The Man

Henri was 72 years old and still loved to fuck. He loved fucking young girls. He took lots of Viagra and could fuck for hours. He had a nice big nine and a half inch cock and huge balls. He loved kinky sex and he usually picked up one of the street whores on 4th Avenue. He would bring them to his house and fuck with them all day long. Sometimes he would find a local girl on the internet that loved to fuck older men but it was easier to pick up a very young street whore. They were cheap and kinky too.

Today he drove to 4th Avenue and there were three young girls standing there in sexy almost naked bodies. He stopped in front of them and they came to the car. He looked them over and liked the c***d like one with bigger tits. He told her "Lift your shirt and show me your tits." As she lifted her shirt he saw she had a nice pair of tits and they were perky to play with. He made the money deal and she got in the car. He then said "Take your clothes off and get naked and slide over here beside me." As she undressed he began to rub her tits and her pussy. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was hard and would stay hard for hours and he would fuck her every minute it was rock hard. Her ass and pussy would be raw when he was done with the young slut.

He then pulled her head to his cock and began to drive down the road. She knew to suck him and as she sucked the big cock he pushed her head down to get it deep in her mouth. He told her "Suck that cock. You are going to get lots of cock sucking today. Now all of it in your mouth and suck hard all the way to my house." As she sucked he held her head balls deep over his cock.

At his house he took her naked to his play room. He then finished undressing. His cock was hard and sticking straight out. He pulled her to him and began to suck on her tits. Her nipples got hard as he sucked them and he told her "I chose you because you have nice big firm tits. You also have a nice ass. I like my whores to have great tits and ass. You also suck cock real good and I don't have to waste fucking time teaching you to deepthroat my cock. Now sit in that chair and spread your legs then spread your pussy lips so I can see that cunt I have paid for." The young girl did just as he told her and he liked the look of her spread legs and open cunt. He then pulled her up and bent her over the chair and spread her legs wide. He put three fingers in her cunt and began to fuck her hard. He was surprised for a street whore that her cunt was quite tight. He finger fucked her for a while before he began to push his cock in her.

As he entered her he could feel how tight she was and she felt real good. He could feel pussy all around his big cock. He pushed in deeper till he had his cock buried in her and then began to fuck her hard and rough. He reached under her and grabbed a nipple in each hand and as he rammed his cock in her pulled on the nipples. He then grabbed her shoulders and pushed his cock in hard and fast fucking her like a maniac. Her tight cunt had him so turned on that he just wanted to pound her hole. He looked at her round little ass as his cock fucked her tight hole hard and then gave that ass a hard slap. He spanked her ass six more times and liked the show of his handprint on her ass cheeks. He spread her ass cheeks and looked at her tight ass bud. He then pushed two fingers into her ass hole and finger fucked her ass as his cock fucked her cunt hard and deep. He added a third finger and was fucking both holes before he filled her cunt with cum.

Even tho he just came in her cunt his cock stayed hard so he moved it to her ass and shoved inside her. He wanted every inch of cock in her ass and wanted to fuck her hard. He loved ass fucking as it was usually tighter than the whores cunt but this young slut had a very tight cunt and he was going to enjoy that today. He buried his cock in her ass and watched as he pushed it in and out of her as his balls slapped against her wet pussy. He then pushed his cock all the way in and held it tight to her as his fingers now grabbed her clit and began rubbing and twisting it. He felt the young girl cum and then he added three fingers to her cunt and as he was fucking her ass and twisting her clit he was finger fucking her cunt. Now whe was moaning and cumming fast for the old man. He smiled as he realized that this whore loved to fuck. And he was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked even if he had to take another Viagra. He fucked her ass and cunt for over an hour as she kept moaning and cumming for the old man. His fingers were soaked with her cum.

He then pulled his cock from her ass and turned her around and told her to suck his cock. As she took his cock in her mouth he grabbed her by the hair and shoved it into her throat and told her to suck him hard. He then took her head and rammed it up and down on his cock fucking her mouth. Next he pushed it all the way into her mouth and held it there and felt her sucking him hard and he then plugged her nose so she could get strong suction on his cock. She sucked like a vacuum. He made her suck his cock for quite a while before he pulled out and sat down and pulled her across his lap. He told her "Spread your legs wide. I am going to spank that sexy ass and maybe your sweet pussy before I fuck you more." He then began to spank her ass watching it get redder and redder. He gave her pussy a couple flat handed swats also then went back to her ass. He loved spanking nice young asses and seeing his handprints on them. He gave her pussy more slaps till both ass and pussy were bright red. The best thing about the whores is they took all his punishment but he normally did not go off the deep end. Just spanking and tit slapping.

He sat her up and pulled her to him and began to suck on her tits. Her nipples got hard in his mouth. He told her "Rub your tits over my face then back to my mouth and keep doing this so I can feel your nipples all over my face as I suck you." She did just that giving his face a rub down with her nipples and then letting him suck before she rubbed him again. Each time she traded nipples.

He then pushed her down between his legs and spread his legs wide. "I want you to kiss my asshole and lick it. Then finger fuck it hard before you tongue fuck it. I want you to tongue fuck it like it was some some whores cunt. I like the tongue in deep and lots of sucking." She then began by licking and kissing his hole before she pushed a finger in him. She was finger fucking him deep and hard as he screamed "another finger" and she added the second finger and continued to fuck his ass. After a bit he yelled again "another finger". She added the third finger and soon had a fourth finger deep in his ass. She fucked his ass hard and he let her for a long time as he loved getting his ass fucked. He even sometimes picked up a male whore to fuck and have the male fuck his ass. Then he told her "tongue fuck me." She pushed her tongue into his ass and began fucking his stretched ass. He loved to be tongue fucked and really was enjoying this young whore who was the best fuck he had had in ages. "Suck my ass hard. Suck it harder." She ass sucked him a long time before he pulled her to him and kissed her. He loved to taste his ass on her tongue.

He fucked all her holes for several more times and knew she was getting sore but she did not complain at all. His cock was big in her tight cunt and ass. He even spanked her a couple more times just to see the marks on her ass and pussy. After several hours of fucking with no break he asked her. "How much to stay all night with me? I want to keep fucking your young body. Will you stay?" After agreeing on the price she stayed with him. They showered and he even douched her cunt for her flushing it with cool water to help the soreness from his big cock. He washed her ass that was bright red from the last spanking he gave her with a hair brush. But he was thinking of all the fucking they had left to do that nice long night.
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2 years ago
stupid story
2 years ago
Nothing like a dirty ol man to play with eh?
I love getting nasty and playing but got to find that nasty woman that loves to get down too.
great story.
loved it
2 years ago
kinky...i like it
2 years ago
This is a great series of stories. Hope more are on the way.
2 years ago
And the point of this is????