[b][u][/u]GAY DOGGING[/b]

This story was given to me by a very good friend...

Chapter 1 The first

I have had a huge urge to have sex with a man for some time now, so I got dressed and went out to a local dogging area yesterday.

When I got there not a single car........

To say I was disappointed was an understatement
I waited about half an hour and was just going to drive home, then a lovely Renault van pulled up. It was shocking pink. Talk about being unobtrusive.
Whoever was in there flashed his lights and I flashed mine. The driver side door opened and out stepped a dream. Christ what a shock I got.
He was about six foot tall and wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a pair of oh - so tight white Calvin Klein's, and that's all....
Oh he was lovely. Short blonde hair a just back from holiday tan.
He stood at the open door of his van and looked at me with a slutty smile.
I stripped off my outer clothes and kept on my black crotchless catsuit and white stockings with high heel sandals.
I stepped out, and his mouth dropped open . I think he was the one who was supposed to shock others.
I walked over to him and he asked me if I was looking for fun. What a stupid question..! My rock hard cock was sticking up in front of me for all the world to see. I said “Of course” and he suggested we got into his van. He got into the drivers side and I walked round to the passenger side.

It was like a tarts parlour. All fake fur and silk. As soon as I got in he touched my leg and slid his hand onto my cock. He said he was up for anything I chose. I was so excited. So I leaned over and kissed him. That was the first time I had ever kissed a man. (Nice). He started to wank me. Oh this was nice....
I reached down and felt his cock through his tight CK's it felt lovely.
I released his lovely stiff member and had a good look. He had no tan line and his circumcised cock was beautiful.
I wrapped my hand round it and it felt so nice, so hard and hot and I could feel it pulsing. We kissed again. I asked if I could suck him. He said we would be better in the back of the van. I took that as a yes..............

We both walked round to the back of the van with our stiff cocks on show but no one was there to see them.
He had it done out like a bedroom. Mattress and all. It was bl**dy great.
We got right down to it and got in the 69 position. This was it..........I had never sucked a cock before so I was super excited and nervous at the same time.
I kissed the end of his cock and he did the same for me.
I opened my mouth and slid my lips onto his hard shiny end. I don't know what I was expecting but he tasted nice. All warm and slightly salty. I think that was from his pre-cum oozing from his slit.

I felt him lick my cock all up the underside from my balls to the tip. Then he gulped my cock right into his mouth without any hesitation.
That felt sooooooo good.....
I slid his shaft as far into my mouth as possible. This was lovely. I never thought that sucking a man's cock would be so nice.
And suck each other we did until we both shot our loads. He must have been saving it up because there was loads of spunk in my mouth.
I had never tasted spunk before and was not repulsed nor did I find it unpleasant. I swallowed as fast as I could and actually enjoyed it, but some did escape and ran down my face. I sucked him as hard as I could to get all of his cum into my mouth.
I think I must have almost drowned him because I shot such a lot of cum, as I was so excited. I could hear him swallowing hard. He sucked my cock so well, it was a wonderful experience.

I really enjoyed him, and we lay cuddling and kissing for a while, Our cocks rubbing up against each other. I could have lain in his arms forever. This was a wonderful first experience with a man. then he looked at his watch and said he had to go. We kissed again. And I left and walked back to my car.

He wouldn't tell me his name, but I'm going back there tomorrow morning to meet him again. I'm not going to cum before I see him so I can give him a big load.
That's the first time I've sucked a man but it won't be the last.

When we got out of the van there was a small white Ford parked down the road. But I didn't see anyone in it.
I looked around but didn't see anyone.

I drove home very satisfied, But I had two wanks later in the afternoon. I can't wait to go back.
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1 year ago
Delicious. Where is this site?
1 year ago
lovely, this is my fantasy, i so want to suck another man's cock, it's drivin me nuts
2 years ago
Lucky you, sounds like fun, wish I could find something like that.
2 years ago
Your very lucky, here in America we really don't have dogging like you do in the UK. All we have that I know of are gloryholes and bath houses. Bath houses are just what you think, gloryholes are at adult peep shows where a hole is cut between booths, They are fun. Had many a good time at both places.
2 years ago
A great first. I envy you.
2 years ago
Sounds like something i would enjoy too. Hottt
2 years ago
you are a hot slut
2 years ago
nice one, love the body stocking