Sex In The Mansion

It's now the third night of our trip to Las Vegas the adult internet convention has been real informative and there have been lots of sexy women and sights to see during the day in the exhibition hall. It's great that my hubby and I are getting tips about the net, however, for me ,the only real fun is at night during the private parties for the conventioneers. This night, some sponsors have taken over a mansion in Vegas and hired buses and limos to take the guests to the party.
We arrived at about 11PM and took a stroll around the place. The sponsors had organized some shows for the evening. One was an S&M demonstration and although it did not get very heavy, there was lots of whipping and paddling going on. In my case, it is just not my thing, so we just kind of moved on. Later in the night there were two young girls on a stage in the living room and one of the girls showed how she could take a fist, a wrist and a forearm up into her pussy from the other girl. They were both very beautiful and it really was something to see, as far as fisting goes.
Friends of ours who live in Las Vegas, joined us at the mansion. 90% of the people at the convention, although in the porn business, were not real accustomed to seeing real live swingers in action. Being the very bad girl that I am, I joined my friend Vanessa in a quest to give these people something to see and remember. We started off with Vanessa sitting up on a counter while I went down on her and then we reversed and she went down on me. When I turned around there must have been 50 guys struggling to get a good look at the show she and I were putting on. Only one of the guys was brave enough to even make the attempt to join in the fun. He came over to the two of us and took his cock out and I started to stroke it as everyone was watching. He did try to get his cock into my pussy and at that point the pushing from the crowd surrounding us really made it impossible to have a good fuck. The watchers really amazed me.
Here they are, they spend all day looking at porn on the web, and when they see it, in person, they go really crazy. I guess they live in a fantasy world of sex, I live in a real world of sex.
Now there was no stopping me I am not sure how I got to this point but soon I found myself on my knees sucking the cock of a guy I had never met. Seeing this a number of the watchers gained a little bravery. As I looked around there were now five cocks dangling around my head. Being the trooper that I am, I took a cock in each hand as I moved my mouth from cock to cock to cock. I spent the good part of half an hour stroking and sucking cocks of every size and shape. However, it soon got to the point where I needed to move as the crowd was so large in a circle around me that I started to become a bit scared as the crowd pushed in towards me. My hubby reached into the circle and helped me to my feet and we moved away from the crowd for a breather.
While we were taking a break a real gentleman named Don came over to compliment me on my wild ways. He was a very good looking and polite black man of about 40 years old. Of course, he was one of the cocks that I had sucked earlier and his was the biggest of the lot. It was really nice that such a stud was also a real gentleman. Don, my hubby, our friends and I decided to go back to the living room and see what was happening. They were playing some great dance music and Don and I "did a little dance'' and being so excited it was going to be time " to make a little love and get down tonight". Of course, I checked with my hubby to see if it was OK to invite Don back to our hotel room. As most of you know the only thing my hubby likes as much as playing with women himself is to watch me fuck my brains out. Well, I was ready and very eager to give him a show tonight.
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