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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 15

The next night, Friday, both my mom and I ended up going to pick my dad up at the airport.

My mom was wearing a tight jean skirt that fell a little above mid-thigh and a lacy black v-neck shirt. I'm sure it was part of her attempt to make sure that my dad stayed erect all weekend long as payment for the sex show she had agreed to put on the night before via webcam.

Before long we spotted him and he made his way over to us. He gave her a big hug and kiss.

"Look's like someone is going to be having an awfully long weekend," she said with a smirk at his erection pressing against her.

... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 13

"No. I don't care what your grandma says, you're not taking Sam with you on your trip," my mom said VERY sternly.

"Why?" I groaned.

"Your grandma is doing something REALLY REALLY special for you. About the least respectful thing I can think for you to do is to pimp her out to your friends."

"Mom, it's not like that-" I started, but the look on my mom's face told me it wasn't worth continuing.

I went to my room and IMed my grandma and told her what had happened. She said that she would call later and try to talk to her but I had little hope that it would do any good. I felt terrible... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 12

I found Sam before class started and asked him if he wanted to hang out at his house after school. The whole day it felt like the little USB stick was burning a hole in my pocket.
"I have something really important to tell you," I said as soon as we got up to his room.
"What?" he asked.
"But you have to promise me you'll never tell anyone."
"Okay," he said.
"I'm serious. You have to swear you'll never breathe a word of this to anyone. Ever."
"Alright, I swear."
I took a deep breath. "I've been having sex with my mom . . ." I watched his reaction carefully.
"Yeah sure, very funny," he s... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 10

Over the next several days my dad and I fucked my grandma often.

My mom complained that she never should've agreed to give me points for all the sex Dad was getting from Grandma.

By the 23rd I had just over 5600 points.

"Good lord!" my mom groaned.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm gonna be working this off forever."

"That's only sex 11 times."

She thought for a minute. "Tell you what. For 2,000 points I'll do whatever you want, all day on Christmas."

"2,000? How about 1000?"


"Yeah," I said, "Tis the season for generosity remember."

"So you should pay generously f... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 9

I was down to 162 points and when my grandma asked, I sort of half-heartedly agreed to spend 100 of those for my dad. My wealth of points seemed to be evaporating. We played scrabble most of the day but luck seemed to be against me and I hardly gained any ground.
After dinner my mom and I watched as my dad's hands roamed over his mother's naked body while she stroked him.
He didn't touch her pussy, and when he was close to cumming she aimed his cock at his own chest rather than hers, all of which secretly made me a little happy.
That night she came to my room again, this time completely nak... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 8

After my mom left I looked through page after page on websites devoted to scrabble strategy. I read through lists of two letter words again and again. I read essays on tile placement and the best ways to place to minimize your opponents score.
I read until the early hours of the morning and my eyes were too tired to read anymore, then I crawled into bed.
I slept through my 8 AM alarm. It was 10:30 before I was awakened by the feeling of a hand wrapping around my dick.
I opened my eyes to find my grandma sitting on the edge of my bed, slowly stroking my cock. She was wearing a pair of blue j... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 7

he next afternoon I picked up my Grandma Patterson from the airport. As much as I liked my grandma, I was a little depressed at the thought of not getting any action from my mom for the three weeks that Grandma was staying with us.
My grandma was just shy of sixty, but she looked a little younger than that. She had a full form, but was by no means fat. For someone her age she was in really good shape. She had light blonde hair, which I assume she dyed, that fell almost to her shoulders. When she hugged me she always smashed her massive breasts against me. I don't really know how bra sizes wor... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 6

Mom grabbed a glass of water and then we hauled her off to their bedroom.

"More already?" She asked, in mock astonishment.

"You should never let a good thing go to waste," I told her.

When we got to their room Dad rooted through her underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of black thigh-highs that matched the lacy black thong and bra she was wearing. I grabbed a black pair of heels from the closet. We watched as she, sitting on the edge of the bed, smiled and dutifully put them on.

My Dad climbed into the bed. "Come're," he told her. She crawled toward him slowly. When she got clos... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 5

On Sunday, together, my mom and I earned 37 points before my dad got home in the early afternoon. When he examined the list he seemed quite surprised at how many items had been checked off.
I decided not to spend any points that night, so I could start the school year with 429 points.
That night I spent a lot of time in my room with a calendar and a calculator, figuring out the best way to ration my points.
I could get two hand-jobs a week, for the whole first trimester (12 weeks) for 480 points. That was more points then I had, but I figured that even with school and other commitments, I s... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 4

The next weekend was the last weekend before school started. After Tuesday I started to worry about how I was going to have time to earn points during the school year. I had 90 points saved up, but facing 9 months of schooling, that didn't seem like much of a reserve.

Wednesday I worked all day and earned enough to get a handjob and still have 20 point left over. Thursday I worked most of the day again and earned 37 points, putting my total to 147, but I decided to save them all. I knew once school started I would have to go a lot longer than a night without it.

My dad was going out of t... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 3

It was a Tuesday night and after dinner my mom suggested we play scrabble. My dad and I agreed and she went and got the game while we cleared the table.

We drew letters. I drew an A, my dad drew an S and my mom drew a W, so she got to go first.

We all drew our tiles. She examined them and frowned. She laid down 'get' on the star for 8 points.

"Get?" I asked.

"I didn't have any letters!"

I smiled and laid down W-I-N-E-S to make 'bets' and 'wines'. With the double word score that gave me 21 points.

"You think you're pretty good, huh?" my mom asked.

I shrugged. "I am pretty g... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 2

That night I set my alarm and got up early the next day. I found a spiral notebook lying on the floor in front of my bedroom door, with a pen sitting on top of it. I picked it up and sat back down on my bed.

I opened the notebook.

"MASTER LIST" was written at the top of the first page. The next two and a half pages were a list of chores on the left, and their point value on the right. All the chores I did the day before were on there, as well as a host of new ones. Some of the chores, the ones marked with asterisks, could be done everyday. Things like washing dishes, doing the laundry or... Continue»
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[Story] A present and a deal for the son pt 1

"Son. Come in here," I heard my dad say from the living room. I went in there to find him sitting on the couch.

"Yeah, Dad?"

"Well, it's your 18th birthday," he stopped.

"Yeah?" He stared at me for a second.

"Your mother and I want to give you something special."


"Something you'll remember for a long time."

"Alright . . . What is it?"

"Look, just follow me." He got up and headed up the stairs. I followed him up to my parents' room. He opened the door and I followed him in. My mom was sitting on the bed in her bathrobe.

"Did you explain it to him?" She asked m... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era

Taboo: A New Era

written by, Kinkybelle

Chapter 1

It all started when I saw my 16-year-old son masturbating for the first time.

Over the winter, my son Nick moved his bedroom down into our finished basement. I guess he was feeling crowded up on the second floor with the rest of the f****y and moved down there to get some more privacy. What he got was just the opposite.

While puttering around the backyard on a warm day in March, I passed by the small window that sits down near ground level and looks in on Nick’s bedroom. His bed is positioned practically under that window, and I... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 2

Chapter 2

I anxiously checked the clock. Only two minutes had passed since the last time I’d checked. I couldn’t believe how keyed up I was-I hadn’t been this horny since I was a high school virgin. All I could think about was how much longer it would be before my son came home from school, and whether or not he’d be up for repeating the crazy little game we’d played the day before.

Several times throughout the day I had to question if it had all been a deliciously decadent dream, or had it been real? Since I was holding the small white towel that I’d used to clean up the gobs of warm sp... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 3

Chapter 3

There I stood in the kitchen, both my hands covering my crotch, hiding my naked pussy from Nick, my 16-year-old son. He eyed me with lascivious intent, delighted at finding his mother traipsing around the house with nothing on but a v-neck top that was too short to provide any modesty down below. I’m sure he assumed this was some after school sexual treat I had arranged just for him, but the truth was that I’d lost track of time while I was upstairs in his b*****r’s room masturbating as I sniffed a pair of my own panties that my younger son had saturated in cum. Lord, my once-no... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 4

Chapter 4

I was worried that my husband might be able to smell traces of our son’s cum on me, so I decided it would be prudent to take a shower before bed. I cursed myself for the hundredth time for being so stupid. Why was I risking a great 17-year marriage to a wonderful man, whom I loved now as dearly as the day I first fell in love with him, for the perverse thrill of m*****ing my own teen sons?

I tried to lose myself in the spray of hot water caressing my naked body, but my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about it all. Things were moving too fast. I was acting without concern for the ... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 5

Chapter 5

I was vacuuming when the guys got home from their golf game. My husband gave me a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the butt as he passed through the living room on his way upstairs. A few moments later my son came in, gave me a kiss on the cheek and pat on the butt. Just like his father. I can’t say I didn't enjoy it, but he needed to be more careful about that sort of thing.

Once I finished tidying up, I headed down to Nick’s bedroom to talk to him. I knocked and went right in. He was just out of the shower and had on nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled when ... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 6

Chapter 6

"Morning, Kim," Don, my father-in-law, greeted me as I emerged from the basement door into the kitchen. He gave me a friendly wink and went back to reading the newspaper. I couldn’t help feeling like he somehow knew that less than ten minutes ago I had my son’s cock jammed halfway down my throat. I was probably just being paranoid.

“Coffee’s almost ready, dear,” Julie, my mother-in-law, said in her usual cheery sing-song. “I’m making French toast for the boys. Put your orders in now if you want some.”

“Count me in,” Don piped up.

“Sure, I’ll have a little,” I added and s... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 7

Chapter 7

I got home late from doing errands and was surprised at how upset I was about it. I wanted to get home before Timmy got out of school so I could fuck Nick while we had the house to ourselves. I’d been fantasizing about it all day. The memory of that first moment when my son slid his cock into my pussy was more arousing to me than anything I ever did sexually. It seemed impossible that it had really happened, and I couldn’t wait to do it with him again.

The trick was that I wasn’t ready for Timmy to know I was fucking his big b*****r, and I was afraid that Nick might be bothered... Continue»
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[Story] Taboo: A New Era Part 8

Chapter 8

I was naked on all fours atop the kitchen counter in the middle of the afternoon. My ass was up in the air, and my stiff nipples were pressed against the cold granite of my counter top. Timmy, my youngest son was behind me with his pants down around his ankles, sniffing my butt and jerking himself madly. Nick, my older son, had just gotten home from school and was standing on his tiptoes next to me while I sucked his cock. I couldn’t help wondering if this was going to be a normal day for me from now on!

I reached back between my thighs. “Give me your hand,” I mumbled to Tim... Continue»
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[Story] The Photo Shoot (Continued)

As requested continued from the "Photo Shoot"

I waited for an answer but the answer never came. My husband begun to snore as we made our way home. The wicked love affair between James and Sarah kept tugging on my mind and then James's wife Rita? Was that her name? I had to get to the bottom of this.

The day after Jeannine's party was slow and relaxing. John was recuperating from the late night of drinking and I took the time to gather my thoughts. I noticed Tommy never came home that night and I assumed he spent the night at Gina's. The thought of my son sl**ping with Gina and Elaine m... Continue»
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[Story] The Photo Shoot

I sat in silence with my f****y eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. My thoughts carried me to that same time last night when my son asked me if I could pose for him, so he could take some pictures of his bike. How did he put it? He needed a babe in the picture with his bike.
He was eighteen years old and his hobby was to ride motocross bikes. Last year me and my husband bought him a Honda bike. Since than, all his spare time was dedicated to that.
I... Continue»
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I could tell from the outline of the bulge in his tight jeans and from the way he walked that he was well endowed. A trait he inherited from his father. I watched with a sexual hunger as my eighteen-year-old son pushed the lawn mower across the yard. Sweat glistened on his tanned, muscular chest. I took one nipple between moistened fingers, teasing and twisting it, bringing it to a tight point. Then the other. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and admired my still youthful figure. I thought for a moment of going out topless and seeing the look of surprise on his face. But the sound ... Continue»
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[Story] MOM AND ME

I’m an only boy and I recently turned 18. My parents are still married but I get the feeling that they stopped with me because there wasn’t really any sexual sparks between them. My dad is in his 60s and a successful lawyer but mom is only 37, having had me when she was 19.

My parents met when mom was at college and dad at that time was a professor. She put herself through college doing fashion modelling but gave it up when she fell pregnant and dropped out of college. I think at the start there must have been some sparks but as time went on and they had me, I think the romance died but t... Continue»
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Martin often spied on his mother.

He liked to watch her undress through the crack in her door. Sometimes he imagined she knew he was there. That thought made his dick even harder. Tonight was special though. She was going to a costume party at the Guderian’s.

He stood outside her bedroom, knowing she wouldn’t hear his ragged breathing. Sometimes when he came watching her, he moaned.

She never even heard that. This was because Kathleen played the Red Hot Chilli Peppers loud while she was getting ready.

Tonight was also special because she caught him.
By the time she opened the door... Continue»
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[Story] MOM'S BATH

I was 18 years old. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. My Mom had gone to a Ladies club meeting. My Dad and my b*****r had gone off fishing and I had pretended to be sick so that I could get a good look at my b*****r’s XXX videos that he kept under his bed I was going have a free afternoon of beautiful ladies getting fucked by huge cocks while stoking myself slowly to satisfaction. At the time we only had one VCR in the house and it was in the f****y room. My Mom was the last to leave and as she pulled out I quickly made my way to my b*****r’s room.

I pushed aside his dirty laundry and pul... Continue»
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[Story] Mommy and Me

A few years ago, my mom and I were vacationing at the beach. Our hotel room was cheap, so we shared a bed, but it was worth it just to see the waves every morning. It was the summer I turned 16 and a summer I was very very well going to remember.

My mom and I have always been close, I am the youngest of her three daughters. I have always found her attractive. She and I both look a lot alike. Her plump, curvy figure looked so yummy in her bathing suit. Her short wavy red hair and hazel eyes. And her huge tits. She wore a 46DDD. I wore a 48DD, I have long read curly hair and green eyes.

W... Continue»
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Oooohhhh God! Oooohhh God, this is too much! Too much! Tooo much!’ Thirty-eight-year-old Irene lay on her back moaning piteously. Her face grimaced as the spasms came faster while the beauty’s solicitous husband, Tom, adoringly held her hot, wet hand with the gold band encircling her plush finger to symbolize the strong bonds of their 21 year marriage.

He anxiously leaned close to her scrunched-up, yet still lovely, face to examine her; to see if her eyes could orient; to detect if, in spite of her condition his beloved wife could still recognize him under the bombardment of her ovarian pan... Continue»
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The boy was a typical teenager. Though in his last year of school, instead of
worrying about what he would be doing next year in term of going to college or
going out to work; ever since his hormones took over, most of the time, all he
could think about was sex. In the last year, he had found that he was growing
like a beanstalk and was rapidly approaching the six-foot mark. Though still
thin, he was starting to fill out but not just his body. His cock had somehow
turned from a small worm into a fat slug overnight. And that was when it was

Fully erect, it stuck out like some cu... Continue»
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