This story was given to me by a very good friend...

Chapter 2. I met the lady

Well I went to the dogging site as horny as can be, but …...............No show.
No one was there. I waited for about 45 mins, but nothing.
Next day I went back and the same thing...Nothing. But the little white Ford was there, but no one in it. I went back twice more and no cowboy but the Ford car was there. So I just waited until the owner came back. (Me being nosey)
I waited for ages and was going to go home when a woman came into view with a little white Scotty dog. She was about 60 – 65. Not very tall and quite plump. She was wearing one of those raincoats 1950's detectives used to wear. I thought 'shit' she was just taking her dog for a walk. Then I noticed her shoes. They were not dog walking shoes. They were black stilettos.
She noticed me sitting in my car and got into her car but she didn't drive away, she just sat there.

After about ten mins I flashed my lights and bl**dy hell she flashed back. I waved her over and she came straight over without hesitation. I wound the window down and said “Hello”.
She was rather good looking for her age and had a lovely smile.
She replied “Hello. Has your friend stood you up?”
I asked how she knew I as waiting for someone?
“I saw the two of you get into the back of the pink van. I haven't seen him again but I've seen you a few times”
She told me she went there every day to walk her dog since her hubby died. She liked to watch the doggers........................................... I was gob smacked.
I told her she must have had the dog for a long walk as I had been there a while before she came back to her car. She laughed and opened her coat. She was wearing stockings and high heels and a Basque with the bra cups removed.
“I go flashing darling. I come here all the time because it turns me on so much.

She was still standing outside the car and just put her hands on her hips holding her coat open. She asked me if I liked what I saw.
She was plump with large boobs, a bit of a belly and nice ass with nice well built legs. She was chubby but sexy as hell.................................... I said she was brilliant, and I loved her totally clean and bald pussy.
She had me totally turned on and I asked if she wanted to get in the car, but she wouldn't.
We chatted a while and she told me after she went through the change she had gone onto hormone replacement therapy and she was now a very happy sex mad woman who just loved to flash.

All the while she was standing with her coat open and her legs apart for me to see everything.
A couple of cars came by and she didn't even attempt to cover up.
I asked if I could touch her but she wouldn't let me. She said all I could do for now was watch her.

She then started to tell me she had liked what she saw when I went to the cowboys van and she liked what I was wearing. Christ I was so hard and so turned on but she wouldn't let me touch her. She put her finger on her clit and said if we became friends I might get to taste her and she slid her finger into her pussy and wiped it on my lips. She turned, walked away and got in her car and drove off blowing me a kiss.

bl**dy hell....Talk about a tease........I was so turned on I got my cock out and wanked ferociously until I shot my cum all up my chest. I got as much into my mouth as possible. I do love the taste of cum.

Guess where I'm going to be spending all of my free time?????????
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1 year ago
Mmmmm. Why is it that this sort of thing never happens to me? I'm jealous!
1 year ago
Great story, I'm envious.
2 years ago
That was a cool story. Sexy too.
2 years ago
WoW, so horny, can't wait for the next installment. xxxx Alf xxxx
2 years ago
great story