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Making some changes to my XH

As of Today.....
I WILL NOT meet anyone from off of here!
Do not ask for my email, skype or phone number cuz the answer is NO!!
NO, i do NOT want to exchange pics via email or anything else
NO, i do NOT want to skype you
& if you are visiting my city. NO i do NOT want to chill or meet up
If you send me a message about meeting me, you will get BLOCKED!

The only messages i should recieve about meeting up is if it has been previously discussed (meaning we have messaged eachother in the past)....

****why all the changes you may ask****
Because these dumbasses on this website have pu... Continue»
Posted by ladyfreak 1 year ago  |  14

[Story] Happy 2013

New Year’s Eve my friend and I went to a house party. She introduced me to the host of the party, Derrick. Derrick was tall and slim with a smile that would make any girl melt. From my first glance at him, I found him attractive. It was about 12 am and the New Year had hit. The party was getting really turnt up, l*quor everywhere and bl**ts to go around. Everyone at the party could barely walk let alone speak and I was probably the most d***k person there.

My friend and I were standing against a wall when Derrick walked towards me. I quickly grabbed him, pulled him close and sexually ... Continue»
Posted by ladyfreak 2 years ago  |  9