacher confirmed for me that she would be an ideal roommate.”

Chris sighed audibly “Well, maybe her English teacher didn’t know her as well as he thought he knew her. Do you still have his number?”

Katie thought for a few seconds “Ahhh yes… I think so. Why?” she walked to her dresser and found the folded note.

“Call him back and ask him some more questions. Tell him that she seems to have changed since she moved in and ask him if she was like that in school at all. Maybe she goes through mood swings or she needs medication or something. It might be beneficial to ask.”

Katie contemplated what Chris said and realized that he was right. She should try to find out more first, after all, her first conversation with Mr. Bentley was not real helpful. “You’re right Chris. I’ll call Mr. Bentley back and ask more questions. Thank you for your input, sometimes I just get flustered and can’t think straight. You really know how to put things into perspective.”

“That’s what friends are for K. Call me back and fill me in on what he has to say. If worse comes to worse, you can kick her to the curb and let me move in. I’d make a great roommate.”

“Yeah… I’m sure you would, but that would be wrong. I can’t live with a guy unless I’m married to him.”

If Katie had a video phone, she would have seen the despair in Chris’ face when she said that. “Alright K call me back.”

“I will, thanks again.” she hung up and immediately dialed the number of who she thought was Mr. Bentley.

7 The Realization

Zack had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around him when his cell phone started ringing. Normally, he would have checked the number of the person calling, but this time he just answered it. “Savage”

On the other end of the line Katie didn’t realize right away who it was. “Hello, can I speak with Mr. Bentley please.”

Patience was not one of Zack’s strong suits, neither was politeness. “Bitch, check the number before you dial. This is Zack Savage, not Bentley, or whoever.” he barked into the receiver and hung up.

Katie gasped in sudden realization. She recognized his voice and now her mind went to work and put two and two together. She had been scammed. There was no Mr. Bentley, it had been Ashley’s boyfriend Zack all along. The letter of recommendation was fake and Katie felt like a fool for not checking her out more thoroughly.

She quickly hung up and called Chris right back. He answered on the first ring.

“What did Bentley say?”

“There is no Bentley, it was her boyfriend Zack all along. She tricked me Chris. She’s a no good liar. I trusted her and she made a fool out of me.”

Chris took a moment to contemplate what she had said, then said “Katie, do you want me to come over? I can be there in about fifteen minutes.”

She wanted him there but she didn’t want him to think she was scared. She took a deep breath and said “No, I’m fine. I got myself into this mess and I can get myself out of it. I’ll tell her that she has two days to move out.”

“Katie, are you sure? You have no idea what she is capable of. If she lied to get in, who knows what she will do to stay there. Let me come and at least be there to back you up, just in case.”

This time she didn’t hesitate. “Yeah, you’re probably right, as usual.” she sighed audibly and then “I’ll wait for you to get here and then we can confront her together.”

“Great, I’ll see you in a flash.” he hung up.

8 The Confrontation

Zack walked back into Ashley’s bedroom about the same time that Katie was dialing Chris’ number the second time. He was still grumbling about the phone call as he dropped the towel that was covering his naked body. “Stupid fucking people can’t dial a phone.”

Ashley looked over and admired his muscular frame, remembering the fucking he had given her just a short while ago. “What’s your major malfunction?” she asked.

“Some dumb bitch called my phone asking for some Mr. Bentley. How fucking hard is it to…” he didn’t get to finish because Ashley cut him off.

“Give me your phone!” she snapped. And when he didn’t move fast enough for her she jumped up and grabbed it off the dresser where he had set it. Quickly she pulled up the list of recent calls and confirmed what she had known all along. The call had come from Katie. “DAMN IT”

“What’s going on?” Zack asked. He was completely lost.

Ashley had to take a moment to slow her heart rate. She had a very quick temper and for some reason this pissed her off. “That wrong number wasn’t a wrong number. It was Katie looking for my fucking English teacher.” The look in Zack’s eyes told her that he finally understood. “She must know now that it was all a fuckin’ lie and now she’s gonna want to kick me the fuck out. I can’t move back with my folks, I’ll fuckin’ flip out.”

“That bitch was in the chair when I walked to the bathroom earlier. I pretended to not see her, but she was there. She saw me naked.”

A plan was already forming in Ashley’s mind.

“I wish you could move in with me.” Zack said as he pulled a wife beater shirt over his head.

“Your mom hates my guts and your father wants to fuck me.” She said sarcastically.


Ashley smirked angrily “I’ve seen him leering at me. He practically drools when he looks at me. I think that’s why your mom hates me so much.”

Zack shrugged “Maybe it’s how you dress or something. I mean you are hot.”

“Yeah, or maybe your father is a fuckin’ pervert.”

Zack just nodded, figuring that it was better to just drop it than argue.

“I need to go talk with Katie. She’s such a prissy, maybe I can convince her to let me stay.”

“Or you can threaten her.” Zack added as an afterthought.

Ashley stormed out of her room at the exact same time that Katie was coming out of her room. Even though she had told Chris she would wait for him, Katie was determined to confront Ash on her own. She thought of it as another test, besides, she knew that he would show up in fifteen minutes so if things got out of hand in any way, he would help when he got there.

Ashley was first to speak “Katie, we need to talk.” she said aggressively.

Katie was put on the defensive just by the tone of Ashley’s voice and her f***eful behavior. She had always been extremely intimidated by people like her and this was no different. She was scared and all of a sudden she wished that she had stayed in her room until Chris arrived. Whenever she became nervous, she started to sweat and was very timid.

Ashley had observed this behavior already in Katie and she fully intended to capitalize on it. She decide to take a different tact. “So what’s this shit about you eyeing my boyfriend?” It was bullshit she knew, but she wanted to shift attention off the real issue.

Katie stopped in her tracks and her mouth dropped open. Behind Ashley, Zack looked confused but then decided to go with it. Ashley was good at getting her way.

“What are you talking about Ashley, I never…” she was flabbergasted.

“Don’t deny it bitch, Zack told me he saw you staring at him earlier when he was naked.” she was just flying by the seat of her pants, making it up as she went along.

“I…I wasn’t…I mean I didn’t see anything…I was in my room” she was so confused because she was quite sure that he hadn’t noticed her in the chair, but maybe he had seen her. Then she thought that he must have seen her, or at least heard her. Maybe he had thought she was looking at him, even though she wasn’t, not really. “Ashley I wasn’t staring at him. I didn’t even know he was here until he came out naked.”

“So which is it you cunt? Was you in your room or did you see him naked?” so far her plan was working to perfection.

Katie was so flustered. She wasn’t used to being yelled at and called names. This was not the way this was supposed to be going. Katie was the one who was supposed to be angry at Ashley, not the other way around. “I was waiting for you to come out of your room, but Zack came out instead, and he wasn‘t wearing any clothes. But I wasn’t…”

Ashley interrupted “And you couldn’t take your fucking eyes off him could you?”

Katie wanted to get the conversation back on track. “NO that’s not what happened. I needed to talk to you about Mr. Bentley.”

“Don’t try to change the fucking subject bitch.”

“You lied. There is no Mr. Bentley. It was Zack all along.”

Ashley’s eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth was wide open as if she was shocked that Katie would say that. For her part, Katie thought that she was finally getting through and decided to keep pushing while she had a break. “it was all a lie, the letter, the phone call…”She was angry and she couldn’t stop “your just a potty mouth lying slut.” the moment she said it she wished that she hadn’t, but she had and it was too late.

“And your just a prissy little CUNT who can’t get a guy so you get your pussy wet staring at my man.”

Katie hit her. It wasn’t hard and it was an open hand slap, but she hit her and that was what Ashley wanted. For a moment she just stared at Katie as if she was in shock.

Katie felt terrible. It was the first time she had ever hit anybody and the look in Ashley’s face terrified her. “I’m s…soo sorry, I didn’t mean” she was cut off suddenly as Ashley lunged at her and brought her to the floor. Katie was slammed down hard and the wind was knocked out of her. Tears flowed from her eyes, blurring her vision.

Ash was on top of her, straddling her chest, her left hand on Katie’s neck. With her right hand she somehow managed to catch both of Katie’s wrists above her head. “You hit me you fucking bitch. You think I’m gonna let you get away with that?”

Holding both hands above her head, Ashley started slapping Katie’s face with her other hand. Having never been in a fight before in her life, Katie was still trying to reason with Ash. “Please stop” She wailed as she was slapped on first one side then the other. The slaps were hard enough to sting but not do any damage. “Ashley I’m sorry” ‘slap’ “Don’t” ‘slap’ “Get off me!” ‘slap’.

Ashley, for her part, was having a blast. This was fun to her and she was just getting started. She leaned in close, putting her nose right up to Katie’s nose, and looked into her frightened eyes. “You are gonna wish that you hadn’t done that you little cunt.” she whispered, then she pulled back about an inch and said. “Oh yeah, you don’t like it when I talk like that do you. I’ve got a ‘potty mouth’ right. Well lets see what you think of my potty mouth after this.” she lunged her head down and planted her lips f***efully on Katie’s lips, twisting her head to the side, she drove her tongue deep into her mouth and flicked her long tongue all around.

Katie was dumbfounded and grossed out as she felt the long wet muscle invade her mouth. To her, it felt like Ashley was trying to stick her tongue all the way to her tonsils. She tried screaming but with the thick appendage jammed in her mouth all she could do was grunt.

Finally, Ashley sat back up. “There, how was that? Did you like that? I’ll bet that was the first time you kissed a girl. Did it make your panties wet?” to add insult to injury, she slid her free hand down the front of Katie’s pants and underwear, through the sparse bush, and settled her slim fingers between the folds of her pussy. “Ohhh, YOU ARE WET!!!” she exclaimed loudly. Then just as quickly, slid her hand back out and held her fingers under her nose. She sniffed loudly, as if she was trying to smell a rose through a window, and smiled. “MMMM I love the smell of pussy in the morning.” then she smeared the juices around on Katie’s face and in her mouth.

Up until that point, Katie had been so docile that Ashley wondered if she didn’t enjoy what was happening to her, but when she started rubbing pussy juice in her face, that’s when things changed.

Katie suddenly came alive and started to struggle mightily, surprising Ash and almost unseating her. Katie brought both of her legs up high and yanked her arms down. Ash was launched forward and nearly landed on her face. Instead, she caught herself with her right hand.

With Ashley’s weight shifted forward, Katie attempted to scoot out between her legs. She would have made it too if it weren’t for Zack who saw what she was doing and put his foot right between her legs. Her crotch bumped against his lower leg and stopped her enough so Ash could get her balance back and sit back down. This time however, her ass landed on her face.

“OOOFFF” was the sound that came out of Katie’s mouth as she suddenly found herself with a face full of tight cut off jeans.

When Ashley realized where she was sitting she laughed out loud and grabbed Katie’s flailing arms. “Oh no ha ha that’s just too funny. Does my ass smell good? Who’s got the potty mouth now.” She laughed some more at her wit and then felt the familiar grumblings of her stomach and realized with glee that she was about to release some gas. It took a moment and she had to push like she was taking a shit, but finally, ppppffffffftthhhhh.

Katie had been struggling and trying to pull her head out but when she felt her arms grabbed there was nothing she could do. She heard Ashley cackling in delight and thought that it could not get much worse. She was wrong. As she tried to find a way to get a breath, she felt a strange feeling through the jeans. It was almost as if there was something inside that was swelling or inflating and then she realized what was happening just as the blast of hot rancid air came through.

The smell was bad enough for Ashley and Zack to scrunch up their noses, but they weren’t right at ground zero. Katie was gasping and choking on the foul stench. It was so bad that it felt momentarily like her nostrils were burning.

Zack and Ashley were both nearly falling over laughing. “Oh my God, hahahahaha that fucking stinks.” Zack’s face was turning purple and tears were rolling down his face from laughing so hard. “You should take your shorts off next time. Hahahahaha.”

Katie’s struggles had died down quite a bit when she heard Ashley say “Help me hold her down.” and then she felt the added weight of Zack sitting on her stomach. At this point, the only thing that kept her going was the fact that Chris was on his way and they would have to stop when he arrived.

Once Zack was helping, Ashley unsnapped and unzipped her jean shorts, then she rolled off Katie’s face and onto the floor where she proceeded to remove them. She left her underwear on because she remembered that she had worn them all day yesterday and all night too. She figured that by now they would have a nice heavy odor to them and she wanted to make this as uncomfortable as possible for her roommate.

Katie took in deep breaths of air while she could, even though the smell of Ash’s fart still lingered. She glanced over and saw her psychotic roommate pulling her shorts off and realized what was happening. “You’d better let me up. Chris is gonna be here any minute and he’ll call the cops.” she gasped breathlessly. It was her last and only hope that they would be intimidated by the thought of someone else showing up and they would flee.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Ashley rolled back over until she was kneeling over Katie’s face and looking down at her. This time, Katie’s arms were pinned to her sides thanks to Zack, and Ashley grabbed two handfuls of her roommates hair and held her steady. “Do I look like I’m worried about your little pussy friend Chris. He’s just a fairy boy faggot. Maybe I’ll tell him that he can suck Zack’s cock, that ought to make him happy… and you jealous.”

Ashley loved the feeling of power that she had over Katie. It was a huge turn on for her and she wasn’t about to let Chris or anybody else ruin her fun. “Now, it’s time for you to get up close and personal with my pussy.” She sat herself down, wedging Katie’s nose deeply into the folds of her panty covered crotch. It felt so good that she decided then that she wanted to cum while her poor defenseless roommate smothered underneath her.

Zack was loving every minute of it too. It was incredibly hot watching his girlfriend, a strong eighteen year old girl, completely dominate a weak, fragile twenty four year old woman. His rock hard penis was threatening to burst through his shorts. He let his hands slide up Katie’s chest to the bottom of her breasts, but before he could grab two handfuls of tits, Ashley snapped at him. She had turned her head back to see what he was doing and caught him trying to cop a feel.

“What are you doing?” she barked angrily. “I didn’t tell you to grab her fucking tits did I?”

The look on Zack’s face almost made Ashley burst into laughter. He looked ashamed, like a k** who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and he pulled away. That’s when she noticed the large bulge in his shorts. She smiled seductively, “Don’t worry babe,” she winked “I’ll make sure we get him taken care of.”. She gestured with her head toward his crotch.

Meanwhile, Katie was in hell. Her nose was deep in the damp, odiferous panties of her roommate and she was in no position to put up any kind of a fight with Zack sitting astride her waist. She kept praying that Chris would show up and save the day, but he was taking so long. Then she heard something that really dropped her spirits.

“Zack, you need to be ready in case Chris shows up, I don’t want him to ruin our fun. You can handle the wimp can’t you?”

“Of course, he’s a runt. What do you want me to do with him?”

“He can join the fun. I’ll bet he‘ll get off on this just like you. When he knocks on the door, you let him in, but be ready to grab him so he can’t call the cops or something. He’s gonna try to be Mr. Hero when he sees what’s going on. I’ll hold down Miss Prissy here.”

“What if she starts to struggle again?”

“I’ll smother her u*********s if I have to.”

9 Katie Smothers

Ashley wanted to degrade Katie a little more before Chris arrived so she decided to see how far she could push her. “Okay bitch, it’s time you started doing something more than just lying there. I want you to lick my pussy and if you can make me cum before your faggot friend gets here, I’ll let you go.”

Katie certainly wanted to be let go, but she could not even think about doing what Ashley wanted her to do. It was so wrong and even more disgusting. The thought of it turned her stomach.

“So are you gonna lick me?” Ashley was looking at Katie’s eyes which were peering up through tears between her thick thighs.

Katie shook her head back and forth as much as she could, indicating ‘no’. she couldn’t bring herself to even contemplate that. She steeled herself for more of something, but she didn’t have a clue what.

“NO” Ashley cried, as if she thought Katie would be thrilled to pleasure her with her tongue. “Well in that case, I guess that leaves me with no choice but to smother the life out of you. Goodbye Katie. It’s been nice knowing you.” and with that she clamped down hard with her thighs, pushing her panty covered crotch painfully down and sealing off Katie’s nose and mouth.

‘OH MY GOD’ Katie’s mind was screaming, ’SHE GOING TO KILL ME’ and she truly thought that she was dying as she struggled to get a breath of air. Zack had to steady himself as she went wild, trying with what little strength she had remaining to buck him off. She was staring pleadingly into Ashley’s eyes as the desperate need for air became frantic.

Even Zack was worried. He knew that his girlfriend wouldn’t actually commit murder, but part of him was still wondering as she held tight and refused to let up.

Katie was losing consciousness, she could feel it and it was terrifying. Her lungs were screaming and her head was pounding and her mind was slipping.

Ashley watched her eyes with fascination, waiting to see what would happen when she passed out. She couldn’t believe how wide open Katie’s eyes were. They looked like they were going to pop out of her head, and then she saw them flicker and felt a shudder and her eyes rolled up in her head until only the whites were visible, and Katie’s body went limp.

It was so riveting that for several seconds after she passed out, Ashley forgot to loosen her thighs up so Katie could start breathing again. When she realized, she quickly got up, actually stood up and watched her roommates head loll to the side. For a terrifying few seconds, she thought she had actually killed her, but then she noticed her chest rising and falling. She grinned evilly and slid her wet panties off before dropping back down.

As she kneeled over Katie’s head, she grabbed another handful of hair and pulled her face back up. Then, she started slapping her again, this time to wake her. It only took two slaps before Katie started to stir, but Ashley slapped her several more times just because she could.

Katie jerked awake with a start, then withstood some more slaps before she weakly shouted “Stop…please stop…no more”

“Oh you aren’t getting away that fucking easy. I could have killed you but that would have ended my fun, so instead, I’ll just keep putting you to sl**p until you lick my pussy. The way I see it is, you’re gonna get tired of being knocked out under my ass and sooner or later you’ll decide to eat my pussy.”

Katie was still trying to come to her senses, and catch her breath. She was still in disbelief over what had just happened. She tried to reason once again. “Ash…lis..listen…please…this is…this is crazy…you can’t…”

“I can and I will. Now are you gonna lick me or what?”

“I… I can’t… I… NOOOMMMMPHHH!!” Ashley sat her bare ass straight down, spreading her plump cheeks as she lowered herself, and cutting off Katie.

“Holy fuck” Zack groaned from behind Ashley. He was rubbing his throbbing cock through his shorts and was in danger of blowing his load. It was such a turn on, way more than he figured it would be.

At first, when Ash sat back down, Katie was able to breathe through her nose. The smell was strong and musky and damp, but it was air, and after being smothered once already, she was more terrified about being smothered again.

Unfortunately for her, Ashley realized that she was still getting air through her nose and quickly leaned forward to cut her oxygen intake. Once again, she was looking into Katie’s horrified eyes as her air situation became desperate, and then went beyond desperate to frantic. This time Katie’s body trembled and shook even more violently than the first time, as if her body remembered the extreme agony of asphyxiation and fought to keep it from happening again. This time she was ready when Katie’s eyes rolled up and closed and she quietly counted to three and then jumped up.

“Holy shit Ash, you’re gonna fucking kill her.” Zack said worriedly, but a quick glance at his bulge told her that he was still excited. They both stared at the motionless body for a full forty seconds before she started to stir, and slowly, agonizingly opened her eyes.

“Welcome back to the land of the living bitch. Are you ready for round three?”

Katie couldn’t handle it anymore, but she was too week to protest, so she shook her head weakly no. she would do anything to not go through that again, even what Ashley wanted her to do. As vile and disgusting as it sounded to Katie, the fear of being knocked out under her ass again was too great.

“So are you gonna lick me or what?”

Katie slowly nodded her head. She was beaten. Beaten by an eighteen year old bully and her roughneck boyfriend.

Ashley kneeled back into position and hovered her pussy a few inches over Katie’s mouth. “Okay bitch, it’s time you learn all about eating cunt. Let me see your tongue.”

It took nearly ten seconds, during which time Katie took some deep breaths and licked her dry lips. Finally she relented and stuck her tongue out a tiny bit.

“That’s not good enough, I guess I’ll knock you out again.”

That got Katie’s attention and she moaned loudly and stuck her tongue out as far as it would go. She was trembling like a leaf, praying that Chris would hurry up and save her.

“There we go. I knew you had a longer tongue than that. That looks like a pussy licking tongue to me. Let’s try it out.” Ash slid down so that her pussy touched the tip of her roommates tongue and then she wiggled her ass around. “There see, that ain’t so bad now is it.”

Bad wasn’t quite strong enough a word for what Katie was going through. Terrifying, horrifying, humiliating, appalling, disgusting, disturbing were a few words that started to describe her predicament. This was so far beyond bad there wasn’t even a word for it in Katie’s mind.

“From now on, when I tell you to do something, you better do it or else I smother you out again, no more warnings. If you take your fucking sweet time again I’ll put you to sl**p so fucking fast it will make your pretty little head spin. You listening pussy eatin’ bitch.?”
She didn’t wait for an answer she just lowered herself again and said. “Now fucking lick me.”

And Katie did. She expected the taste to be horrendous, after all, a mixture of sweat, piss, and discharge didn’t quite conjure up images of red wine or iced tea, but she was so worked up and freaked out by everything that she didn’t even notice the taste at first. She just wanted this to be over and she remembered what she was told about giving an orgasm before Chris arrived.

It was about that time when they all heard Chris’s car pull in the driveway.

10 Chris Arrives

When Chris pulled into the driveway of the modest ranch home of his true love, he had no idea that he would be walking into a freak show. He assumed that Katie was waiting for him to arrive so the two of them could confront Ashley. He had no idea that she had already tried to confront the bad girl to disastrous results. He got out of his car, closed the door, walked up to the front door and knocked loudly. He waited about ten seconds before the door opened, seemingly by itself and he heard a female voice inside yell “Come on in Chris.”

He walked in and saw Ashley kneeling on the floor behind the couch. The girth of the couch blocked her whole body from his view, but he could see her head. She was looking at him and smiling an odd smile, as if she had a secret that she was about to reveal. She was also fiddling with something on the floor that he couldn’t see. He could hear strange noises coming from behind the couch, but dismissed it.

“Hi Ashley, where’s Katie.?” he asked, as he admired her pretty face.

“She’s right here between my legs learning how a good little whore licks a pussy. I think she likes it, but she doesn’t like getting smothered u*********s. You wanna watch? Zack likes watching.”

Chris was walking around the couch wondering what the hell she was talking about. He saw feet, then legs, then waist, chest, and finally he realized that Katie was on the floor with her head under Ashley’s crotch. It was a disturbing sight, especially since Katie didn’t seem to be fighting to get her off.

“What the hell is going on?” Chris asked, concerned and confused.

“Your friend finally found out where she belongs. Beneath my ass. She struggled a little at first, tried to fight the inevitable, but now she’s enjoying herself.” She reached between her thighs and pulled a clump of hair roughly. “Go on, tell him you like it bitch.”

Chris was horrified when he heard Katie, the girl he adored, groan and then weakly say “I like it.” he knew right away that she was being coerced into saying that. His rage was sudden and he lunged at Ashley with every intention of strangling her, however, before he could even touch her, he was grabbed from behind by Zack. He was being held in a sl**per hold and within moments he blacked out.

He wasn’t out for very long, but when he woke he was in a very awkward position. He was flat on his stomach with Zack kneeling on his lower back. Before he fully realized what was happening, his hands were tied tightly behind his back and then his elbows were pulled back roughly and tied together also. He was kicking and fighting for all he was worth, but soon his legs were tied together and then they were tied to the rope around his arms. He was hogtied and completely helpless. So much for coming to Katie’s rescue.

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” Chris shouted as the last part of his hogtieing was completed.

“Would you listen to that,” Ashley snickered “your boyfriend has a potty mouth too… Hey Chris, don’t you know that Katie hates it when people swear? She says it makes them look ignorant, and it offends her sensibilities.” Ashley didn’t know what that even meant, but it sounded good.

Chris looked at Katie, although he couldn’t see her face, and asked if she was alright.

“Ohh she can’t answer you right now uhhh because her tongue is busy mmm in my pussy. OOOHHYESSS that’s good.” Ashley was intentionally playing it up even though at this point she had a ways to go before she came. At the moment, Katie’s pussy licking skills left a lot to be desired.

“Why are you doing this?” Chris angrily asked as he struggled to get himself into a more comfortable position.

“Oh don’t blame me, blame Katie.” Ashley was trying for innocence but Chris wasn’t buying it. “She was sneaking around and spying on Zack when he was naked. Then when I confronted her, first she lied, then she admitted it, then she slapped me, hard across the face. That’s when I took her down. She started this and I’m gonna finish it.”

Katie had stopped licking while listening to the bullshit, and Ashley was not happy. “Did I tell you to stop licking bitch?” she yelled into her roommates face. Then “I guess you need another reminder.” she slid her ass up and over Katie’s face as if she was going to smother her again.

Katie saw what was about to happen and screamed “NO I’M SORRY, I’LL LICK Y…”
She never got to finish because Ash sat down hard, cutting her off. This time it wasn’t pussy covering her mouth, it was ass. Bare, naked ass. Wet, sloppy pussy lips were plastered to her nose and spread ass cheeks were clamping down on either side of her mouth. She was able to tilt her head back slightly and get some air through her nose, but not much. Ash reached between her legs and pinched her nose shut. Soon, Katie felt herself being smothered again and in desperation, she stuck her tongue out and started licking, not fully comprehending at the moment that she was licking the puckered brown asshole of her cruel roommate.

Ashley felt the slippery tongue licking around her anus and shivered. It felt wonderful. She had never been licked there before and the sheer debauchery of it was overwhelming. It was so wrong and yet it felt so right. She let go off Katie‘s nose, wanting the new sensation to continue.

Happy to be able to get air into her tortured lungs, Katie once again tilted her head back in the slightest and sucked in one lungful after another. This movement caused her tongue to push forward and begin to actually enter the loosened anal passage. It wasn’t until her third deep breath of pussy smelling air that she caught on to the fact that her tongue was now over an inch deep in Ashley’s asshole, not her pussy. With that horrible realization, she instinctively pulled her tongue out and closed her mouth, disgusted by the bitter taste that filled her mouth.

Ashley felt the wonderful tongue slip out of her wrinkled hole and moaned. She had been close to coming from the intense new sensation and was determined to have it back. She let go of her pussy lips and yanked Katie’s hair up, squishing her nose deep into her flowing vagina. “Put that fucking tongue back where it was or so help me I’ll shit down your throat.” she yelled f***efully.

Chris strained against his bonds, wanting to help but unable to get free. Zack was so turned on he was openly stroking his swollen member through his shorts. He was standing in front of his girlfriend watching the action.

As Katie reluctantly pushed her tongue back deep into the depths of her roommates tight rectum, Ashley leaned back to enjoy the sensation, and f***e her ass down harder onto her roommates mouth. She looked at her boyfriends crotch. His seven inches of throbbing manhood was outlined by his shorts. Looking up into his eyes she decided to see just how far she could push this. “Take your cock out.” she ordered seductively.

11 Zack Follows Orders

Zack didn’t waste any time, quickly stripping his shorts and underwear. His cock stood out straight, winking at his girlfriend. He was expecting her to take him into her mouth as she was an accomplished cocksucker, but she had other ideas. As he moved his pulsating man meat toward her luscious pink lips, she reached up with her free hand and grasped his shaft, holding it away from her mouth. She looked deeply into his eyes and said “Now, I want you to put it in his mouth.” she gestured to Chris who’s eyes suddenly widened.

Zack was unsure what to make of Ashley’s demand. He had thought earlier that she was just talking when she told Katie that she would have Chris suck his cock, but now she seemed serious, and Zack knew that she didn’t like to be told ‘no’. Although he didn’t consider himself to be homophobic, he couldn’t imagine doing anything sexual with a guy. He stood there wondering what to do and finally Ash spoke again. “What the fuck are you waiting for, Christmas? Get your skinny little ass over there and fuck his pretty boy mouth.”

From across the room they heard Chris “No fucking way bitch, it ain’t gonna happen.”

Ashley ignored the comment and, eyes still locked onto Zack’s eyes, said. “C’mon sweetie, do it for me. It’ll be so fucking hot.”

“I don’t know babe, I’m not a faggot you know. That’s kinda queer to do that.” Zack felt uncomfortable even talking about it.

“No one is gonna think your gay Zack.” She tried to reassure him. “Look at me… Am I a lesbian because I have Katie’s tongue up my asshole right now?” She didn’t wait for him to answer, instead she shook her head no and kept talking. “No… that doesn’t mean a thing. I’m not asking you to do it because I want you to get something out of it, I’m asking you to do it to teach these two a lesson. You don’t have to enjoy it, just humiliate him.” She said that last very low, almost a whisper, so Chris wouldn’t hear. Then, louder so she was sure he would hear she said. “Besides, he’s got such a pretty mouth, I’ll bet he can really suck a dick.” she winked at Zack and smirked. She knew that if she could talk him into doing this, she could talk him into doing anything.

To Zack it sounded crazy and it made sense at the same time. He looked over at Chris who had rolled onto his side facing away from them and was desperately attempting to get free. Meanwhile, Katie was in her own private hell. Her tongue was not used to working so hard and was tired and sore, and yet she was too scared to stop licking and tonguing the brown hole. She was so grossed out by what she was doing and the more she licked the slimier the area got, making it, in her mind, even worse. The slime went from her chin to her nose and she could feel a drop of saliva running down the side of her cheek. She could also feel on her cheeks the tiny hairs that surrounded the wrinkled rosebud. She couldn’t imagine how she would be able to look at herself in the mirror after this.

Zack took a deep breath and walked over to Chris. Reaching down, he grabbed a handful of his wavy blonde hair and pulled his head up, twisting his body so that he was on his belly with his face pointed straight ahead. “Okay bitch, open wide.” he growled, his swollen member pointing at the bound boys tightly clamped mouth. He pushed his cock against the pursed lips. “Ash, he ain’t gonna open.” he said.

Ashley raised off Katie’s tongue and sat on her chest. “You are going to smother again unless your boyfriend opens his mouth and sucks Zack’s cock. You have thirty seconds to talk to him before I cut off your air again.” she said calmly.

Katie’s face was a mess and she was crying and blubbering and wanting to be anywhere else but right here in this moment. “C-C-Chris p-p-p-please don-don’t let her d-d-do that to me a-a-again. She’s g-g-gonna k-k-kill meeee.” she started balling like a baby missing it’s pacifier.

Ashley rolled her eyes at how pathetic Katie was. “You heard her Chrissy p*o, now what’re you gonna do? You got only about ten more seconds until I cut her air off for good.” Another cry was heard from under the dominant girl.

Chris had never been this close to another mans cock, hell it was pressed against his lips. He could smell the musky smell of the semi hard member as the spongy helmet shaped head pressed against his clenched lips. He was determined to not open his mouth, but Katie’s anguish was getting to him. He couldn’t bear to hear her in such fear. When Ashley said there was only ten seconds left and he heard Katie whimper, he knew what he had to do. As awful as it would be, he could only help her by doing what he was told. He would sacrifice his dignity and allow himself to be used orally to save the woman he loved. He opened his mouth.

Zack was one hundred percent sure that Chris would not open his mouth for anything, so he was shocked when he felt his cock slide into the warm, wet orifice and lips close around the shaft. He hadn’t even been looking, instead he had looked over to Ash when he heard the whiny whimper from Katie, and then his penis was inside Chris’s mouth. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed “he’s actually doing it.” He felt the sudden rush of bl**d filling his penis, and realized that even a guys mouth could feel pretty good.

“See, I knew he wanted to suck your cock honey.” Ashley said smugly. “Fuck his pretty mouth and give him a taste of your cum.”

Thirty seconds ago, Zack would have never imagined shooting a load of cum into a guys mouth, but now he was thinking that he might be able to. The weird feelings he had earlier suddenly didn’t seem so bad anymore, after all, he thought, it’s not like I’m gay or anything. It was Ashley’s idea, and he didn’t want to upset her. His cock was throbbing now, having fully expanded, and he started to thrust into Chris’s mouth.

Chris was so disgusted by what he was now doing and he hoped that Katie appreciated it. The fleshy muscle had a slightly salty taste that he attributed to sweat and the thought turned his stomach, but he steeled himself. He was determined to do whatever it took to save Katie. He felt the thick shaft expand rapidly forcing his mouth open even wider. He worried momentarily that his jaw was going to be dislocated by the swelling organ, but he was able to handle it. And then Zack started to thrust.

Katie was unable to see what was going on but heard the talking and could picture it in her mind. It scared her and in some odd way it excited her. Then, she realized with horror that her panties were wet, and they weren’t wet from piss, she was lubricating. She couldn’t understand why because she wasn’t, under any circumstances, enjoying herself. Not in the least.

Ashley momentarily forgot about Katie as she watched in rapt fascination as her boyfriend fucked Chris’s mouth. Although she had sucked plenty of dicks herself, she had never watched someone else do it, let alone two guys. To her it wasn’t so much a turn on as it was a curiosity. She loved seeing her boyfriend being dominant, but she would never allow him to be dominant over her. She realized that Katie was unable to see the action so she lifted her leg, providing a clear view. The look on her prissy roommates face was priceless.

Having a guys penis in his mouth was bad enough, but when Zack started to thrust his seven inch fuck stick deeply into his throat, Chris was in hell. The way he was tied, arms behind his back and his wrists attached to his tied legs, put him in a position where his head could be controlled very easily. This enabled Zack to tip Chris’s head back, which straightened his throat, and shove his cock all the way in. His gag reflex was going full f***e causing bile to spew up from his stomach and into his invaded mouth. He was chocking and gasping for air, his eyes pouring tears, his nose dripping snot, long runnels of saliva were hanging from his chin and splattering on the floor. In and out went the thick shaft, sliding over his tongue, hitting the back of his throat and then pushing deeply into his throat. Each time it entered his throat, his neck bulged, then went down as it was withdrawn, only to be thrust forward again, over and over, each time causing Chris to gag and choke and gasp and try to vomit the monstrosity out. He thought it was never going to end, that he would die before the plunging penis stopped. His mind wondering if after he was dead would Zack continue to fuck his mouth, even as rigor mortise set in. And then, when he thought he could take no more, he actually felt the member swell even more, to a seemingly impossible size. It took a moment for him to catch on why, and then, with one last thrust, Zack shoved his erupting dick all the way in and held it there.

Any worry’s about homosexuality that Zack had originally were gone as he felt the onset of his orgasm. He had never had his dick so deeply shoved into anyone’s mouth before and it felt just incredible. It didn’t matter anymore that this was a guy, at the moment he was just using this mouth for his pleasure only. He wasn’t turned on by the person he was using, he was turned on by the feelings and the power, even though Ashley was the one who was giving the orders. He didn’t care that Chris was nearly puking around his dick, he didn’t care about anything but his own impending orgasm. As he neared release, his thrusts became more violent, and he closed his eyes as he drove his pelvis forward and back. And then he reached the point of no return, that moment when orgasm hasn’t quite started, but is completely unavoidable, and he drove his swollen cock all the way in. His sloppy wet pubic hair mashed against the taut lips, his ball sack pushed tightly against the chin, his hands gripping securely the ears, and the first white hot blast of cum squirted out the tip of his penis. He tossed his head back and moaned loudly as wave after wave rushed through his body and shot after shot of semen exploded forth.

Chris didn’t have time to worry about swallowing cum, he was just trying to breathe, then the deluge came. Since the head of the penis was so far into the back of his throat, the spray of semen went right down. He barely felt the creamy liquid sliding down toward his stomach, but he did notice Zack’s unmistakable shouts. His mind was a whirlwind of emotion; on the on hand he was horrified that this guys cum was going into his belly, but on the other hand he was relieved that he was almost done.

Katie watched the proceedings with a mixture of revulsion and dismay. She also felt terrible guilt, knowing that her friend wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. Chris was in obvious agony and that added to her feelings of hopelessness also. He was supposed to save her, that’s what she had been waiting for, but instead, he had fallen into the trap and had become a victim as well. Now there was no hope of rescue, and she wondered how far this would go, and if they would survive.

12 Katie Tongues Ass

Ashley was in awe as she witnessed her boyfriends intense orgasm in the mouth of a guy. It gave her a feeling of power knowing that she had pretty much told Zack to do something that he never would have even thought of doing before and not only did he come, he actually enjoyed it. She now felt that she could make him do anything, and she planned on using that to her advantage. Looking back down at her terrified roommate, she decided to take this to the next level.

“That was a good show wasn’t it. Now it’s our turn to give the boys a show. We don’t want to disappoint them. Now since Chris just took a wicked beating to save you, I think you should return the favor. I’m going to get off you now and you had better behave or else Zack is going to do something real bad to your cock sucking friend. Do you understand?” she waited for Katie to nod her head before smiling “That’s a good little slave.” she said smugly, then she stood up. Katie turned on to her side and curled into ball, but Ash was not about to give her a break. “Oh no you don’t, I want your tongue back in my ass.” She grabbed a handful of Katie’s hair and pulled her roughly up into a kneeling position.

“Your slutty tongue belongs deep in my ass and that’s where you are going to stick it. And you better not hold out on me either, I want you to drive that tongue in as far as you possibly can. If I think for one second that you are not trying, I’m gonna tell Zack to cut off Chris’s nuts with his switchblade.” Katie believed her. “I need to cum real bad and I want to cum with your tongue in my ass, so lets go.” Ash leaned over the overstuffed chair arm and spread her chunky ass cheeks wide.

For a moment, Katie didn’t move. Ashley wondered if they had pushed her too far and she was in shock. Then, just when it seemed she wasn’t going to do it, she got up and kneeled in front of the plump posterior. She stared intently into the wrinkled brown orifice, as if working it out in her mind. She had already had her tongue there, but that didn’t make it any easier to wrap her mind around again. At that point, Zack thought she needed some motivation and snapped open his switchblade. Katie was suddenly snapped out of her trance and leaned down, placing her face into Ashley’s ass crack, and licking around her anus tentatively.

Ashley thought about telling her to stick her tongue in deep but then decided against it. What Katie was doing now felt absolutely heavenly, as if she was making love to her asshole. She was being so gentle licking all around and depositing plenty of saliva.

Katie had gone to a place inside her head that before today, she hadn’t known existed. She knew what she was doing and wanted to stop, but she was doing it anyway, because she had to. There was no more taste that she could discern and she had somehow gotten used to the musky smell. As she licked around the orifice, the opening seemed to become looser, and within minutes, her tongue was sliding inside without much effort. She kept at it, not really going deep, but working the perimeter.

It felt incredible to Ashley and she rubbed her clit, pushing her body closer to climax. She should have been happy with what she was getting because she was enjoying it so much, but she wanted to degrade and humiliate her roommate even more. “Drive that fucking tongue all the way in my ass…now.” she ordered.

Katie pushed forward, mashing her nose deeply into the moist valley and driving her tongue through the loosened sphincter muscle. She heard Ashley moan and felt a strange sense of accomplishment, as if she was proud that she could cause that sort of reaction. She closed her eyes and plunged her fleshy tongue deep inside and wiggled it around as much as she could. She had become a woman on a mission, and that mission was to do whatever it took to get through this humiliation, no matter how degrading and mortifying things got. She still couldn’t figure out why her crotch was so wet. She also thought it was strange that she had an unusual tingling sensation in her private regions. Even though she was still a virgin, she did masturbate occasionally, and for some reason that she could not understand, her own pussy was engorged.

Having finally caught his breath, Chris watched the depraved scene with a mixture of disgust and some feelings of erotic arousal. He was like most guys, he was turned on by lesbian sex, but he also had always been turned on by the whole idea of being some ones sex slave. Although he had never pictured himself being f***ed to suck a mans penis, it was part of his fantasy to be controlled by a f***eful woman. This was just not the setting that he envisioned being in. He was still worried that this could get violent, especially since Zack had pulled out a knife. It was scary, and that was part of the reason that he had an erection. What he didn’t count on was Ashley noticing his erection.

Ashley was well on her way to a screaming orgasm with Katie’s slippery tongue sliding around her rectum and her own fingers busily frigging her clit when she glanced over to Chris who was on his side watching the action. It only took a glimpse to see that he was sporting a good sized boner. She would have immediately seized upon the fact that he was somehow turned on by this, but at the moment she had more pressing things on her mind. She worked her swollen clitoris faster and yelled “OHH YEAH PUSH IT IN DEEPER …THAT’S IT…MORE….OHHHGODDON’TSTOP…YEAH YEAH YEAH RIGHTTHEREOHHHHFUCKI”MCUUUUUUMMMMMMIINNNNNNGGGGGGG OOOHHHHHHH.” It was the most intense orgasm that she could remember ever having.

Katie felt Ashley’s ass hole start to spasm, clutching her tongue tightly over and over and forcing it out, only to have it slide back in again as it loosened and then squeeze it back out. Again and again her tongue was pushed out and each time she f***ed it back in deeply, wondering why she didn’t stop now that climax had arrived. She was a woman possessed though, her body acting on its own, and her own cunt throbbing. That’s what it was in her mind now, a cunt. A pulsating, bl**d engorged, sensitive, wet, hot cunt. A part of her mind was wondering where the rational, sane part of her mind had went to. She would never had thought of using that word, that dirty, disgusting, degrading word, to describe her womanhood before, but now it seemed that that was the right, no the only, word that truly fit. Her cunt was wet. Her cunt was hot. Her cunt was horny. The more her mind repeated that word, the more it affected her. She was horny and this whole scene was the reason.

“Holy shit Ashley, she’s playing with her pussy.” Zack guffawed. “She’s getting into it.”

Katie hadn’t even realized, but it was true. She was so intent on doing what needed to be done, she absentmindedly started to rub her own clitoris. She was so embarrassed she quickly pulled her hand away. Ashley was still coming down from her high and saw the look of shame on her roomies face. It was classic, and she couldn’t wait to exploit it.

Chris could sympathize with Katie because he was turned on by this whole thing way more than he wanted to be, and he couldn’t hide his arousal. Watching the woman he loved being f***ed to eat out the ass of another woman had him worked up.

Ashley stood up straight and motioned to Zack, “Get his shorts down, lets see how big his cock is.”

Zack didn’t question her and while he pulled down Chris’s shorts and underwear as far as they would go, Ashley stripped off Katie’s clothes.


When Katie was totally naked, Ashley decided to make her suck some cock. “Okay Katie, it seems to me that you and your little friend are turned on by all this so I think you should go take care of him. I want you to give him a blow job until he cums. Show him how much you appreciate the fact that he sucked Zack’s cock just for you.”

Katie had never given a blowjob before and she didn’t want to do her first one now. In fact, she always thought only sluts and whores gave blowjobs. She looked at Ashley, “I’ve never done that before.” she whispered, not expecting any sympathy.

Ashley giggled cruelly, as if she was making fun of her less experienced roommate. “You know I figured that you hadn’t sucked a cock before so I’ll let you practice on my feet. They are really stinky because I haven’t showered yet and I wore my shoes all day long yesterday, but the practice will be good and I’m sure that Chris will enjoy it more if you get some practice in first.” she flipped off her socks, sat down on the couch and put her feet up in Katie’s face. “C’mon slave, don’t make me wait.”

Katie could smell the unpleasant smell of feet and although she had smelled worse, they were pretty bad, especially this close. She didn’t want to even think about sucking on the smelly feet, but she didn’t have a choice. Leaning in closer, she stuck out her abused tongue and licked up along the arch of Ashley’s right foot. The taste seemed to explode in her mouth, sour and bitter, and she felt grains of dirt stick to the tip. She backed up for a moment, took a deep breath and then leaned back, opening her mouth wide and engulfing the big toe. She closed her lips around the appendage.

“There you go, now slide your tongue around and gently suck. Make lots of spit too, guys like lots of spit when you blow them.” Ash informed her student.

Katie did what she was told, sucking the big toe with her lips and wrapping her tongue around the fleshy bottom. The toe nail scr****g the roof of her mouth.

“MMMMM that feels wonderful, I think that Chris is going to like getting a blowjob from you.” Ashley had never had her toes sucked before. She had always thought it was funny that some people were turned on by feet. It had never occurred to her that it could actually feel good. It felt so good in fact, that she would have to make Zack do it to her sometime. It was strange but the feelings of her toe getting sucked went straight to her pussy, as if there was a nerve attached from her toe directly to her clit. Even though she had just cum, her pussy was tingling again. She looked over to Zack and saw that his cock was semi hard and she wanted to be fucked, hard. “Go suck his cock.” she ordered, pulling her toe out of the hot sucking mouth and grabbing a handful of her hair. She pulled Katie over and pushed her head down toward Chris’s six inch penis.

“Damn it leave her alone.” Chris said but with very little conviction. Then he felt Katie’s lips brush the tip of his penis and the bl**d surged into the semi hard member, causing it to swell suddenly to unforeseen dimensions.

Ashley was giddy with delight when she saw his cock literally jump with excitement even though he was telling her to stop. She held Katie’s head until she saw his penis disappear into her mouth.

Chris was getting more angry by the minute, but that didn’t stop his penis from jumping at the touch of Katie’s lips. Then she took the head into her mouth and he felt her warm, soft lips wrap around the taut skin and felt her tongue gliding around the helmet shaped tip and tickling his piss slit and he let it happen. Not that he could do much about it anyway. He wished he could see her better, but tied the way he was it was very hard for him to look down at her, so he closed his eyes and focused on the feel. It felt incredible.

The feel of a warm cock in her mouth was something totally new to Katie and yet she realized right away that it wasn’t so bad, and although she was being f***ed to do it, at least she was doing it to someone she liked. It was not at all what she expected it to be like. For one, she expected the smell to be bad, like old sweat. Instead, the smell was remarkably pleasant, and it turned her on even more. She liked it and she was a little angry with herself for never trying it before. She used her tongue to feel the texture and was surprised at how spongy it felt. It was hard but soft. As she flicked the tip of her tongue into the pee slit, she was rewarded with a tiny squirt of fluid. She realized immediately that it wasn’t pee, but it also wasn’t cum. The fluid was kind of sweet and she realized that it must be pre-cum.

Chris was on the verge, so close to the point of no return. It was so good he opened his mouth and moaned “OOOOHHHHHH GOODGODKATIE I’M--- GONNA--- CUM” and suddenly, without warning, Ashley pulled Katie away from Chris’s cock. His shiny wet cock dropped onto his belly and he groaned in frustration.

“I didn’t say he could cum yet bitch.” Ashley half whispered to Katie. “I want you to get Zack’s dick ready for my cunt. Come suck him hard for me.” she pulled Katie over to her boyfriend and shoved her down on his dick. At first, Katie closed her mouth, but when her nemesis reached under and twisted her right nipple painfully, she opened her mouth in a scream and found it full of dick. It was semi hard already and with very little work it was back to full erection.

“There you go now get it nice and wet for me.” Ashley was practically drooling while looking at her boyfriends cock. After only about thirty seconds, she pushed Katie down onto her back and climbed over her, planting her ass right on her face. “Fuck me stud.” she breathed, looking seductively at Zack.

Zack looked down at Katie and could see her wide eyes peering out from between his girlfriends ass cheeks. Her nose was just slightly pinched in between the soft globes and he knew her mouth must be right under the anus. This sight was such a huge turn on and he quickly moved forward and placed his stiff pole up against Ashley’s pulsating pussy lips. He wasted no time driving his rigid shaft into the hot, wet cavern and started fucking her earnestly.

Katie found herself in a most unenviable position. From her vantage point, she could see the most intimate parts of both Zack and Ashley. What was worse was that Zack’s hairy balls kept slapping her between the eyes. Then she felt Ashley reach down and slap her side and heard her say “C’mon bitch, stick your tongue in my ass.” at first she ignored her, thinking ‘what more can she do to me?’, but that was answered a moment later when she felt hands squeezing in between her chest and Ashley’s back and her tits being twisted hard. Giving in to the indignities, she drove her tongue up between the golden globes and tickled the moist opening.

Ashley was laying flat out on her roommate with her own head between Katie’s thighs. Her lower back was situated between Katie’s breasts and her ass was on her mouth. It was actually pretty comfortable and put her at a real good height so Zack had an easier reach on his knees. His cock felt so good in her cunt but she was thinking that she wanted him in her asshole. With a hot tongue wiggling around her anus, she was wet enough and her sphincter was relaxed enough. She could tell that Zack was getting real close so she decided to make her move now.

“Take it out.” She was breathing hard and she saw the look of shock in his eyes when she finished “Put it in my ass.” she knew that he had always wanted to try that but she had never let him.

He stopped thrusting and looked into her eyes “Are you sure?” he asked.

She didn’t want to wait. “Damn it Zack just do it. Fuck my asshole!”

Swiftly he withdrew from her succulent, dripping vagina and waited for her to turn around onto her hands and knees. She was now kneeling over Katie and she lowered her head down to raise her ass and waited for him to slide in. she expected it to hurt and she half expected Zack to just drive it home without a thought for her feelings, but instead, he was very gentle. He placed the head of his swollen penis up against her puckered rosebud and pushed slowly. Ash had heard that you should push like you were taking a shit and it would be easier, so that’s what she did, and it worked. Her sphincter opened up and the head squeezed in.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH”She yelled as she felt the shaft invading her most private region. It hurt, but not nearly as bad as she thought it would hurt and it on took a couple of slow, gentle thrusts before it stopped hurting and started to feel good. Then, it started to feel real good, and Ash realized that if he kept it up a little bit longer, she was going to cum.

Opening her eyes, she looked down into Katie’s pussy and realized for the first time today just how pretty it was. She had been with a couple of other girls, but she had always been d***k, and really didn’t remember much about either time. Being that she was hyper horny right now, she suddenly wanted to lick and smell and eat the pretty pink pussy in front of her. Her mouth was actually watering at the thought of tonguing the swollen lips and drinking the juices that were practically dripping out. As she lowered her face closer, she could smell the arousal coming from this womanly place and she inhaled all of it’s odors. It smelled wonderful and she stuck her face right into the fleshy, wet maw and started to lick with a vengeance.

Katie had been staring up at the underside of Zack’s cock and scrotum as he fucked his girlfriends rectum. On either side of her head were Ash’s knees. She was kind of mesmerized, almost hypnotized, by the thrusting and withdrawing action. It was amazing seeing her asshole bulging grotesquely as he slid himself out, and then reversing and pushing in as he sunk himself back into her depths. It was a depraved scene to be sure but for some reason it was erotic as hell.

The sounds were also arousing as well. Not just the moans of both Ash and Zack, but the squelching sounds of his thick meaty staff sliding in and out of her tight, wet cavity. Then, she felt a new sensation between her own legs and she gasped. Although she couldn’t see what was happening, she knew that she was getting eaten for the first time. It was the most wonderful feeling that she ever experienced in her whole life and she reached up with both hands and grasped the sides of Ashley’s waist. She groaned in pleasure, aware that she was right on the verge of losing control, even though she had never been in control. Her eyes closed tightly as she felt the soft and juicy appendage glide up her labia and land on her sensitive clitoris. That was about all it took. She tensed up, all of her muscles going rigid at once. She was holding her breath as she teetered on the edge for an eternity that was really only about a second, and then sex organs were wracked with spasms and her whole body was along for the ride.

Ash felt Katie’s thighs tighten up on her ears just moments before the pussy she was sucking on went into a fit of contractions. She let go of the clit and clamped her whole mouth over the engorged pussy, driving her tongue deeply into the quivering, pulsating hole. She was rewarded with a squirt of ejaculate that filled her mouth and that sent her body past the point of no return. She never even realized that she was screaming into the pussy that filled her mouth.

Zack was having a damned hard time holding off his own orgasm as he plowed himself deeply into his girlfriends tightest hole. He was determined to hold of cumming for as long as possible because he could tell that Ashley was enjoying anal sex as much as he was. In an attempt to hold himself off longer, he looked up at the ceiling and focused on his breathing, wanting to get the absolute most out of this experience as possible. Then, he felt his girlfriend shift her body and he looked down to see that she had started licking Katie’s cunt. He was shocked, but it excited him even more if that was at all conceivable.
It now took every ounce of his willpower to hold his semen in. Luckily for him, it wouldn’t be for long.

He watched in awe as Ash’s head was squeezed between Katie’s thighs and heard squeals of intense pleasure erupt from under his crotch. Then, as that information was computing in his brain, he felt his girlfriend tighten up and heard another pleasurable, albeit muffled, scream from her. He stopped thrusting, his manhood buried to the hilt, and felt the most amazing sensation. Her asshole was tightening, pulsating really, around the root of his penis, as if it was trying to milk the sperm out of his balls. He looked down and watched the stretched ring of her anus throbbing, pounding in time with her contractions, and then he was there himself. Gripping Ashley’s hips tightly, he unloaded the second load of the day deep into her boiling bowels.

Chris, still hogtied, watched the whole scene lying on his side. He had never been so conflicted before in his life. His cock was so engorged it was almost purple. It would take nothing more than a touch or even a simple breeze to make him explode. He shouldn’t be horny, he should be angry, but he just wanted to cum.

As Ashley came down from her unbelievable orgasm, she felt Zack’s quickly softening penis slip out of her. She looked down at the sloppy wet pussy that she had just finished eating and was now angry with herself. She was supposed to be humiliating this bitch, not making her cum. She felt that she had let herself lose control and she didn’t like it. Then she thought of the perfect ending to a perfect day. She could feel Zack’s hot sperm starting to drip out of her, so she quickly spun around and kneeled over Katie’s face again.

“Open your mouth now ass slut, suck his cum out of my shit hole.” She was prepared for another struggle and even though she was exhausted, she wanted this one last indignity. This was the most disgusting thing she could think of doing, and it made her giddy just thinking about it. She reached down and spread her ass cheeks with both hands and was shocked to see Katie look hungrily into the abused anal opening and raise herself up closer while licking her lips. Ash lowered herself down and planted her open asshole onto the open mouth and farted a glob of steaming cum out.

Katie didn’t know what had come over her and at the moment she didn’t care. It was like a switch in her mind had been flipped on and now, the most depraved act she had ever heard of was exciting. ‘Maybe I am an ass slut after all’ she thought to herself as she suctioned her lips over the red anus hovering over her face. She immediately was rewarded with a blast of foul tasting, congealing spunk and ass gas that puffed her cheeks out. Dropping back down, she closed her mouth and rolled the thick, gooey mixture around her mouth before swallowing. Another blast from Ash’s ass splattered another gob onto Katie’s nose and cheek and she quickly used her hand to wipe it up and deposit it into her hungry mouth.

The two guys were watching the whole disgusting display with a mixture of revolting and erotic feelings. Zack looked down at his flaccid penis and said “Baby, have her clean me up.”

Before climbing off her roommate for the last time, Ashley lowered her ass down and wiped herself off on Katie’s face, scrubbing her butt crack back and forth until she felt somewhat dry, then she got up and said, “Let’s go. You heard him. Get your skinny ass moving and clean his cock up. We don’t have all fucking day.”

Katie’s face felt like it was caked in slime and shit and in a way it was, but she made her way over to Zack and fell onto his lap, putting his entire soft penis into her mouth. It was like sucking on a wet noodle and she used her tongue and lips to suck and lick all the cream off of it. If he hadn’t already cum twice, he would have gotten rock hard again, but instead he just became semi-hard. He was also rather sensitive and after about thirty seconds of her vacuum like mouth sucking and her tongue twisting and twirling aggressively, he pushed her aside. He had had enough and was all done.

Chris on the other hand was far from done. His cock was so swollen that it was starting to get very uncomfortable. The other three had seemed to forget that he was still there, they were all so tired. Ash was laying in the middle of the floor, her face flush as she came back down from her orgasmic high. Zack was slumped on the couch, his eyes heavy, obviously ready for a nap. Katie was kneeling on the floor and laying her head and arms on the couch. Her eyes were also closing. “Hey!” he shouted “What about me? Somebody untie me please.”

Ash looked up at him with half open eyes “Ass slut” she barked at Katie “Go take care of your boyfriend.”

Katie looked over at Chris and her eyes immediately fell on his inflated hard-on. The head was shiny and purple. She was tired and sore and she stunk like an outhouse and was covered in slime that was getting crusty, but his cock looked so good and she wondered what it would feel like blasting it’s seed in her mouth. She smiled evilly and crawled over seductively, never taking her eyes off his waving member. As she reached him, she heard him moan and say “K… what are doing?” he was whispering “They’re gonna fall asl**p, you need to untie me so we can get out of here.” She heard him and deep down inside her she knew that she should do just that, but he looked like he needed relief too.

“Don’t you want me to suck your cock for you?” she asked. “It’s so big and hard and it looks so good.” She had never talked like this in her life but now she felt like such a slut and she didn’t even care. “Maybe you can fuck me with it to.”

“My God Katie, what happened to you?” Chris was horny and he wanted her so bad, but he also knew that he would feel so guilty. It would seem like taking advantage of her in a fragile state, as if she were d***k or d**gged. It just wouldn’t feel right. “Just untie me, please.”

Katie ignored him, or at least she ignored what he was saying, and focused entirely on his aroused appendage. She got down low, put her nose right up close, and breathed in his manly scent. “HHMMMMMMMMM that’s so nice” she whispered. Sticking her tongue out, she licked the large drop of pre-cum off the head and then stuck the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit, flicking it up and down several times. That nearly put him over the edge, but she stopped too soon. He groaned in frustration and finally started to beg. “Please” he mumbled “Please just…just touch it…it’s so close…I just need…”

Katie looked up into his eyes and smiled “I know what you need.” she said, then lowering her head she engulfed the head and more into her wet sucking mouth. Wrapping her lips tightly around the shaft just below the head, she sucked gently and twirled her soft tongue around and around. Then, she grasped the shaft in one hand and with two quick tugs up and down, he exploded.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHUHUHUHUHUSSSHHHHHHHHH” his shouting went on and on. It felt like all of his insides had turned to liquid and was coming out of the head of his dick. Everything, his whole body, his whole being, was cumming and cumming, and it was going on and on. It was so intense and the mouth never stopped sucking, the tongue never stopped swirling around the head, and the hand never stopped stroking up and down. His whole body was convulsing in the most pleasurable, powerful, extreme orgasm ever.

Squirt after squirt came blasting into Katie’s mouth, showering her teeth, gums and tongue. She counted seven, no eight, no nine squirts and even then some more dribbled out and she swallowed it all like a pro, like a seasoned prostitute or a porn star, it went down to her belly.

Epilogue---One month later

Katie’s life had changed significantly since that fateful day. She had settled in quite nicely as Ashley’s ass slut, realizing that the life she used to live wasn’t anywhere near as much fun as being a sex slave.

Zack had now moved in and wearing his dick out with all the fucking.

Ashley’s favorite new thing was getting her asshole fucked by Zack, after Katie licked it real good.

As for Chris, well he still stopped over now and again to try to talk some sense into Katie, but it never worked, and he usually ended up with his pants around his ankles getting his cock sucked by someone in the house. He tried to make everyone think he didn’t want it, but no one believed him.

The End

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Best story ever
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