Anal Training

It has been a long time since we had been together. The holidays are finally behind us and my treatments are working. My body is all tingly as I sink down in a hot bubble bath, preparing myself to meet You later.
My mind races with the possibilities of what the next two days hold. I take special care to clean and shave so that I am ready for anything my Dark Lord has in mind. Knowing that soon Your hands will be on me sends shivers of delight throughout my body.
I have the outfit You requested laying on the bed waiting and I finish my preparation so I can dress and get on the road. I lie on my side on the bed and lube up my ass hole, and the butt plug You have commanded me to have inside me when I arrive.
I massage the lube around and into my ass hole and then put the end of the plug firmly against my quivering hole. I slowly push it into me till it is securely in place. I can feel the moisture as it oozes from my pussy in anticipation of what is to come. Poor pig pussy, it is going to be pretty much ignored today as I have been told by You that my ass hole will be Your playground of choice for the afternoon and evening. This has me so turned on.
As I get up and dress for my Master, the butt plug moves around inside my ass and heightens my need. I know that by the time I reach the hotel I will be almost foaming at the mouth like a rabid a****l needing my Dark Lord to use and abuse me.
I’ve loaded the car and texted my Master to let Him know that I am leaving for the hotel. As I get behind the wheel I feel the plug push deeper into me and a little moan escapes my lips. I cannot reach my destination fast enough. Each jolt of the car gives me more cause to moan and I find myself gently rocking in my seat feeling the plug opening my hole so it will be ready when I arrive.
When I finally reach the hotel my mind and body are reeling from all the stimulation I’ve received just riding in the car with the plug in my ass. I hurry and check into the hotel and text my Dark Lord to let Him know that I have arrived. His text me back and says He is on His way and I am to be ready as he requested when he arrives.
I prepare the room as my Dark Lord has commanded and I sit in the chair with my legs open and my hands by my sides as commanded. Every nerve ending is tingling as I hear the key in the lock. My heart pounds as I see His face and the wicked grin He gets when he sees me sitting there as He directed. He rolls towards me after He has put His bag down. He caresses my face with the back of His hand and says Good pig.
Turn around and straddle the chair pig so that Daddy can see your ass with that plug in it. I do as commanded. When I am in that position You grab the base of the plug and slowly ease it a bit out of my ass and push it back in. you do this a few times and it is making my whole body tremble. You whisper to me as You are pushing the plug into me again that it is time for me to be gagged and to get on the bed.
Please Daddy I say and You say Please what pig and I say one word “more”. You laugh that evil laugh of Yours and smack my ass as I walk over to the bed. I sit there as You put the gag in my mouth and tighten it down. Now pig get on your hands and knees with that ass stuck out. I do as I am told.
While I am getting in position You grab the paddle from Your bag. Soon I feel the first stings as You begin to work my ass over with the paddle turning it a bright cherry red. You stop briefly to pull the plug a bit out of my ass only to push it back in and paddle me some more. Tears are streaming down my face and juice is oozing from my hot pussy. You give me one last smack and say now piglet are you ready.
You grab the base of the plug and pull it from my hole. I feel lube being applied and next You hand me the wand. You tell me to hold the wand against my pig clit. You take the big black dildo and ease the head of it into my ass hole. Now piglet I am going to get this dildo all the way into You today and then drill you with it. I moan against the gag as You take both hands and slowly deliberately push more and more of that big dick into my gaping hole.
I am grunting and moaning like a crazed a****l, rutting back against the pressure of You pushing forward. More and more of the dildo buries into my ass despite the pain, the pleasure is making cum gush from me like a river. You get the dildo pushed all the way inside and you say good piggy you have taken it all in. Now comes the fun and you start slowly at first fucking my ass with the massive dildo, faster and harder You go as I am squealing and grunting against the gag in my mouth. You pound my gaping hole till my legs are shaking and my body is trembling so badly that I fall forward.
You reach up and smack my ass hard and say get up pig I am not done with you yet. The dildo is still buried in my ass as I raise myself slowly back up. You pull the dildo slowly from my ass and say now you will feel the real power and you lube up your fingers and push three first into my gaping ass hole. I push my hips back to meet your hand and you fuck your fingers in and out of me. You push the fourth finger in me and this makes cum gush from me once again.
You push your thumb into me and I lose my mind. I am grunting and squealing again as You push Your fingers into me. You get as far as Your knuckles and I am screaming against the gag for mercy.
Good piglet You tell me as you pull Your fingers from me and I fall forward…soon You will feel my whole fist inside of You very soon. Rest now piglet for the night has just begun. I lay there withering on the bed as Your hand stokes my leg.
Come here piglet You say after a while it is time for You to do Your job and suck this black cock. I sit up shakily and You remove the gag from my mouth. I get down from the bed and get between your thigh and suck Your cock deep into my throat. You take my hair in Your hands and I suck your cock until the sweet sticky cum sprays deep into my throat.

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1 year ago
Have you been reading my mind!
2 years ago
Great story... I shot cum everywhere after reading it!