The Fantasy

The Fantasy

What started out as a thought, became a fantasy and finished as reality or did it? My first sexual encounter with a woman and her partner. A suggestion had been made and by the time the night arrived my excitement couldn't be contained.
The first time I set eyes on them I desired them, wanted them and set out to have them. Even while removing Natasha's clothing on the pretence of a massage I knew what was going to happen and that there would be no going back.

Natasha a beautiful and sexual blonde stood facing me my hands slide to her back to unclip her bra then drew away brushing her skin as they moved, smiling as her nipples hardened in front of my eyes, eager to kiss her and place a hard nipple in my mouth, but preferring to go slow and savior the moment so decided to cup the breasts tender just as the bra had been stroking her firm nipples with my thumbs. Her skin was like silk all soft and tender. The feeling of her body pressed against me and Conor’s eyes watching his partners pleasure lovingly from his chair positioned beside the bed I found the longing and wetness build in my pussy.

Working my hands all over her thighs and breasts I had to restrain myself from going down on her then and there I noticed Conor begin to undress leaving me the only one fully clothed and unsure of what to do next. Conor took me by the shoulders and turned me gently away from his partner. "Come now don't be shy, strip and let us pleasure you!"

From feeling in control to becoming submissive in seconds I realised that perhaps I was never really in control and that this might not even be my dream or fantasy. Lying with only my g-strings on covering my modesty I lay back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of 2 pairs of hands run over my body, caressing me, touching my parts and driving me wild with excitement. G-string removed I start to relax as Natasha's gentle hands start to part my pussy lips and stroke my clit as Conor knelt beside me and ran his hands from my breasts to my thighs, watching the scene unfold before his eyes. "Get the toy" she instructed and he leant over and removed a vibrator from the bedside drawer. Lying there unable to move from the waves of pleasure flooding through me Natasha skillfully slide the vibro to my clit and began to stimulate me as her fingers danced in my pussy.

Groping for Conor my hand slide upwards in search of him and lightly began to explore him and lightly tracing the ridge around the helmet of his member and then up towards his thick mat of pubic hair. Stroking and stimulating his cock I delighted as it began to grow and rear and curve against my fingers. Stroking the tender web between the balls and sliding a finger down towards the center seam as Natasha worked on my soaking pussy driving me wild I leaned forward and slide my tongue out catching the head if Conor's shaft in my lips instantly his cock became fully aroused and unable to resist any further I opened my mouth wide and began to feast upon his hard cock and smooth balls, licking and sucking as my hands slide to Natasha's pussy so wet and succulent. As the first orgasm hit me my body thrashed and bucked enjoying the sensations these people where giving me.

Turning Natasha over I dived between her legs eager to taste this sexual woman, her partner pressed his hard erect cock at my pussy as my lips and tongue moved inwards over the intimate folds in a slow seductive rhythm. The taste was so sweet and pleasurable using my hands I parted her lips wider so I could lap more at her pleasure bud, stimulating it and sucking it greedily as the head of Conor's cock thrust deep into my pussy and Natasha's hands groped my breasts hungrily minutes passed and moans of bliss where heard as three people became one.

Without warning Conor pushed me out of the way, making a grab for Natasha, pulling her legs wider apart and plunging his glistening shaft into her soaking pussy. Nathasa wrapped her legs around his back and skillfully began to milk him as he drove in hard, fast and deep. Sliding up the bed I stroke Natasha's nipples once more and reach down to steal a kiss from her. Eagerly her lips met mine and a tongue gently probed against my mouth, feeling her moans of delight as Conor thrusted deeper riding her to her climax, her body like mine bucked and her hips thrusted tighter against her partner as her orgasms became more and more intense. Conor not yet satisfied moved to hover between my legs and started to fuck me with the same powerful intensity as he had his lover, hands lips, wet silky pussies and hard cocks, my eyes rolled back into my head as I climaxed hard and with intensity so strong that Conor pulled out and came all over both of us covering our tits with creamy white fluid.
Lying there entwined together not knowing where hands and feet went exhausted and satisfied I smiled.
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1 year ago
Would luv to have been there. Hot story :) xxx
3 years ago
mmm lucky conor
3 years ago
Another good one. Thanks