My first shoot

Hi guys I wanted to share an experience with you all. It is about the time I once had a go at modelling . I was about 18 and I really admired other girls who modelled so I decided to take a chance and see how i would do.
I had a friend who was quite experienced at glamour modelling so she helped me by contacting a photographer about me. She told me to come along to a shoot and I jumped at the chance.
The shoot was being done at the photographers house in north london so i met up with my friend and tagged along. When we got there we were greeted by the photog and a make up artist. It all seemed very fun and light hearted and I really felt comfortable about the whole situation.
The only worry I had was that my boyfriend might find out and then he would kill me lol
So anyway I sat down and watched my friend model and it was glamour style so she was dressed in underwear straight away then did some topless. It never felt weird or pervy in any way so I just sat back and relaxed.
After about fifteen minutes my friend needed to use the toilet so she walked upstairs to use the guys toilet.
The photog turned to me and started talking to me about the shoot and asked iof i enjoyed it . I found him to be very cool and nice and so i was happy to look at the photos that he had taken so far.As I leaned closer to his camera I really felt like he was leaning into me and I even thought he was smelling my hair lol
He then told me that I was very beautiful and that I had a really good look for modelling. I wont lie that I loved hearing that so much lol
He told me that he wanted to shoot me and that he would pay me about £150 for a few hours modelling. I was so excited and agreed to do it. My friend returned and carried on with her shoot and then as we left the photog gave me his card .
I noticed he had written a time and date on it it was abouyt 2 days later at about 4 pm . I rushed out and tried to get some nice clothes to wear and I made sure that I went to the gym and really wanted to impress him so much!

When I returned again my friend was at uni so i knew that I would have to go alone .I was not bothered because he seemed cool and so did the make up girl.
I arrived and he welcomed me and we went back to his studio. Straight away I noticed that there was no one but us. He immediately told me not to worry and that he would remain professional. So i opened my bag up of clothes and asked him if he liked anything .He picked up a bikini that I had bought which was red and very small lol I knew that with my boobs I would be spilling out of it !
I went to the toilet and got into the bikini and had a towel around me.
When I returned to him I noticed that there was a weird table in the centre of the shoot area. He then told me that it belonged to one of his main customers.
Apparently the guy liked to see models lay over his table nude and he would buy the photos .The photog explained that he was willing to pay me £300 for a full nude shoot. I was not happy to do this and also was scared if my BF saw it eventually. So we agreed that he could take pics of my on all fours lol I was being paid £200 for these and I was happy with that. The only problem was that my pussy lips tended to come out of my bikini bottoms. So I laid down on all fours and he started snapping away .He instructed me to move forward and really push my ass out. I loved how it felt to be ordered by him and i repsonded like a little puppy lol I felt my labia come out of my panties and he just said "oh wow thats so beautiful" I swear I got so wet by that .My BF had never spoken about my pussy in that way ever. I reached back an pulled my pantie back over to cover my pussy. I then had to lay on my back with my back arched up .He gave me this silk cloth to mask my face. It was so erotic !! I was so turned on. My nipples are quite big and they were so hard by what was happening and my pussy was so wet too. He told me to oil myself more because he said he wanted me to glisten in the shot. I took the oil from him and started to rub it ino my belly and then into my boobs. All the photog would say was how amazing i looked and how wanted to shoot me all the time lol My friend would have been so pissed to hear that lol So I carried on laying on my back and then he asked me to go back to the doggy position .My pussy was now really wet ,the whole situation was making me shudder with pleasure. I really leaned into the position with my ass pushed out all inviting. He said that I had an amazing body and that my ass was perfect. Each word he spoke made me wetter and wetter lol
He told me I needed more oil and told me to stay there. I did not move ,he then proceeded to rub oil into my ass cheeks and i felt his hands all over my ass. My pussy started to really gush as he did this.No one had ever touched me like this except for my BF and he had never got me this wet or excited.
He seemed to spend ages rubbing the oil in and i would occasionally feel him rub against my pussy ,each time he did this I breathed hard .I was so wet now and would have let him do anything to me. I was so wet and yet so scared what my bf would say but i didnt want this to end!
He stood back and told me to stay in that position.I did as he said and he snapped away once more. Then he stopped and i heard him put his camera down. He then walked back towards me and stood there silently! I was so tense and worried yet so wet and im sure he would have seen how wet my pussy was !
I then heard him say softly "One minute...." I then felt him grip my panties at my crotch,he then pulled them away and to the side!! .They were so wet from me I felt like I had been a bad girl for making them wet! I then had the realisation that he would be looking at my pussy and asshole. I felt so ashamed and knew my bf was right about modelling but I stayed in that position as ordered.I was feeling so bad and yet so turned on by all of this.
He then seemed to lean his face against my ass ! I could hear him breathing in hard against my pussy! I was so wet by this and i realised that I was a dirty slut like my BF said I was. I then felt his finger pushed against the opening of my ass. I had never had my ass touched before and I felt a shudder of intense excitement as he did it! He then once again leaned against my ass this time and seemed to breath in for ages. After so time he returned to pick up his camera and carried on taking shots of my pussy and asshole . I didnt care I was so turned on i would have done anything for him now! After about a hundred shots were took and told me to sit up. He thanked me for my dealing of the whole situation and promised that the photos would stay personal and that he would pay me £400 All i could think of was how hard his cock was now ,it was so obvious lol He let me shower and get dressed and then he paid me for my time . I gave him my mobile number and email and told him about my BF and that he should behave proper when he contacted me. I thanked him for his time and gave him a kiss on the cheek .When I went home my BF was there and he sussed me out that I had been to a shoot .He went ballistic and i realised that I could never go back there ,even thought i really wanted to!

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2 years ago
Fantastic, lucky photographer! Would love to see the prints x
3 years ago
Sounds more like a husband than a bf. He should of said OK and went along with you like Brook Shields mom use to do. LOL
3 years ago
u shoulda got copies of the pics to show us your wet pussy. Was it shaved? Was it all puffy and dripping wet. Big turn on, imagining your hairstyle n what your pubes look like.
3 years ago
god that got me so hard well written to xxx