Christina Looks for a College Chapter 3

The three cheerleaders are bringing Chris to new highs as they are all now bringing pleasure to themselves. Each girl has two to three fingers buried deep inside of them as they continue their assault on young Chris. Chris now feels herself reaching that wonderful moment of sweet satisfaction. Her body tenses up as she wraps her legs around Jessi and begins to shake with release. She screams out “Yes!!! Yes!!! Ohhhhhh… Yes!!!” A feeling of release starts at her head and makes waves of pleasure travel down to where sweet Jessi lies. Chris pours her sweet nectar all over Jessi’s face and her toy of pleasure. The three girls then release their hold on Chris and they release their love all over the bathroom floor. After a few minutes to recover, they all sit back up and smile at one another. They each get dressed and clean up the site of their love making. They then return to the dinner table and each enjoys the other meal of the evening.

Christina Looks For a College Chapter 3

After dinner Chris’s parents once again separate themselves from their daughter and go off to a hotel for the evening. Chris is to stay with the red-headed Kim for the evening in her residence hall room. The three girls and Chris are dropped off on campus by their coach. Kim and Chris say their goodbyes to Mary and Jessi and each goes on their marry way.

Kim leads Chris to a large brick building on the north end of campus. They discuss college life and get to know each other a little better. When they arrive at the building, Chris is pleasantly surprised to learn that Kim has a single room to herself. This immediately excites Chris as thoughts of the last day rush back into her head and her love center.

Once up at Kim’s room, Chris puts her bags down on the floor and asks where she is sl**ping. Kim tells her that she is giving up her bed for her and that she will take the floor in a sl**ping bag. Chris does not feel right about this arrangement but accepts it anyways.

Kim says that she has got to go and take care of something with her sorority and will be right back. Chris asks if she can go with her, but Kim says that it is something that only the s****rs can be a part of. She tells Chris that she can watch TV or go onto the internet on her computer. Chris thanks her and says that she will be okay. Kim gets her things together as Chris logs onto the net.

Once Kim is gone, Chris logs into her e-mail to see what she has missed in the last day. As she looks through the usual bits of junk mail she comes upon one that intrigues her. The title reads, “Sorority Girls Know How to Do It.” Normally Chris would not click on these types of e-mails, but with her new found love for girls and masturbating, her curiosity gets the better of her.

As the e-mail begins to load, Chris looks around the room to see what Kim has done with it. She notices a drawer that is slightly open in Kim’s dresser and something silky is peeking back at her. This sight excites her and she decides to investigate this further. She walks over to the dresser and slowly opens the drawer the rest of the way. It turns out to be Kim’s panty and lingerie drawer. Chris grabs a blue piece of silk out of the drawer to see what Kim likes to wear. As she pulls it out she hears a thud as something falls to the floor.

She looks down to see a very long and thick blue vibrator. She bends over to pick it up as she begins to feel that now familiar moist feeling between her legs. She takes the vibrator and examines it thoroughly. Her hand discovers the knob at the base of it. She slowly turns it as the toy comes to life. She holds it in her hand enjoying the vibrations that it emits for her. She then glances back over to the computer screen remembering what she had going on there.

She sees a group of girls in an orgy of love-making. She decides to go and take a closer look at this image. She turns off the toy and carries it over to the computer with her. She sits down at the computer and notices how wet her panties feel under her. This brings a wicked, but happy smile to her face. She looks at the image before her and begins to lick her lips and feel shocks of excitement through her body.

The image before her shows a group of girls eating each other out, using toys and fingers among other things. Chris scrolls down further and sees a link titled, “Want to Hear Us?” Chris decides that she does and clicks on it. While the sound file is loading Chris realizes that she is rubbing her dripping-wet pussy through her pants. She decides to make it easier on herself and opens her pants to reveal a pair of cotton, flower covered panties. Her hand immediately goes onto them as she begins rubbing her throbbing love-button through her panties.

Just as she begins to do this, the sounds of female pleasure come spilling out of the computer’s speakers. Chris looks to see an image of two beautiful girls locked in a 69 position on the floor of a room. They both have red hair just like her and Kim. They are licking each other like they are trying to get moisture from a dry sponge.

Chris begins to rub her clit harder and faster now as the sounds of sweet female release dances to Chris’s sweet ears. This prompts her to remove her pants and pull her panties to the side. She immediately plunges two fingers deep inside of herself filling every inch of her love center. She slowly begins to slide her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy as her other hand goes under her shirt and silk bra to play with her rock-hard nipple.

Another scene comes onto the computer screen as Christina adds a third finger to her already stuffed pussy. This time she sees and hears three girls kissing each other in a bedroom. There is a blonde, brunette and a girl with black hair. As time passes the girls end up on the bed. The blonde is stretched out on the bed with the black haired girl straddling her face. While the blonde girl is getting the taste of a sweet dessert, the brunette is between her legs. In her possession is a vibrator and she is ramming it in and out of the beautiful blondes wet, shaven pussy; while her fingers are satisfying her own needs. The sounds of impending female release once again fill the room.

Chris’s hand is now a blur between her long legs as she pounds away at yet another orgasm. She continues to watch the developments on the computer screen as the three girls get ever closer to sweet, pure release. A moan escapes Chris’s sweet lips as she removes her panties to allow better access to her pink pussy. Just as she gets them off a wonderful sounds comes from the computer and Chris hears the three girls cum all at once. They are moaning and screaming about how good it feels and how they want more and more of it. This prompts Chris to part with the rest of her clothing and move over to Kim’s bed.

Once there, she spreads her sexy body out on the bed and reaches for Kim’s vibrating pleasure stick. She begins by turning it on slowly and brining it to her bountiful breasts and ultra-sensitive nipples. She slowly rubs the vibrating toy around each of her mounds and makes sure to spend some time on her nipples that are standing at attention on top of their mountains of Chris. After a while and a few small orgasms she starts to rub her clit with her fingers again. Immediately a shock of pure pleasure travels through her body. It goes from her very center to her toes and her head and then they meet back again right inside of her throbbing love tunnel. Moans of pleasure begin to come from her cute lips as a wicked smile crosses them.

She slowly begins to descend the toy down her hot body until she finds her destination. She begins to slowly increase the speed of the toy as it finds itself entering her dripping hole. She slowly inserts it into herself and a long, dragged out, loud moan of sweet pleasure comes from her. She pushes the toy as deep as it will go until it can go no further. She leaves it there enjoying the waves of pleasure that it is bringing her. She realizes that people may hear her and so she lowers her cries of joy.

Just then she begins to hear a familiar, but yet sweet sound coming from the other side of the wall. She listens carefully still enjoying the vibrations inside of her. She realizes that it is the sound of a female on her way to her own orgasm. This brings another smile to her face and she decides to enjoy the sweet sounds that are reaching her ears and also return to making her own.

Chris slowly begins to pull the pleasure stick that is buried inside of her throbbing pussy out and then back in again. She increases her speed as well as pushing the toy to its full potential. Her hand makes its way to her throbbing love trigger that seems to be calling out to her for some attention. She begins to rub her hot, pink clit furiously as if she was rubbing tarnish off of silver. Her moans and screams of pleasure are right in tune with the sweet college woman next door. It is as if they are right in the same room with each other.

Chris is bringing herself closer and closer to that ultimate high; her hand plunging the stick that vibrates in and out of her dripping wet, pink, throbbing love center. Her hand a blur as it rubs her pulsating clit; her moans getting louder and louder until she can take no more. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. sweet release is hers. Her sweet love pours out of her like a dam overflowing. She screams out in pleasure over and over enjoying the waves of intense pleasure that flow through her.

As she slowly returns back down to earth, she hears music to her ears through the wall. She listens as the woman next door reaches her point of no return and screams out in joy and satisfaction. Chris just smiles as she listens to the mystery woman complete her exercises and feels good knowing that she may have helped her as well as her helping Chris.

After another minute or so, the sounds of pleasure die down from next door and Chris is just left in a state of total relaxation and happiness. After about ten minutes Chris decides that she better clean up all of evidence of her personal time before Kim returns. She first wipes off the blue vibrator and places it back into Kim’s lingerie drawer. She then logs out of her e-mail and cleans up around the bed and desk. She decides that instead of putting her clothes back on, she will put on her shorts and a t-shirt. She does not bother with her panties or bra.

After clothing herself and making sure that all evidence of her solo love-making session are accounted for; she clicks on the television. Just as she is about to lay back down on Kim’s bed, there is a knock at the door. This startles Chris and she is not sure what to do. She decides to go to the door to see who it is. She asks who is there and a lovely voice responds back, “It is Dawn from next door.” This brings a smile to Chris’s face as she realizes that this could be the very woman that she shared her masturbation experience with just a short time ago. Chris responds back that if she is looking for Kim she is not in and explains to Dawn who she is. Dawn says that she knows she is not Kim; she just wanted to come by and welcome her to campus. Chris says okay and opens the door.

As she opens it, she is taken back by the beauty that stands before her. Dawn is a tall blonde with a great body and currently only wearing a bath robe. Dawn steps forward into the room and closes the door behind her. She then pulls the knot on her robe and reveals her sexy body to Chris. Chris instantly turns as red as a sports car as she takes in the exposed skin and boldness that has presented itself to her. Dawn says that “I heard you through the wall and had to connect a face and body to the sweet moans that made me so wet; I hope you do not mind.” Chris says that she doesn’t as she instantly soaks her shorts. That same wicked and sweet smile returns to her face as Dawn steps forward and takes Chris into an embrace. Their sweet lips meet as Dawn’s robe falls to the floor. To be continued….

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