The Birthday Present

Sitting on the end of the bed Scarlett reached down to slip on her black stilettos, then standing up she looked at the mirror. Gazing at her reflection Scarlett couldn’t help but admire how sexy she looked. Dressed in her favourite red corset her firm 40DD breasts strained against the silk and lace eagerly wanting to escape. Scarlett looked every bit the sexy siren, right down to her matching lace G string that barely covered her modesty and her sexy red fishnet suspenders covering her lovely long legs. She had decided on piling up and loosely clipping her long chestnut red hair, and her eyes were painted in dark sensual smoky colours and lips the colour of smoldering fire red. Spraying perfume over her neck and wrists she looked again at the invite she had sent to Colin. It read.
Be ready fully dressed at 8pm, leave door unlocked, sit in your candlelit bedroom and wait for your present to arrive.
Scarlett already knew he would comply with this request even though he had no idea what kind of present he was actually going to receive. The whole thing had been orchestrated by Colin’s flat mate, Bryan.
A few days ago Scarlett had received a telephone call from Bryan who was an old friend of hers and he had asked her if she would be willing to perform a lap dance for his mate Colin on his birthday. Colin’s shy and quiet nature meant that had little experience of women and Bryan had wanted to give him a thrill for his birthday. He had also secretly confided to her that he found the idea of her turning his flat mate on strangely arousing. Scarlett had been only too willing to grant Bryan’s request as she knew he would be very grateful and in her debt. It also didnt hurt that although it was only briefly, she had met Colin once before and found him sexy. So the thought of teasing him and seeing desire in his eyes for her turned her on immensely.

The night had come Scarlett slid on a long coat over her outfit. Although her body tingled with anticipation she couldn’t help but wonder that when she came face to face with this man would he spurn her advances, be angry completely uninterested. With only one way to find out she reached for her purse and keys and left to find out.

The guy’s apartment seemed unusually quiet as she approached it. The door was unlocked as agreed. Moving slowly down the corridor towards Colin’s room Scarlett tried not to make to much noise in her high stilettos. Noticing the cd player and the cd she had given to Bryan earlier had been left on the hall table and programmed to play, Scarlett set down her purse and keys took a deep breath, pressed play ready to make her entrance.

The carefully selected music, with its sultry, sexy beat began to play. Scarlett pushed open the bedroom door and entered Colin’s room. She smiled seeing him sitting there obediently, waiting for the something to arrive. Seeing the stunned look on his face as he registered her presence gave her more confidence. Placing a finger to her lips Scarlett indicated that there was to be no communication and began to slowly move her body in time to the music dancing erotically over to where Colin sat. Feeling a real sense of power Scarlett watched his eyes widen in a mixture of shock, excitement and desire. Yes this would definitely be a birthday present to remember.

Scarlett continued to slowly sway to the music, her voluptuous hips swiveling to the beat. Lifting her hands up she traced her fingers down her neck and began to unbutton her coat. Lingering over each button, she drew out the moment when the fabric would finally slide open and fall from her shoulders revealing her body.

As the coat slid to the floor Scarlett heard the intake of Colin’s breath. With her eyes never leaving his she slowly lifted a finger to her mouth and slowly sucked it. Then sliding her fingers over her large full breasts she slid to the floor, making her back visible against the mirrored sliderobes. Using her hands Scarlett pushed her knees out wide and ran her fingers up the insides of her thighs toward her g-string. Knowing she was teasing him now she went further and hooked her thumbs under the panties as if to remove them, then giving a sensual smile stopped. Continuing in this position rocking to the beat of the music she rubbed her hands up and down on red lace instead and gave a little sexy moan. Then suddenly thrust her chest out reached up and pulled her long hair loose, shaking the curls free she moved her head back in a mock masturbation.

Slowly rising Scarlett then swayed closer to Colin, watching his eyes drink in her beauty. Feeling every bit of the Goddess she was she spreading her legs to straddle his lap while continuing to move her hips to the music. Grinding against his hardness pleased to learn she was giving him such pleasure and the rush of power she felt due to being in total control of this man, control that she intended to use well.

Watching Colin’s eyes as they moved to the lace and silk area that cupped her large firm breasts, the erect nipples now poking through the fabric. Scarlett became aware of the look of desire that showed on his face. Knowing he would be too shy to touch but knowing he wanted to made Scarlett so turned on that she felt the first spurt of wetness between her legs.

Moving back just a little knowing her firm, lace covered tits were just out of reach of hungry hands and lips. Scarlett slowly released each breast revealing each silky, smooth orb with its hard suckable nipples. Then seductively cupped them in her hands, and leant forward as if in offering to him. But as his mouth moved to accept this delicious bounty, instead of giving them to the sexually aroused man in front of her she pulled back and let her own tongue flick out to tease and increase the hardness of the nipple. Then giving a deep bewitching laught and letting them fall continued to caress each breast pinching the nipples and flicking them with her fingertips. Scarlett was unable to deny the heat spreading from her belly down to her crotch as she grew more and more excited by what she was doing. Colin was captativate and almost salavating from the mouth as he moaned for her and Scarlett couldn’t fail to see the outline of a hard cock in his pants.

Turning around to face away from him, Scarlett continued to dance for Colin’s pleasure. Slowly she bent her body forward, showing the damp lace of the thong, knowing the sight of her thong covered pussy and exposed, firm round ass cheeks would tease and excite further, brought more wetness to her flooded pussy.
By this time Scarlett was so hot and aroused she needed, wanted badly to cum and even though this wasn’t the original plan made a knee jerk decision. Colin clearly wanted her and she was hot, wet and more than willing to oblige. Bending down deeper from the waist, Scarlett slid her damp thong slowly down her legs. Smiling to herself knowing she was presenting a perfect view of her glistening, wet pussy which was freshly trimmed and shaved, leaving only a little area of hair on the pubic bone. Scarlett ran a finger down her slit, feeling the hot silky wetness, then brought it to her lips, her eyes capturing Colin’s lustful gaze in the mirror. She slide the finger into her mouth and tasted her own juices.

Turning back to face him Scarlett sensuously toyed with her clit, then moved further down to her soaking pussy lips. Scooping up some wetness she swirled and toyed with the outer lips before plunging them in to tease the dripping hole. Once again bringing the fingers to her mouth to taste the sweet nectar. Colin’s eyes then widened further with a frustrated longing as Scarlett slowly reinserted a finger deep within her pussy then adding a second stood there in front of him finger-fucking herself to a delicious climax. By this stage Scarlett didn’t care what impression she giving. All that mattered now was the intense hot throbbing between her legs and her increasing burning desire to cum.

Moving back to straddle him once more Scarlett felt Colin’s hard cock push through his trousers. While grinding her ass cheeks along his shaft, she offered up her tits to his mouth. Colin began to feast upon them with the hunger of a starved savage a****l. Devouring them hungrily licking, sucking and biting the nipples. Scarlett could no longer resist the temptation to feel this mans naked body inside her so tugging at his shirt she pulled it off then dropped to her knees to undo his belt and unbutton the top of his trousers. Now it was her turn to be surprised as she discovered that he had worn no underwear and his cock was large and thick and straining to be set free. Sliding the trousers off Scarlett took the throbbing member in her hand and slowly stroked up and down its full length, watching the drops of pre cum appear on the knob head. Letting her fingers trace the outline of the thick member she stroked the throbbing veins then tease around the hard crinkled ball sacs as if commiting this picture to memory. Trembling with anticipation she realised that her fingers were not even closing around the width of the shaft and longing for the hot cock deep inside her, she moved her head down and engulfed the cock in her mouth. Bobbing her wet mouth up and down the length of the dick she continued to caress and stroke each of his balls as her tongue danced a tango on his knob. Strands of her chestnut hair fell down covering her face and tickling and caressing Colin’s stomach and legs with each rise and fall movement causing him to groan with pleasure. Never had he experienced oral so skilled and seen a woman get so much pleasure from giving it. As Scarlett’s eyes flashed with pure sexual lust Colin he felt the tightening in his balls “Please, stop I don’t want to cum without feeling that wet pussy of yours” he moaned.

Scarlett stopped and pushed him back onto the bed then climbing on top of him she adjusted herself onto his cock. Her drenched pussy lips grinded against the shaft preparing to take it in to her. The sensation was causing her juices to drip over the shaft lubricating the dick. Unable to contain the urge Scarlett moved and placed Colin’s head inside her, just enough so he could feel her hot inviting wetness. Rotating her hips as she undulated, pushing the cock back and forth against her she slowly sliding down onto it taking the full thick cock deep inside her. The feeling of being in control and loving it, was such a turn on that once deep inside her she began to move up and down, slowly fucking with exquisite precision.
Pleasing herself firstly Scarlett moved up and down varying her speed from fast to slow, making the experience as enjoyable as possible. Flinging her head back in wild abandonment she begins to moan as she speeds up, fucking faster taking it all in her for her own pleasure her large breasts bouncing with every thrust. Lost in her own fantasy nothing mattered but her own orgasm. Her pussy was stretched and filled so completely by his fantastic thick cock and the continuous hitting of her G Spot proved too much. Screaming with pure lust and longing Scarlett’s pussy began to spasm and squirt after squirt of her hot warm juice flooded out covering Colin’s cock and balls.
The intensity of these contractions and seeing this firey vixen ride him with such reckless abandonment and the new sensation of the spraying proved too much for him and unable to hold back any longer with a huge groan Colin gave in to his orgasms and joins her. Their spasms combine and become one, Colin pulls her hair and brings her lips down to his as he pumps his creamy load into her soaking snatch and moans into her mouth as it starts to spill back out onto him with each of her contractions.
Then, it's over.

Scarlett still gasping for breath from such intense orgasms, but eager to leave before spoiling the moment and birthday memory. Leans over and kissing Colin tenderly whispering "Happy Birthday" then gets up to lift her belongings.
As she turns to leave the silhouette of a man in the doorway almost makes her give a scream. The person moves closer into the light and Scarlett is shocked but more than a little turned on at the site of Bryan standing there completely naked stroking himself “Now that was a birthday surprise, only you Scarlett could take a lap dance to a whole different dimension you randy slut!” there was no malice or anger in his voice just pure longing and desire. “You got any moves left to satisfy me as well?” he grinned. Looking down at his long hard cock Scarlett smiled.

But what happens next well that’s another story !

Written by Lady Scarlettxx

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1 year ago
Absolutely fantastic story, loved every minute of it
2 years ago
Fantastic story, definitely got me hard!
2 years ago
that was hot, I would love to see that, damn!
3 years ago
WOW. A very HOT story. I just had a birthday. Where were you then? LOL Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Thanks, I am to please x
3 years ago
fantastic story, i loved every moment of it